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We're as close as can be, man

The latin name for walrus is Odobenus Rosmarus Divergens.
The Rosmarus comes from the Norse word for "horse of the sea."
Behind George on the Sgt. Pepper cover is Tim Carey from his scene in Kubrick's film The Killing, in which he is shooting a race horse. (In Kubrick's film Paths Of Glory, Carey is executed).
As an aside: Mia Farrow also starred as the voice of The Last Unicorn, all the other unicorns were trapped in the ocean as the dew of the sea. Rosemary means "dew of the sea".

Odobenus means "walks on teeth". Paul chipped his tooth circa Dec. '65, and Lennon had the same tooth blackened out in their 1964, PID-heavy Shakespeare skit of Pyramus & Thisbe, in which they both die.

It should also be noted that the Sgt. Pepper drum not only encodes the "111X HE^DIE" clue that we all know, but also that L(onely) and H(earts) alphanumerically equals 12/8, the day Lennon was shot.

The Pyramus & Thisbe skit is a skit performed by traveling actors in Shakespeare's A Mid-Summer Night's Dream.
The play and film Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (play debuted Aug. '66) is a spin-off from Hamlet. in Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, there is a troupe of traveling actors performing skits.
Also in R & G Are Dead, nobody seems to know which is R and which is G, neither do the audience, even R & G seem uncertain as to who is who.

in The Magic Christian, Peter Sellers' character adopts Ringo's character. The very first thing they do is go see Hamlet. When they arrive, his sister tells them it is at the part with Rosencrantz & Guildenstern.
At the end of the scene they watch, a sign comes down that reads "Zap".
in A Hard Day's Night, when Paul quotes from Hamlet (while facing a mirror), he then quickly turns to the camera and exclaims, "Zap!"
Interestingly, Sean Lennon wrote & recorded the soundtrack to the film Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Undead.

Now, consider it was the twins Tweedledee & Tweedledum who told Alice the story of the Walrus & the Carpenter. Two distinct characters, but essentially one and the same. "We're as close as can be, man." As is, in a way, being conveyed with all the walrus lyrics in The Beatles' works.
Incidentally, if you start Magical Mystery Tour the moment Disney's Alice in Wonderland begins, I Am The Walrus will start right as they begin telling Alice the story.
Alice in Wonderland/Magical Mystery Tour "I Am the Walrus" sync-up

The film American Psycho is also rife with mixed identities. Jared Leto plays Paul Allen the murder victim, living at Central Park West.
Jared Leto also plays Mark David Chapman in Chapter 27. He also plays the murderer in Lonely Hearts, and he plays Paul in Urban Legend.
Paul Atreides' father in the Dune series is Leto Atreides. Paul Atreides is played by Kyle MacLachlan, who also plays Claudius in Hamlet 2000. He also plays Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks, in which he investigates the murder of Laura PALmer. (Twin Peaks & Dune directed by David Lynch).
In Twin Peaks, Cooper's doppelgänger comes into our world through the mirror.
Interestingly, in Hamlet 2000, Dechan Thurman plays Guildenstern, and he plays Patrick Bateman in This Is Not An Exit, the story of the author of American Psycho, Bret Easton Ellis.
Rosencrantz is played by Gary Oldman, who plays Commissioner Gordon with Christian Bale in Batman, who played Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.
see post on American Psycho here.

UPDATE: Jared Leto is playing The Joker in the upcoming film Suicide Squad.
Don't you know the joker laughs at you?

in Chapter 27, Lennon is played by Mark Lindsay Chapman.
Lindsay Lohan plays Jude, MDChapman's friend. That same year she played Dakota in I Know Who Killed Me. In the film, she plays a set of twins.
It was Jude who convinced MDChapman to buy a copy of Double Fantasy.
One of the most popular song & video for Jared Leto's band, 30 seconds to Mars, is 'The Kill (Bury Me)', which was filmed as an homage to The Shining. In it, Leto plays his own doppelganger.
(Interesting that Lohan's character is buried alive in IKWKM).
Interestingly, when you play Chapter 27 and IKWKM together, Dakota says, "I know who killed me" the very moment Chapman meets Lennon.
(Start Ch. 27 when IKWKM is at the 23 minute mark, since there is a 23 minute difference).

