Friday, December 6, 2013

Gimme Skelter

On December 6th, 1969, The Rolling Stones performed the final set at a free concert at the Altamont Raceway in Northern California. The Hell's Angels were hired as security for the event.
After the song 'Under My thumb', concert goer Meredith Hunter was stabbed to death by a Hell's Angel.
This heinous tragedy is known as the day the '60s and the hippy movement died.
Meredith Hunter in the lime green suit.

It is claimed that Hunter wielded a gun, inciting the stabbing in self-defense. An object can be seen in Hunter's hand when viewing the footage of the incident.
It is said that Meredith Hunter wielded a revolver.

What I find interesting is that in the 1968 film Wonderwall, there is a character in a lime green suit. He is a photographer... shooting photos.

George Harrison composed the soundtrack for the film, which was released in the US on December 2nd, 1968. Exactly almost a year before the Altamont concert. It was also the first Apple release.

Aleister Crowley died on either December 1st or December 2nd of 1947, there is debate between the two dates.

In one of the many scenes without dialogue, the photographer opens this case containing dueling pistols. Notice even the lime green interior.

He then watches a sword duel, and seems to be wielding a knife.

The photographer also drives an all lime green car.

Oddly enough, it is George who wears lime green pants on the rooftop performance in January 1969.

Suki Potier is also in Wonderwall. She was with Tara Browne the night he died in his car accident. And she then dated Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones.
Anita Pallenberg is also in the film. She dated both Brian Jones and Keith Richards.
The lead female character in Wonderwall is a model named Penny Lane, played by Jane Burkin.

Hugo Williams has this to say about Tara Browne:  
"In his green suits, mauve shirts with amethyst cuff-links, his waves of blonde hair, brocade ties and buckled shoes, smoking menthol cigarettes (alwaysSalem) and drinking Bloody Marys, he was Little Lord Fauntleroy, Beau Brummell, Peter Pan, Terence Stamp in Billy Budd, David Hemming in Blow-Up." 

Hunter's original tombstone read "Lot 63 Grave C", but has since been replaced with a proper one.
Three sixes?
C = 3

George Lucas was one of the cameramen filming the concerts that day.
Footage of the stabbing from the film Gimme Shelter.

The dueling scene in Wonderwall.
as you can see, the duel does end with one man being stabbed, albeit in British humor fashion.

The Riddler wears a lime green suit.

Jim Carrey as The Riddler in Batman Forever is all about mind reading and mind control.
Attaching a mind-manipulating device to Two-Face.

Experimenting on himself, and on Ed Begley Jr.'s character.

Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine with the memory-erasing helmet.

Carey's Riddler has dyed orange hair.

Carey wears orange tux in Dumb & Dumber.

James Holmes exclaimed, "I am The Joker!" as he opened fire in the theatre.
Katie Holmes starred in Batman Begins.

in A Clockwork Orange, Alex is mind-controlled via Beethoven's 9th Symphony. (as was the tiger in Help! Ringo plays Ludwig brand drums)

The LSD that the Manson family was taking in the weeks surrounding Sharon Tate's murder was called Orange Sunshine. Which was also in abundant supply at the Altamont concert.

It is strongly indicated that Charles Manson was in the very prison ward that MK Ultra experiments were conducted in. Best source I can find so far:

Alex in A Clockwork Orange was subjected to mind control experiments while in jail.
Beethoven's 9th Symphony was part of that experiment.
Manson took the song Revolution #9 as an inspiration for his beliefs, interpreting it as Revelations 9.

In the novel A Clockwork Orange, the prison chaplain is called "the charlie" and "the charles", he encourages the prisoners to read their Bible, which Alex does in earnest.

It's interesting that Alex learns his friend Georgie died right before he gets experimented on.
All in the same paragraph, Alex also mentions that a Professor would come and give talks to the prisoners "on beetles or the Milky Way or the Glorious Wonders of the Snowflake."

Further linking Beethoven's 9th with The Beatles, in the film, we do not see what Alex went to the record store to pick up.
In the novel, after Alex hands the employee the note, he is told, "Good news, good news, it has arrived." When the clerk returns, he's "waving the great shiny white sleeve of the Ninth, which had on it, brothers, the frowning beetled like thunderbottled listo of Ludwig Van himself."

Also interesting that author Burgess has Alex describing his experience listening to music as "a bird of like rarest spun heavenmetal." Bringing to mind the term "Heavy Metal". Remember, this book was published in 1962. (Kubrick used the line in the film, as well).

