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When the Sgt. Pepper drum is mirrored, "LONELY HEARTS" becomes "1ONE1X HE^DIE"
with the ^ pointing at McCartney.

The 1ONE1X is often transposed by researchers into 11/9 or 9/11.

There are 111 days left in the year after September 11th.

01/01/01 is day 1 of the new millenium
and is 666 days after Stanley Kubrick died.

It's important to notice that "he die" is in future tense, not past tense.

McCartney is a Gemini (the twins). Could this be a reference to September 11th?
The Beatles began filming Magical Mystery Tour on Sept. 11th, 1967, which is also the same day Charles Manson began recording tracks for his first album. (He finished it on August 9th, 1968 - exactly a year before Tate's death).
The first Beatles recording to be released, the Love Me Do 45, was recorded on 9/11/62

Also interesting is that the L(onley) and H(earts) equal 12/8 alphanumerically, which is the day Lennon died.
The MMT double-EP was released on 12/8/67, exactly 13 years before Lennon's death.

The Hebrew letter Aleph, spelled out in full, ALP, means ox, and has the Gematrical value of 111.
It is also the letter attributed to The Fool card of the Tarot. (Fool on the Hlll).

The Hebrew word APL means "Sudden Death" and "Thick Darkness" and, as expected, also has the Gematrical value of 111.
Thick Darkness is one translation of the names for the Egyptian Underworld, where Osiris dwells and is redeemed nightly by Ra who is reborn as Keph-Ra the Scarab Beetle; as is written in The Egyptian Book of Caverns.
APL also closely resembles the Greek name Apollo and the English word Apple. (Apple Records)

The Hebrew word PAL also equals 111 and is the nearest way of transposing the Western name Paul into Hebrew. PAL means... "to fall".

"In our modern religious culture prayer is a communication between man and God. While this definition could be applied to some passage of the Bible (such as Genesis 20:17) it is not an Hebraic definition of the Hebrew word Palal.
By looking at the etymology of this word we can better see the Hebraic meaning. The word Palal comes from the parent root Pal meaning "fall" (the root Pal is most likely the root of our word fall which can etymologically be written Phal). Pal is also the root of the Hebrew word Naphal, also meaning "fall".
The word Palal literally means to "fall down to the ground in the presence of one in authority pleading a cause". This can be seen in Isaiah 45:14 where the Sabeans fall down and make supplication (this is the Hebrew word Palal) to Cyrus."

"My prophet is a fool with his 111." - Aleister Crowley, The Book of the Law.
Fool on the Hlll?

From Crowley's Liber Aleph
regarding the Fool Tarot card and the path from Kether to Chockmah on the Kabbalah Tree of Life:
...the reference thereof being Aleph, that is 1 [first letter in Hebrew Alphabet] indeed, but also 111 in his full Orthography; to signify the Most Holy Trinity. And by metethesis it is Thick Darkness and Sudden Death.
...and it is a Number of the Sun. [see Babalonian Sun Square]
...Parzival [associated with legends of the Fool], the true knight that won Kingship in Monsalvat [Mount of Salvation]... This is the path of the Pure Fool.
brackets mine.

The Babalonian Sun Square
This serves as the basis of the foundation or template for the Tower of Babel. The Fruit which I have brought forth is the SUN. 111 = ALP (Aleph) spelled in full.
111=PLA (The Hidden Wonder, a title of Kether) which is the reverse of ALP (Aleph).
PLA or ALP indicates the utterance of the Word from the mouth of the Child Horus, which is LA, written as AL in Hebrew, but as LA in English. LA and AL are two glyphs of One Word.
P or Peh (the Mouth) is the root of LA/AL, and Peh is the letter of Horus.
111=AOM (Aum) which is the Seal of the Child (Read AL,I:54-56). 111=NVNE (None. Read AL,I:45 & III:8). 111=LOVE, ALKHEMI, MVNTV (Mentu, the Lord of War) and KVPH (Coph). Read AL,III:72.
Coph represents the second half of the occult equation of Liber Legis indicated by the numbers 8.80.418 of AL,I:46, for 8+80+418=506= ShVR=Ox=Aleph=111=Coph, and 111=Aleph=Atu 0 (The Fool)=Nothing= AIN=61. Also note that 111=AChD HVA ALHIM (He is One God), APL (Thick Darkness), ASN (Ruin, Destruction, Sudden Death), and MHVLL (Madness or Destruction of Reason by Illumination).

From the Egyptian Book of Caverns.
(The Beatles launched their career at The Cavern Club).

from Crowley's Book of Lies
FIve and forty apprentice Masons out of work!
Fifteen fellow-craftsmen out of work!
The Master Masons out of work!
All these sat on their haunches waiting for The Report of the Sojourners: for THE WORD was lost.
This is the Report of the Sojourners: THE WORD was LOVE; and it's number is An Hundred and Eleven.
Then each said AMO; for it's number is An Hundred and Eleven.
Each took the trowel from his LAP, whose number is An Hundred and Eleven.
Each called moreover on the Goddess NINA; for her number is An Hundred and Eleven.
Yet with all this went the work awry; for THE WORD OF THE LAW IS THELEMA. Will
(All caps his)

Lennon's license plate.