The first song Lennon & McCartney recorded together was a cover of Buddy Holly's "That'll Be The Day That I Die". Incidentally, Ringo starred in a film with the same title in 1973.

According to astrological symbolism, the Christian eon corresponds to the age of Pisces, because the spring-point has been passing through the constellation of Pisces during the Christian eon, and the first fish in that constellation has been associated with Christ, and the second fish has been associated with Anti-Christ.
Carl Jung says it's a matter of astrological fact that the spring-point entered the second fish around the 16th century, around the time of the Reformation and the Renaissance. With these comes the spirit which culminates in the modern age, the spirit of Anti-Christ. An intellectual, Promethian, Luciferian enlightenment rather than a spiritual enlightenment. 
Jungian scholar Edward Edinger states that the Christian myth has an enantiodromia built into it; the turning into an opposite. The New Testament predicts that Christ will be followed by the Anti-Christ.

The mixed identities in the films mentioned above bring to mind Beatles lyrics, such as, "I am the walrus" - "the walrus was Paul", "I am he as you are me..." and "I told you about the walrus and me, man. You know we're as close as can be, man." Which begs the question; which is the walrus and which is the carpenter?
Or, which is the Messiah and which is the trickster, Anti-Christ?

Lennon apologizes for "More popular than Jesus" comment mere months after Time Magazine publishes it's "Is God dead?" issue, (as seen in Rosemary's Baby).

The Hebrew word Nachash, which means the Serpent, the serpent in the Garden, has the Gematrical value of 358.
The Hebrew word for Messiah, Meshiach also equals 358.
3, 5 and 8 are the 4th, 5th and 6th letters of the Fibonacci sequence. Interesting, since lightning and trees branch out in accordance with the Fibonacci sequence. Kabbalah depict creation as lightning descending down the Tree of Life, and in turn, the serpent ascends to the top.
When Hebrew words share the same Gematrical value, it is not a coincidence, it means they are meant to be viewed in the same light.

the 16th century German thaler coin. Where we get our word and symbol for the dollar.
Which reminds me of the 1967 film The Trip, starring Peter Fonda & Dennis Hopper. The main characters are named Paul & John, and there is repeated imagery in the film of Jesus on the cross and the serpent on the cross.
A Lovely Sort of Death. During Paul's trip, he sees visions of himself being killed and he sees a bullet hole in his friend John's head, and believes that he's really dead.
It was an acid-fueled conversation with Peter Fonda that inspired Lennon to write She Said, She Said. This occurred in what Lennon called "Doris Day's house, or wherever" in a 1974 Rolling Stone interview.
Dennis Hopper's earlier roles was in the 1961 film Night Tide, which also featured Marjorie Cameron as the Water Witch.

"Give us Barabbus!"
There's also the matter of Jesus and Barrabas essentially having the same name.
Oddly enough, Sharon Tate had a quick cameo in Barrabas (1961).
See Sharon Tate post here.

Interesting that Lennon was shot on the Catholic Day of "The Feast of the Immaculate Conception", and Mia Farrow's film Full Circle was released in the US nine months later.
Eleanor Bron, the lead actress in Help! played Mary the mother of Jesus in the film The Day Christ Died, which came out in... 1980.

In the Gospels we see that it is James & John who ask Jesus to allow them to sit at his right and left. (Paul McCartney's full name is James Paul McCartney).

15th-17th century Kabbalast rabbis, when commenting on the Zohar, occasionally speak of  two Messiahs.

In the Book of Enoch, it first seems that Enoch and The Son of Man, the Messiah, are two different people, later is revealed that they are one in the same.
Enoch is also often associated as being one in the same with Metatron.

In summary, what I believe may be being conveyed is Lennon & McCartney resonating as the dying god archetype figures (read The Golden Bough) - with their many allusions to Osiris, Jesus and the Hanged Man archetypes. McCartney's fantasy death and Lennon's real death representing the passing of the old Aeon, that of Osiris.
Whereas Harrison & Starr represent the new Aeon of Horus.
See more on the Lennon/McCartney as Osiris and Harrison/Starr as Horus connections in the Thoth Tarot post.

"The operations of occultism are based upon the powers of the Will and the imagination." - Dion Fortune.
"The Feminine Principle conducts the work of the imagination, while the Masculine principle conducts itself with the work of the Will." - The Kybalion.
The two tenets of Thelema are Will(Thelema) and Love.
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."
"Love is the Law, Love under Will."
The Greek word for Love is Agape. Thelema & Agape both equal 93 in Greek Gematria. 93 is the number of Thelema.
All You Need Is Love, can be seen as another way of saying Love is the Law.

