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Full Circle

Full Circle
The Haunting of Julia
Released in Europe on 9/11/1977. Starring Mia Farrow and Keir Dullea, the actor that played David Bowman in 2001:ASO.
Mia plays Julia, the name of Lennon’s mother. Keir plays Magnus.
Released in America on 9/11/81
9 months after Lennon’s shooting -
which was on 12/8, the Catholic Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

In the beginning of the film, their only child, Katie,
(who is about the age Rosemary’s baby would’ve been by ’77)
chokes on an Apple. Mia/Julia attempts to cut the apple out of her throat with a knife, and she bleeds to death before the ambulance arrives.

Julia separates from Bowman and gets her own house in St John's Wood. Her address is 3. (Apple Records had an office at 3 Saville Row in St. John's Wood).
In the house is a pesky heater that switches itself on and off seemingly on it's own accord.
Is it haunted or autonomous? It sure bears a striking resemblance to Hal.

In one scene, Mia walks through a playground, and we see a woman with a baby carriage just like the one used on the Rosemary’s Baby poster. During most of the shot, the woman is behind a tree, and the carriage seems to be intentionally associated with Mia.

In another scene, she makes a pyramid of photos of her daughter. It collapses when she tries to cap it.

MKUltrasound mentions that "the name Full Circle (besides the crazy release dates correspondences and the more obvious wheel of Karmic retribution within the film) relates to the seance circle consisting of 7 people.
Rose Fludd stated before the seance that "Seven isn't a bad number, seven is a good number. But I don't know about two new emanations within the circle, we'll have to see."
Their circle did start as 7, but became 5 when Julia and Mark (Tom Conti) were removed, making the circle form a pentagram rather than a septagram or a hexagram. [The Pentagram they form is not equilibrated, and is thus an unstable structure. This is when all the bad things start happening]."

in the Woody Allen film The Purple Rose of Cairo, when Jeff Daniels' character brings Mia Farrow's character into the film, they now have to ask the Maitre D for a table for 7, instead of the usual 6.
Once again, Mia creating an uneven number of nodes in a circle.

Lots of Mirror themes. Tom Conti, the actor who plays her best friend in the film, is the man that tells Batman about the child that climbed the Abyss in The Dark Knight Rises!
His name in Full Circle is Mark, bringing to mind David Chapman.
(Note, the 2001 stargate is mirrored upon itself)

Bowman breaks into Julia’s new house and the Hal-esque heater makes him sweat profusely and become nauseated. He has to go vomit in the bathroom. He then ventures down stairs into the basement (the abyss), and is pushed into a large mirror by a ghost, dying from a large cut to the jugular. (In 2001, he crossed the Abyss, here he does not).

Julia soon learns her new house is haunted and that a girl named Olivia also lived there in the ‘40s. Olivia had murdered a young German boy. A neighbor states that the mother had the child “without the usual formalities.” A moonchild?

Julia finds an article about it, on the same page that talks of Hitler. The boy was killed in Holland Park.

In a later scene, a young child appears in Julia’s room while she’s asleep and runs it’s hands across her. Much like the devil did to Rosemary when he began to impregnate her in her sleep, in Rosemary’s Baby.
When Julia wakes up, she knocks over a glass that breaks, just like Bowman near the end of 2001.
In the very next scene, one of the people (now an adult) that witnessed the murder of the young boy in the '40s trips on a broken glass and falls to his death.

At the end of the film, the murderous girl, Olivia, appears to Julia, dressed much like Alice, from the Wonderland tales.

I see a lot of inverted YHVH in this film. The mother's killing the daughters, the fathers dying or not present, the daughter killing the boy, etc.

I won’t give away the ending, you can watch the full film on Youtube.
If you watch the movie, be sure to keep track of the clown/joker doll throughout the film. (you can see it in the photo above).

Interesting that Lennon was shot on the Catholic Day of "The Feast of the Immaculate Conception", and Full Circle was released in the US nine months later.
Eleanor Bron, the lead actress in Help! played Mary the mother of Jesus in the film The Day Christ Died, which came out in... 1980!

Other interesting things from Full Circle:
Bowman’s sister in the film is named Lily, it was her who decided to hold a seance. The woman that saw the dead girl at the seance is named Rosa Fludd. On Crowley's Death card, we have the Lily & the Rose at the bottom of the card. In Full Circle, everyone dies, except Rosa & Lily.

L.I.L.Y. is written on McCartney's Ram album, which when mirrored makes IIIX. On the Sgt. Pepper drum, when Lonely is mirrored, it is 1one1X.
He also has an album titled Red Rose Speedway.

Mia’s friend plays Beethoven for her. (Lots of Beethoven in Rosemary’s Baby, Clockwork Orange, Help!)

At one point Mia says, “I feel like I just jumped from the ledge of a window”. In Rosemary’s Baby, her friend jumps from a window of The Dakota and lands on the white VW Beetle. Very near the spot Lennon was shot.
Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas recorded a Lennon/McCartney song in 1964 titled 'From A Window'.

The girl that plays Katie is named Sophie, and she plays a character named Rosemary in 2002 on a show called Dinotopia. And a character in the 1985 Return to Oz special.

The actress that played Olivia, Samantha Gates, played a character named Lillian in a movie called The Death of a Heart. Sam, Samael/Lillith.

Mia has found herself moving into a place with a bad history, and nobody believes her story, just like in Rosemary’s Baby. Plus, it is through a séance that she learns her house is haunted.

Near the beginning of the film Mia says “They want my autograph.” Lennon was shot after signing autographs, including one for M.D. Chapman.
MKUltrasound has discovered that Full Circle goes together perfectly with Lennon/Ono's album Double Fantasy.

Mia forgets her key and has to break into her own house. It’s hard to tell, but it looks like she goes in through the bathroom window.
"She came in through the bathroom window."

Rosemary means “Dew of the sea”. 
In Lennon’s ‘Julia’, he says “Ocean child” (which is what Yoko means) and “Sea shell eyes.” When you play The White Album over Rosemary's Baby, the song Julia plays while Rosemary is being impregnated.
The Latin name for walrus is Odobenus Rosmarus Divergens. The Rosmarus part borrows from the Norse for "horse of the sea".
Mia Farrow was the voice of The Last Unicorn, in the film she finds that all the other unicorns have been trapped in the ocean as the dew of the sea.

in Rosemary's Baby, right before the ritual, Guy is watching the Pope on tv and the first thing we hear is the announcer saying, "He is making a full circle of the ballpark."

MKUltrasound has also found that Full Circle syncs up perfectly with Lennon/Ono's album Double Fantasy.
Followed by the Milk & Honey and Instant Karma EPs.

We All Shine On (Feast of the Immaculate Conception part 2) from david plate on Vimeo.

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