Re: 9/11. Notice on Crowley's Moon Tarot card, the Twin Towers guarded by the Twin Anubises (with subtle differences) and the Beetle pushing the Sun.
The Moon card is attributed to the Hebrew letter Qoph, which means "the back of the head".

McCartney is inextricably linked to 111.
If X refers to 10; the 10th card of the Tarot deck is The Wheel of Fortune, which is attributed to the Hebrew letter Kaph, which means "palm of the hand".
McCartney has a palm raised over his head in the front of the Sgt. Pepper cover.
The Wheel card depitcts the King Kill cycle, a process of change.

When considering that the 111X of the mirrored Sgt. Pepper drum could be taken as 13, one can only think of the Death card and all of it's implications.

Notice the blue figure being symbolically decapitated as his soul leaves the body preparing for reincarnation.

Also notice the Wings over the Osiris crown.

McCartney is also inextricably linked to Osiris.
Egypt post
Thoth post

The Hebrew letter Shin means tooth, or canine tooth.
K9 is the common abbreviation for canine. K is the 11th letter of the English alphabet, therefore K9 = 11/9.
Shin is the letter attributed to the Judgement card, or in Crowley's deck, the Aeon card.
"A new card for a new Aeon."
Does 111X HE^DIE  =  On 9/11 the old Aeon dies?

The new Aeon of Hours

Satellite view of NYC on 9/11/01. Read more about this here:
St. George. See Thoth Days Night post on how George Harrison (Horus-Son/Sun) represents the Aeon of Horus.

Also read more about how Horus corresponds to 9/11 here:

McCartney's crotch is at the very center of the Sgt. Pepper cover. The Cor Aglais he holds could be taken as a phallus, much like the wooden (or gold) one Isis fashioned for him when she could not locate it after his dismemberment. Remember the mirrored drum points to McCartney, resonating as Osiris, stating that 11/9 He Die.

Apparently, McCartney was in New York on 9/11, watching from JFK Airport, no less!
"Looks pretty Sirius"
The Beatles invaded America via JFK airport 77 days after JFK died. On Pan-Am Airlines; the Greek Gematrical value of Pan is 77.

the first two suggested routes from JFK to WTC are 22 miles. The Fool's journey through the Tarot.

At the climax of  Robert Zemeckis' first feature film, 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand' (1978), one of the kids climbs the Ed Sullivan broadcast tower to sabotage the satellite. Notice the clock on the neighboring tower is at 8:55, or 9 & 11.
So, we have two towers, in New York, 9-11 and lightning.

Zemeckis would later use themes of towers, 9-11 and lightning in Back To The Future.
See how BttF predicts 9/11 in this video.

Here's another clue for you all, Glass Onion was recorded on September 11th, 1968. Wiki

'My baby says she's travelin' on the two after 9/09.'
In terms of an address; with odds on one side, evens on the other side, the one after 909 would be 911.
Or better yet; NY is one letter down from OZ, just as HAL is one letter down from IBM.
909 is one letter down from 910. The one after 910 = 911.
"Move over once, move over twice." Move over twice from 909 = 911

On the far right-hand side of McCartney's solo album Ram (1971), there are written the initials L.I.L.Y.
When mirrored just like the Sgt. Pepper drum, we again have 111X.

McCartney's new album from 2012, titled "NEW" uses these I-Ching-like marks of 3, which also resemble the Roman Numeral III
Interestingly, when the word NEW is mirrored, we have "DIE XX"
from SgtPepper's Channel (Youtube)

The Hebrew word PLA (111) means hidden.
On the cover of Sgt. Pepper's, the waxen eidelon Beatlemania statues are hiding Sophia Loren.
Hidden Wisdom.
"1 and 1 and 1 is three, got to be good looking 'cause he's so hard to see."
Psalms 111:10 states "The beginning of Wisdom of the fear of God." which is recited at midnight in certain Jewish traditions.