Also see how McCartney and Lennon were both the WINGed Beatles here.

Aleister Crowley called himself The Beast. Jack Parsons called himself The Anti-Christ. Who then is the False Prophet? The Messiah of the new Aeon?

The Aeon of Osiris, The Christian era, unfolded through enigmatic parables.
It seems the Aeon of Hours is unfolding through enigmatic films and pop groups.

Partially joking, but mostly serious, Crowley says this of the Humpty Dumpty rhyme:
"This is so simple as to hardly require explanation. Humpty Dumpty is of course the Egg of Spirit, and the wall is the Abyss - his "fall" is therefore the descent of spirit into matter; and it is only too painfully familiar to us that all the king's horses and all the king's men cannot restore us to that height. Only the King Himself can do that!"

Back to the Egg...
Hence, again, both Lennon and McCartney resonating as the eggmen, and the walrus.
On Back to the Egg, there is the track titled Getting Closer, which repeatedly uses the phrase, "my salamander. Alluding to the salamander in the fire of Alchemical texts? Which also ties in to the chimney-sweep lizard character named Bill from Alice in Wonderland.

I would also like to direct your attention to a great piece on the esoteric nature of the Lennon/McCartney duo, by Mask of God, here.

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Losemary's Magic Starrchild

If Lolita was released in 1962, it's safe to assume the story begins then. The film spans four years, putting Lolita's pregnancy, and her child's birth in 1966, "year 1", the same year Rosemary has her baby.

In Asia, the letters R and L are ambiguous.
Humbert calls Lolita "Lo".
Guy calls Rosemary "Ro".
Lo's baby is Ro's baby.
In Polanski's Chinatown a fine point is made of the Chinese groundskeeper saying the salt water from the pond was "Bad for glass", but meant grass. However, it was the pair of glasses found in the salt-water pond that led to evidence of Mulwray's murder.
So we have an overt play on the L and R.
In the show Mad Men, the firm makes a commercial based on Rosemary's Baby and a very fine point is made on the Asian man at the end of the film when Ro first finds her baby.

Lo types a letter to Humbert dated March 19th. A week later he arrives and she says she is due in 3 months. Putting the birth in late June '66 - same as Rosemary Woodhouse.

1966 is also the year the PID legend states "Paul McCartney died".
1962 is the year The Beatles signed with EMI.
Humbert is the British invasion, killing the older generation and sleeping with the Baby Boomers, creating a Starr/Moonchild?
It is the Beale kid that hits Lo's mom with a car. Bea(t)le, Beatle without the Tav cross. Or, possibly the T of Thelema?

Shelly Winters (the mother in Lolita), gets hit by a car as Myrtle in The Great Gatsby (1949).

Mia Farrow was in the 1972 Great Gatsby.
Mia plays Daisy, the one who ran over Myrtle.

HAL sings "Daisy Bell" as he is being lobotomized.

First shot in the scene with pregnant Lolita is of the city she lives in, which looks a lot like the opening shot to Rosemary's Baby, with the Dakota House.

The B-side to Sue Lyon's single from Lolita is "Turn Off the Moon"... child?

In 1968, The Rolling Stones released "Child of the Moon" as the B-side to "Jumpin' Jack Flash". The promo for the "Child of the Moon" was filmed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, who also filmed the Beatles' Paperback Writer & Rain promos, as well as Hey Jude and the Let It Be documentary film.
Funny, since "Child of the Moon" is so derivative of "Rain".

In 1999, Cibo Matto, a group including Sean Lennon, released their album Stereotype A, which features a song titled Moonchild. 
Even more noteworthy, is that the lyrics to the refrain are "Come together... Do you know what you're doing, baby?"
The Beatles began recording 'Come Together' on July 21st, 1969 - the day after the moon landing.

Mia Farrow plays the mother of a girl who dies by choking on an apple, in the film The Haunting of Julia (aka Full Circle). Julia was the name of John Lennon's mother.
(The father in the film is played by Keir Dullea; David Bowman in 2001:ASO. See post on Full Circle here).

