Saturday, February 25, 2017


I've been researching the esoteric themes of The Beatles and their "Paul is dead" motifs for 5.5 years now.

I've been immersing myself in the mindset of synchronicity for about 4.5 years now.

After getting enthused about time travel while being involved with my friend on his successful Back To The Future Predicts 9/11 video
I began to half-jokingly formulate a theory entailing Paul McCartney as a time traveller, or parallel dimension traveller, who travelled into the future, or our universe, to save himself from death, but for some reason was forced to remain here (our present/universe) with his future/parallel self.

Now, how could all of these things come together in one single production?

may I present the Jacob Gentry film

First lets meet the femme fatale, Abby.
And Chad McKnight, the Mc-Knight, plays time machine creator Jim Beale.
James the Beatle.

(Remember, in Lolita, it is the Beale kid who kills Lolita's mom with a car).

Beale and his two assistants have built a machine which opens a wormhole - with which they plan to send data through to themselves in the future. Their future selves will then send it back to the present proving the wormhole works.

However, they only have enough of the necessary material, MRD, to open one end of the wormhole.
They find an investor to supply the rest of the needed MRD to open the other end.
This investor is named Klaus.

The Beatles' friend Klaus Voormann created the Revolver album cover, among many, many other things.

Klaus lives on Twin Pines Way.
More syncs with the Back To The Future/911 video.

While practicing for the wormhole opening, we learn Beale's assistant Matt confuses left and right due to his dyscalculia.
He even has to post a large note for himself indicating left and right.
Beatles researchers will take interest here in light of the theory that lefty McCartney was replaced by a righty.

The object that mysteriously arrives via Beale's machine is a Dahlia flower.
The very next line.
So, we've got Black Dahlia connections once again. Remember The Black Dahlia incident occurred in January of 1947. Exactly 20 years later, The Beatles wrote the title track to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
"It was twenty years ago, today"
It's also noteworthy that The Black Dahlia took place 9 months after Parsons/Hubbard finished their Babalon Working moonchild creation ritual.

Anyways, looong story short; it turns out it doesn't function as a time machine, but rather a trans-dimensional portal.

Jim Beale eventually enters the machine and travels to a parallel universe. Meaning there are now two Jim Beales coexisting in one universe.

The catch is, two versions of the same person cannot coexist in the same universe. So when Jim-B travels to Jim-A's universe, Jim-B begins dying, as compensation in accordance with this law.
^ [Jim-B dying]

An interesting line that PID researchers will get a kick out of.
PIDers claim McCartney's replacement is an arrogant asshole.

More long stories made short, there are eventually a handful of Jims running around in the same universe and they're all dying. Here we see a Jim standing alongside a mirror while looking upon a dead Jim.
This is the only time in the film that one Jim sees another.
The mirror motif of course looming large in the PID legend.


The Dahlia from the other dimension of course also dies, turning black.

So, what is the take-away?
What if I told you Paul McCartney got wind of an assassination plot against himself. Through his connections he found someone who had the means of transporting him into the future, but the trip could only be one-way.
He proceeds, successfully thwarting the murder (MRD) plot, but remains stuck in the future. Meaning of course, there are now two Paul McCartneys coexisting in one present point in time .
The law of compensation then kills off one of the McCartneys.

Beatles researchers are aware of the strange anomaly that McCartney was not seen or heard from for a few months in late 1966. Which is astounding since he was the most photographed and followed man in the world at that time.
Did he time travel from September 1966 to December 1966? Explaining the utter lack of Paul McCartney during those times?
A period heavily explored by colleague Dr. Tomoculus

And it's not over yet.

If that wasn't enough:

More long stories short; One of the Jims in another dimension is named John.
One of the Jims is vying for this Abby's love.

"Never could be any other way"

Chad McKnight played a character named Jim Parsons in the movie Signal, written by Synchronicity director Jacob Gentry.
Jack Parsons died in a lab explosion.

It turns out Abby was using the events to inspire her novel. She wants to be a paperback writer.

Beale's other assistant is named Chuck.
Bringing to mind Charles - Charles Manson, who was born on Nov. 12th. A very important day in the Back to the Future franchise.

When Jim-C tries to set everything right, Matt turns the handle of the machine right instead of left and messes everything up, because his L/R guide is not written on the tablet this time.

Jim-A and Jim-B first speak one another via Abby's door intercom.
Just like Fred-A and Fred-B in David Lynch's Lost Highway, which is all about two people switching places via some sort of wormhole.
(Remember Freddy Beale from Lolita)

In the scene where Beale tries to convince Klaus to fund his project, Abby compares Beale to Nikola Tesla. Just noting that in The Prestige Tesla, played by Dabid Bowie, invents a cloning machine.

Apples have worm holes. NY is the Big Apple. Ringo means Apple in Japanese.
The objects going through portal in this film are the two Dahlias and the two Beales.

Personal notes:
I happened to watch this film on November 2, 2016, the night the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, which was predicted in Back to the Future II, although for 2015.

The premise of this film holds many similarities to one I spontaneously made one day on a whim with some friends back in 2002 or 2003. Complete with an uncanny synchronicity involving the movie Back to the Future, which was playing on tv that day and was on in the background.

I had been meaning to reserve a copy of this DVD at the library for weeks but kept forgetting, then one night while picking up some reservations I happened to notice it sitting on a shelf so I grabbed it then.