When Alex is being interrogated at the police station, one of the cops pushes the wound on Alex's nose with his thumb.
"Under My Thumb"

Jack MacGowran, the actor that played The Professor, the main character in Wonderwall, also played The Professor, the main character, in Polanski's 1966 film The Fearless Vampire Killers, which also starred Sharon Tate. In the film, her mother was played by Jessie Robbins, Ringo's aunt from Magical Mysterty Tour.

Just 5 months before the Altamont concert, Manson's followers murdered Sharon Tate.

Jack MacGowran also starred in How I Won The War, along side Lennon.

Notice a beheaded Lennon in the bullseye.

Sunshine Superman

Donovan with Mia Farrow (who played Supergirl's mother) and The Beatles in India, where they wrote the majority of The White Album, which was a major influential factor on Manon's beliefs.

News article from Wonderwall:

"Top hat riddle in Penny Lane's gas-filled flat."
The main character, The Professor played by Jack MacGowran, was wearing a top hat when he went into her apt.
Meredith Hunter

Also notice the writer on the left of the newspaper is named Bernard Levin. A reference to Rosemary's Baby author Ira Levin? The film of which came out the same year as Wonderwall.
Wonderwall is a sync gold mine. See another post on it here.

It's also syncnificant that the two news headlines for this first weekend in December 1969 competing for space were of the Altamont stabbing, and Susan Atkins delivering her first testimony to a grand jury in which she detailed the gory murders of Sharon Tate & her house guests.

On December 6th, 1909, Aleister Crowley and Victor Neuburg, while in the Sahara Desert, evoked the infamous Choronzon.
The result was what is known as the "10th Aethyr". One part of his famous volume entitled The Vision and The Voice (Liber 418).

60 years to they day before the Altamont concert. Remember the Wonderwall soundtrack was released on the anniversary of Crowley's death.

Choronzon is described by Sir Edward Kelly as, "that mighty devil, as the first and deadliest of all the powers of evil. Rightly so, for although he is not a person, he is the metaphysical contrary of the whole Process of Magick."

*Kirsten Dunst was also in Eternal Sunshine, and played a red-head in Spiderman.
And Kate Winslet has dyed red hair in some scenes in Eternal Sunshine, her character's name is Clementine.
(Notice Clementine's shirt says, "love is..." we never see the rest. Alluding to Crowley's "Love is the Law"?)

*Interesting that Jim Carrey chipped the same tooth as McCartney in the same place. And rides a moped in Dumb & Dumber. (McCartney chipped his tooth crashing on a moped)

*There is debate over whether Meredith Hunter was attacked after 'Under My Thumb' or 'Sympathy For the Devil', because of an apparent, possible edit in the film. And apparently nobody there was sober enough to remember.
Which ever it was, interesting that the group Metric has a song titled 'Gimme Sympathy', which is about the Rolling Stones and George Harrison's song 'Here Comes the Sun'.
In the video, the members of the band seem to have the ability to swap bodies. Also interesting; the children running around at the end of the video wearing butterfly wings. Monarch mind programming nod?

And here's an interesting film about deported British children titled Oranges and Sunshine.

Speaking of terrible stabbings in 1969 and Batman villains,
Read this post on Sharon Tate and her connections with The Black Dahlia, The Joker, Rita Hayworth and Orson Welles.

Rita Hayworth in her husband Orson Welles' magic act.

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Manchurian Candidate

We all know The Manchurian Candidate (1962)
stars Janet Leigh
and Laurence Harvey
so where's the OSwald?

One of the first lines in the film is how only 77 men that served the Korean War were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. The Hebrew word OZ means strength, and its Gematrical value is 77.
The 19th path on the Kabbalah Tree of Life, the path attributed to the Strength Tarot card by European occultists who were inspired by Kabbalah, is what is said by ancient Kabbalists to hold the Tree apart in it's split state.

The Beatles invaded America via JFK Int'l Airport 77 days after JFK was shot & their 2nd album With The Beatles was released. First track: 'It Won't Be Long'.
The Beatles landed on February 7th. 2/7, two sevens, 77.

If that wasn't enough, Janet Leigh tells Sinatra that her phone number is Eldorado 5-9970.
ELO's album Eldorado features the Ruby Sparks scene from Wizard of Oz. (Jack Ruby)
In Amazonian myth, El Dorado is the lost city of gold, which brings to mind the yellow brick road which leads to Oz. (and that the yellow brick road & the Emerald city represent the gold vs. paper currency debate that was taking place at the time Frank Baum wrote the book).