Jack Nicholson directed & starred in Goin' South (1979) as Henry Lloyd Moon. He marries a woman named Julia Tate, thus making her name Julia Moon.
Nicholson was good friends with Sharon Tate & Polanski, and supported Roman in the days following Sharon's death.
Here in 1971 he is hanging with Lennon & Yoko. Seen in the film Gimme Some Truth.

Clare Quilty and his his scarlet woman Vivian Darkbloom, always on the lookout for a promising young 'starrlet'...

At the end of Lolita, when she is pregnant, she is wearing Quilty's (P. Sellers) glasses. Possibly implying that she is still seeing Quilty and that he is the father of her child.

Peter Sellers adopts Ringo in The Magic Christian.
Sellers' character is named Guy. (Rosemary's husband's name)
The full name is Guy Grand.
GG = 77
7/7 is Ringo's birthdate.
The last thing Rosemary sees as she is being impregnated is the Pope's ring.

Ringo plays the Pope in Lisztomania.

On the Death Card, three figures are dead or dying while the Pope remains alive.

Polanksi kickin' it with Ringo at the 1968 Cannes Film Festival.

James Mason was the money-man for Josef Mengele's cloning project in The Boys From Brazil. In Lolita he gives all his money to Lolita. Ira Levin wrote Rosemary's Baby and The Boys From Brazil.
Sellers plays a millionaire who gives his money away in The Magic Christian.
Polanski was also in The Magic Christian.

Lolita's boyfriend Roy reminds me of Polanski.

Terry Southern wrote The Magic Christian and co-wrote Dr. Strangelove with Kubrick. He also wrote Candy, which Ringo starred in.
Southern is on the Sgt. Pepper cover.

Sue Lyon dated Donovan who went to India with Mia & The Beatles.

Lyon was in Tony Rome with Frank Sinatra, Mia's husband. (Rome, Polanski?)
Here she plays Diana. Diana is of course the Moon goddess.

Woody Allen, Roman Polanski and Humbert are all into young girls.
In Polanski's film Chinatown, John Huston's character fathers a child with his daughter, and becomes interested in her, as well.
John Huston also directed Sue Lyon's second film Night Of The Iguana, in which she seduces a priest.

Lolita could be taken as the Lamed Lamed, Lillith the Handmaiden/The Whore of Babalon who rides atop the Beast.
Sue Lyon

Sellers' character in Dr. Strangelove was a (former?) Nazi.
(Ringo in A Hard Day's Night)

Peter Sellers covers A Hard Day's Night in the style of Laurence Olivier's Richard III.
Laurence Olivier starrs in The Boys From Brazil with James Mason and Gregory Peck.
Multiple reflections of Sellers in The Magic Christian and of the Hitler clone in Boys From Brazil.
Gregory Peck plays Nazi scientist Josef Mengele in The Boys From Brazil, creating the 94 clones. in The Omen, he was the adopted father of the Anti-Christ, the son of Satan - Mia Farrow plays the nanny in the remake of The Omen.
His most famous role is as Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird, in which he portrays the perfect father.
There's a scene in The Omen where Damien (Satan's son) tries to kill his mom and unborn sibling by knocking her off the banister with his tricycle, shot very much like the scenes with Danny riding his bigwheel in The Shining.

Gregory Peck played the lead role in Roman Holiday. Played Jimmy Ringo, the lead character in The Gunfighter. And starred in the title role of Old Gringo.
Peck is attacked by dogs in The Boys From Brazil and The Omen.
Omen - Nemo.

James Mason also starred with Judy Garland in A Star(child) Is Born.

Shelly Winters starred in Polanksi's 1976 film The Tenant. In it, Polanski rents a room in which the previous tenant had jumped from the window. Winters plays the concierge of the building. At the end of the film Polanksi also jumps from the window, twice. The owner of the building is played by the actor who befriends P. Sellers in Being There and lets him live in his house.
So, Winters plays a sort of mother figure to a young woman who jumped out of an apartment window, much like in Rosemary's Baby, along side a father figure to Sellers.

Shelly Winters was the Dodo while Ringo was the Mock-Turtle in the 1985 tv version of Alice in Wonderland.
She plays Lillith Malone in The Devil's Daughter, where she finds the daughter of a former fellow coven member, who is the daughter of Satan and wears the ring of the coven.
Winters also starred in The Chapman Report (1962), in which the main character is named Paul.