in Roman Polanski's 1999 film The Ninth Gate, Johnny Depp's character has 111 written on his forehead in blood.
In Hebrew legend, one brings a Golem to life by writing the word for 'Truth' on it's forehead. The word in Hebrew is AMT, Aleph Mem, Tav, (pronounced Emet).
When one is done with the Golem, it's life is ended by erasing the Aleph. AMT without the Aleph is MET, which is the Hebrew word for 'Death'. In other words, you have literally removed the life force from the Golem, and now have death.
Remember, the value of Aleph is 111.
the Hebrew word ADM, or ADAM, means Aleph In Blood. 111 in blood.
The Golem is created in the pattern of the Adam.
in Rosemary's Baby, Ro writes the word "blood" on 11/1.
She circles 4 and 5 of October.
45 is the value of the Hebrew word ADM (Adam).
Update: McCartney is featured in a new Rihanna song titled FourFive Seconds.
in Heath Ledger's last film, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, (where he is replaced by Johnny Depp), he is found hanging with 3 symbols written on his forehead. The one in the middle is the glyph for the Risen Sun-God Horus.
Which is essentially a mirrored K. This symbol is also the letter Z (Zhe) in Russian/Cyrillic alphabets, and is referred to as "the beetle".
in Terry Gilliam's 1998 film Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, Del Toro says he wants to carve a Z in Depp's forehead. He doesn't, but he does write one with ketchup.
Also in the film, Debbie Reynolds sings Sgt. Pepper's and Christina Ricci's character is introduced to Depp as "Lucy in the sky with diamonds".
Johnny Depp is in two McCartney videos, Queenie Eye and My Valentine. Update: he is now in 3 McCartney videos with Early Days.
He's in My Valentine with Natalie Portman, who plays Padme, Carrie Fisher's mother in the Star Wars films. Debbie Reynolds is Carrie Fisher's mother irl. Portman's son irl is named Aleph.
Mere moments after pledging her love to Anakin, Padme receives the mark of the beast. But she rotates that mark 90 degrees into a 111, the life breath, which she gives to Anakin as he dons his black iron prison life suit.
Incidentally, Terry Gilliam dons a red triangle on his forehead in The Life Of Brian.
In Polanski's 2010 film Ghost Writer, the main bad guy is named Paul Emmett, who is a CIA agent and the handler for the British Prime Minister-who is named Adam Lang.
The protagonist is played by Ewan McGregor, who plays Obi-Wan, the first person not in-the-know to discover the Clone army.
McGregor also plays his own clone in The Island. Most of Ghost Writer takes place on an island.

Update: Johnny Depp starrs in Transcendence as Will Caster. He creates a clone named Paul. Will Caster's best friend is played by Paul Bettany, and his wife is named Evelyn, and their big thing is their garden they made together - tying in more Adam themes.
"Yesterday..." on the forehead.

in Dead Man, where Depp's character is named William Blake, he of course writes a 111 on his forehead in deer blood.
Blake is dying, (or is dead) and Nobody, his native friend, must take him to "The bridge made of waters, The Mirror, where the sea meets the sky."
As Will drifts out to sea, Nobody holds his palm up.
The Mirror, where the sea meets the sky.
Nobody's horse even has the palm print on it's rear.

Lindsay Anderson's 1968 film If... is 111 minutes long. There is a 111 written on the chalkboard in Malcom McDowell's classroom.
Which is interesting in this light since the teacher is played by Graham Crowden, who played genetic scientist Dr, Millar in Lindsay Anderson's next film O Lucky Man, in which McDowell reprises his role from If... and  almost becomes of one Dr. Millars genetic guinea pigs.
They both reprise these roles once more in L. Anderson's 1982 film Britannia Hospital. This time McDowell meets his end as one of Dr. Millar's horrific bio-experiments.

The address of the photography studio the Sgt. Pepper cover was shot was 1-11 Flood Street.

The 1966 PID-infused film Blow-Up is exactly 111 minutes long, to the second.

The 1966 film The Family Way is 111 minutes long. McCartney wrote the soundtrack to the film.

In James Joyce's book Finnegan's Wake, ALP has 111 children.

The tv show American Dreams episode 11 of season 1 (1/11) is titled 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' and is about the Beatles coming to America.

In Rosemary's Baby, she goes to 111 W 50th to call Hutch.
The Mia Farrow film Full Circle/The Haunting of Julia was released on 9/11/77 in Europe
and on 9/11/81 in the USA - 9 months after Lennon died.

Bilbo Baggins leaves the Shire on his 111th birthday. He puts on the Ring he got from Gollum.

The license plate of the cop that chases Gregory Peck at the end of The Omen, when he goes to kill the Devil child. (The man who instructed Peck on how to kill the boy is played by Leo McKern, the leader of the human sacrifice cult in The Beatles' film Help!)

Incidentally, Hitler's, the man behind the idea of the Volkswagon, VW license plate begins with 111A

20,000 Leagues is 111,111 KM
(from Scott Onstott)

"Let the woman be girt with a sword in front of me"
Crowley, from The Book of the Law 111:11 


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Check out the 2011 movie called 11-11-11. The main character gets led on this wild goose chase of trying to stop the devil, only to learn in the end that him himself IS the devil, and the man who finally reveals this to him kills him after informing him that a novel he wrote while attempting to save the world from the devil's return will become one of the world's new gospels.

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