When JFK was shot, his driver turned onto the Stemmons FWY, which is part of US HWY 77 in that area. HWY 77 spans from Waco, TX to El Dorado, KS.

When considering how the King Kill concept so uncannily plays into the JFK assassination, it is interesting that the hypnotic trigger in the film is the Queen of Diamonds - the companion to the Suicide King; the King of Diamonds.

The Queen of Diamonds, the Scarlet Woman; Angela Lansbury.

The American presidential nominee that is targeted for assassination is Benjamin K. Arthur, bringing to mind Camelot & JFK. (King Arthur)

Also interesting that their brainwashing program involves women talking about Hydrangeas. In Sharon Tate's final film, 12+1, Orson Welles tells the main character that his line is, "I saw the monster over by the Hydrangeas." See post on Sharon Tate here.
Please see the intriguing MaskofGod post on Orson Welles & the Black Dahlia murder.

In The Manchurian Candidate, the Communist mind-controllers talk about the research of a man named Wells. (With a Welles-esque woman sitting in the front row. The actress is credited as Madame Spivy).
1941 is the year Welles' film Citizen Cane came out.

In regards to another famous possible Manchurian Candidate, it is interesting that Sinatra realizes Harvey is under hypnosis when he watches him get into a cab (#778), ride to Central Park and jump into a lake (after overhearing a conversation). Yes, I'm speaking of Mark David Chapman, and the assassination of John Lennon across from Central Park.
Sinatra's character also talks about how everything is "phoney", as does the main character in Catcher in the Rye, the book Chapman was obsessed with, which takes place in and near Central Park.

And it wouldn't be a film without a 9/11 Twin Pillars reference. When Harvey emerges from the lake, we are treated with this background scenery. No, it's  not the Twin Towers, but hey, it's somewhat curious, considering the nature of this film.

During the Beatles' first full day in America, John, Ringo & Paul walked around Central Park and had several shots taken from this same spot.
Laurence Harvey's Lake scene was shot on Feb. 12th 1962.
The Beatles shots were taken Feb. 8th, 1964.

Also note, the Dakota building, where Lennon was later shot, and Rosemary's Baby was filmed, is prominently in the background.

Frank Sinatra was married to Mia Farrow. He phoned her and told her he was leaving her during filming of Rosemary's Baby.
Brian Esptein, the Beatles' manager, also managed a group named The Dakotas.

Sinatra has this two-towers-like emblem on his helmet.

reminds me of the Hadden Industries logo from Contact.

There's also a Humpty-Dumpty reference (eggman) in regard to the mind-control programming.

Lansbury dresses as Little Bo Peep for the costume party. Interesting considering the legend of McCartney being replaced by a man named Shepherd. And of course Johnny is dressed as Lincoln.

Angela Lansbury & Laurence Harvey's characters are British immigrants, plotting to assassinate the American presidential nominee. The British invasion lands at the JFK airport.

They arrive via Pan-Am airlines. Pan also = 77 in Greek Gematria. Pan, the all-begetter.

77 WABC was the official American radio station of The Beatles starting in 1964.
This is also the station DJ Roby Yonge discussed the "Paul is dead" rumor on air on Oct. 21st, 1969, which led to him being fired.

The Beatles' biggest selling single was Hey Jude, which is 7:11 in length.

The four Lost Boys from Liverpool leading the Darlings to Neverland, Eldorado, Oz.
The 7-pointed STAR of Babalon, the seal upon the RING of 'IT'. The great 77. Ringo Starr was born on 7/7

When JFK was shot, his driver turned onto Stemmons Freeway, which in that part of Dallas is also Route 77. The license plate on the car was GG300. G is the 7th letter in the alphabet.

As noted earlier, The Beatles' 2nd album, With The Beatles, was released on 11/22/63.
The White Album was released on 11/22/68, the year Robert Kennedy was killed.

According to an interview with Manchurian Candidate director John Frankenheimer's wife, RFK was staying at their house during his presidential candidate campaign which Frankenheimer was filming. And that it was Frankenheimer who drove RFK to the Ambassor Hotel the night he was shot.
Also of note; Rosemary's Baby director Roman Polanski & his wife Sharon Tate were invited to attend was what supposed to have been the after-party.

from the book John Frankenheimer: Interviews, Essays, and Profiles by Stephen B. Armstrong.
Also of note; RFK died on 6/6/68 - Fankenheimer died on 6/6/02.