She was in another George Cukor film titled A Double Life (1947). And much like in Lolita, she dies at the hands of a middle-aged British man.

Shelly Winters also starrs in Alfie (1966) with Paul McCartney's then girlfriend Jane Asher. Michael Cane's character must decide between staying with Jane or Shelly.
In 1965 Jane Asher starred in Pygmalion, as story about falling in love with a statue and bringing it to life.
In 1967 Asher starred in The Winter's Tale. In it, a statue is made of her mother which later comes to life.'s_Tale

Ira Levin not only wrote Rosemary's Baby and The Boys From Brazil, but also The Stepford Wives. A story about a community with robotic women.
Ira Levin happens to be an alum of Drake University, where the first known instance of the "Paul is dead" rumor began in September 1969 with a student news article, titled "Is Beatle Paul McCartney Dead?

Which is interesting in that Rosemary reads the "Is God Dead?" issue of Time, in Polanksi's film adaptation. This magazine was published on April 8th, 1966 - the anniversary of Lam speaking to Aleister Crowley.
The 'Paul is dead' rumor went viral on October 12th, 1969, which is Crowley's birthday.

Ira Levin died on November 12th, 2007, which is Charles Manson's birthday. This is also the same day & year The McCartney Years dvd was released.

November 12th is the day that Back To The Future centers around. It is the day Marty McFly uses the voltage from the lightning that strikes the clock tower to 1985 in the time machine. This is also the night Marty plays Johnny B. Goode at the dance where his parents fall in love.

Robert Zemeckis' first film was I Wanna Hold Your Hand, which is about a group of New Jersey teenagers that try to attend the Beatles concert on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964. Complete with lightning striking a tower at the climax of the film, with the clock at the 9-11 position.

in Polanski's 1999 film The Ninth Gate, Johnny Depp's character essentially has 111 written on his forehead in blood.
In Hebrew legend, one brings a Golem to life by writing the word for 'Truth' on it's forehead. The word in Hebrew is AMT, Aleph Mem, Tav, (pronounced Emet).
When one is done with the Golem, it's life is ended by erasing the Aleph. AMT without the Aleph is MET, which is the Hebrew word for 'Death'. In other words, you have literally removed the life force from the Golem, and now have death.
Remember, the value of Aleph is 111.
the Hebrew word ADM, or ADAM, means Aleph In Blood111 in blood.
The Golem is created in the pattern of the Adam.
In Polanski's film Ghost Writer, the main bad guy is named Paul Emmett, who he is a CIA agent and handler of the British Prime Minister-named ADAM Lang.
in Rosemary's Baby, Ro writes the word "blood" on 11/1
See my post on 111 here.
She circles 4 and 5 of October.
45 is the value of the Hebrew word ADM (Adam).
October 4th, 1965 is when the Pope visited America. In Rosemary's Baby, when Guy is watching him on tv, it says, "He is making a full circle of the ballpark."
See my post on Mia Farrow's syncgasmic film Full Circle here.

Interesting that in Toy Story, the main character, Andy, has written his name on the feet of his toys; Andy means human or man.
Andy is the name Rosemary wanted to give her son.

Stanley Kubrick expressed interest in directing a film version of Lord Of The Rings starring The Beatles. Lennon wanted to be Gollum.
Daniel Richter, the actor that played the lead monkey in 2001:A Space Odyssey, named Moonwatcher, was also director of photography for John Lennon's Imagine video.
He lived with John & Yoko for awhile. He also starred in Paul William's film The Revolutionary.

Rosemary's Baby is essentially about creating a Moonchild, and is inspired by Crowley's book Moonchild.

Ringo starrs in That'll Be The Day (1973). The main character is played by cute, big-eyed pop star David Essex as Jim MacLaine. (Paul McCartney's full name is James Paul McCartney).
Jim MacLaine marries a girl named Jean Sutcliffe (Rosalind Ayres). (Beatle Stu Sutcliffe died in 1962).
There are blatant wyncs to Rory Storm & the Hurricanes, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles in the film.
And to top it all off, the matriarch is played by Rosemary Leach. And her name is Mary, (McCartney's mother's name).
The first song Lennon & McCartney recorded together was That'll Be The Day That I Die. The next day Lennon's mother Julia died from being struck by a car, a la Lolita's mom.