Also interesting that Marilyn Monroe is essentially the middle pillar on the Sgt. Pepper cover.
Sonny Liston as Boaz, Diana Dors as Jachin, next to the Shirley Temple. Solomon's Temple Doors

Elton John's song 'Candle in the Wind' was originally written in honor of Marilyn Monroe. The song is featured on his album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

One of the first lines in Marilyn Monroe's final film, The Misfits, also contains the number 77.

According to the director, the Johnny character, Harvey's step-father, is modeled after Joseph McCarthy, and he is obsessed with Abe Lincoln. Lansbury's character often calls him Jack.

In A Hard Day's Night, John wears the Lincoln-esque beard while the manager says to him,

The next scene Ringo reads Anatomy of a Murder, in which the main character is named Paul and his best friend is named McCarthy. The Johnny/McCarthy character gets assassinated in Manchurian Candidate.

Jenny McCarthy starred in Diamonds, Just Shoot Me, and John Tucker Must Die.

Laurence Harvey has a cameo as a stripping Hamlet in The Magic Christian - starring Ringo & Peter Sellers. After this scene Ringo says, "You've sure got to hand it to that Laurence Harvey, he sure knows how to do his job." Roman Polanski is also in the film. Based on the book by Terry Southern who is on the Sgt. Pepper cover.

Jane Asher starrs with Laurence Harvey in The Winter's Tale (1967).
She plays Perdita, adopted by a shepherd, later rescued by a woman named Paulina.
Norman Rossington, Norm from A Hard Day's Night, plays Clown.
In Billie (1965), Patty Duke as Billie has a sheepdog named Clown.

The relationship between the mother & son in The Manchurian Candidate (Harvey & Lansbury) strongly resembles that of the mother & son in Psycho, which starrs Janet Leigh.

In 1966, John Fankenheimer directed the film Seconds.
Seconds is about a man who undergoes reconstructive surgery via "The Company" in order to start a new life, while faking the death of his former self.
His new name is Tony Wilson. The man working for "The Company" who interviews him is named Ruby. The employee who oversees Wilson's new life is named John.
The founder of "The Company" is played by WILL Geer, who played H. Crowley in the 1951 film The Tall Target - see below.

In 1951, Geer also opened an acting theatre in Topanga Canyon, which is where Manson would first reside after moving to the LA area in late-67.
In 1972 Geer took over the role of the father in The Waltons, replacing Edgar Bergen, the father of Candice Bergen who was dating Terry Melcher in the late-60s. Polanksi & Tate were living in Melcher's former home in 1969.
As an active proponent of Communism, Geer was blacklisted in the 1950s, as were many of the cast members in Seconds.

The Tall Target (1951) is a film about a Police Sgt. named John Kennedy that tries to put a stop to an assassination attempt on President Lincoln. Kennedy discovered the plan by infiltrating an secret society. Many attempts on Kennedy's life are made by the conspirators when they realize he's there to stop them.
The Film stars Ruby Dee, Paula Raymond (Laurence Harvey's character is named Raymond), and the train conductor is named Homer Crowley, played by WILL Geer and his train is #11 (the number of Magick).
Lots of wink-wink cigar usage in the film, which makes me think of Cuba.
Key line: "I don't know about any attempt on Lincoln's life, but there sure seems to be one on yours, Kennedy."

Interestingly, Sinatra plays a character named John, plotting to assassinate the president in the 1954 film Suddenly.
It also starrs Sterling Hayden, who played Major Jack D. Ripper in Dr. Strangelove, the LA premiere of which was cancelled on 11/22/63 due to Kennedy's assassination.

Sinatra had a hit with 'Fly Me To the Moon'. One of JFK's legacies was that he promised America would land on the moon before the end of the '60s. in Suddenly, Sinatra mentions man landing on the moon someday.
He also incessantly talks of the Silver Star he won in the Army. Silver Star is the English translation of two possible meanings of Crowley's A.'. A.'. mystical order.

Audrey Horne is the Queen of Diamonds at One-Eyed Jack's in Twin Peaks. She draws the card as Cooper is shot. Audrey is played by actress Sherilyn Fenn (Marilyn?), who went on to play Candy Cane in the film Ruby.
Another character in the show is Norma Jennings (Norma Jean?)

The Alan Parsons Project album The Turn of a Friendly Card features the King of Diamonds on the front cover.

Alan Parson was involved in the production of Abbey Road, Let it Be and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

Going back to Ruby Sparks, in the beginning of the film, it is mentioned that the female character has a crush on John Lennon, and at the end of the film the main character, played by Paul Dano, quotes from Catcher in the Rye. They even mention the film Harvey. See posts on Paul Dano.