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Ring o' Stars

"Every man and woman is a star" - Aleister Crowley

On August 14th, 1963, as The Beatles were getting ready to record their first LP, Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) was asked to officially become their full-time drummer.
Interesting that Ringo means Apple in Japanese
and when you cut an apple in half horizontally, you see the 5 seeds forming a star.
According to legend, the mysterious Vril Society, would gaze into the core of an apple cut in half.

Ringo's birthday is 7/7/40, connecting him with 77, which is the Gematrial value of the Hebrew word OZ which means Strength.
(Incidentally, the Roswell incident occurred on 7/7/47)

In mythology, Saturn (Kronos), is the god of time, and death. As the drummer, Ringo keeps time.

The World/Universe card is associated with Saturn.
Notice in the RW Tarot depiction, the central figure is holding what could be interpreted as two drum sticks. The wreath could also be possibly seen as a kick drum.
In the Universe card from Crowley's Thoth tarot deck, notice the ring stargate, or, ring o' stars in the center.
This card is also attributed to the element of earth. Which Ringo represents on the Help! album cover.

On the front cover of the Beatles' Help! album, Ringo is in the "As Above, So Below" pose. His image was also flipped for the cover, as was John's & George's. On the Devil's hand is the symbol for Saturn.

On the front cover of the Help! album, The Beatles are not spelling H-E-L-P in semaphore, they are most likely in positions associated with Thelema, etc.
George = Osiris Slain
John = Sign of Typhon/Apophis
Paul = Isis Mourning
Ringo = Earth Sign - (also As Above, So Below)
This particular sequence is used in many ceremonies. But with the last being the X, which they replaced with the Earth Sign. Paul is making the L sign, which is the L in LVX, or latin for LUX, as in light.
Thelemic ritual magick. The following sets of signs were assigned by Aleister Crowley to the various Grades of his order, the A.'.A.'.. The first sets (the Neophyte, elemental grade signs and L.V.X. signs) were derived from the grade signs of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Such signs often have multiple uses and meanings, depending on the context.

Step Three: The Death-Rebirth Cycle
These three letters also are Qabalistically and visually/formally linked to the principle dynamic structure of all Western Mysticism, that of the Death-Rebirth Cycle. According to The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn:
L == Isis Mourning (Osiris slain by Set)
V == Apophis Triumphant (the Rule of Death)
X == Osiris Risen (dead-yet-alive, to rule in the new order)
(Opening of the Portal of the Vault of the Adepts)

Here, George is making the Osiris Risen pose. Appropriately, since he is the one in the Osiris Slain pose on Help!.

In the Tarot, The Star card is ruled by the Zodiac sign of Aquarius. This is the era in which we are entering - the "Age of Aquarius", or in some circles, the "Age of Horus".
The Star card is also #17 - "She was just 17, you know what I mean."

The A.'. A.'.  7-pointed Star of Babalon
The seal upon the Ring of IT
Notice the 77 - the Gematrical value of Oz
Ringo was born on 7/7
From Crowley's Liber Oz
Notice the 7-pointed star within the ring.
When the name Ringo  is transposed into Hebrew; Resh-Yod-Nun-Gimel-Ayin, the Gematrical value is 333. The name Choronzon, who is the Dweller at the Threshold, also adds up to 333 in Crowley's spelling.
When Aleister Crowley contacted Choronzon, it was in the 10th Aethyr which is named ZAX. Ringo's first child is named Zak. The 10th Aethyr is the Great Abyss.
(This occured on Dec. 6th, 1909, the Altamont stabbing occurred on Dec. 6th, 1969).

77 is the Gematrical value of the Greek name PAN.
The ring around the phallus at the top of the Devil card in the Thoth deck represents the Egyptian goddess Nu/Nuit who is the Milky Way. So we have yet another ring o' stars, this time wrapped around the dick(Richard). The dick/Richard is the Star key.
In Hebrew, Oz means strength, and goat, depending on the pronunciation.

After the opening human-sacrifice scene in the Beatles film Help!, it cuts to this shot of the Beatles playing the song "Help!". The close-up is on a large red gemstone ring on the right hand of Ringo, (b&w is all I could find) which is the sacrificial ring belonging the cult from the first scene. Very reminiscent of the red sun used in Ancient Egyptian artwork to represent the sun, as seen on these Horus and Khepri pieces.
which reminds me of Hal 9000 from Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

In Ringo's video for 'Wrack My Brain' he plays cards with Dracula, Frankenstein and a Mummy. They put down a Fool card and a Star card.

Also in Help!, we see him snared by the ankle and captured by the scientists. He is personifying the The Hanged Man in the Tarot here.

There is also a scene seemingly inspired by the Tarot Strength card, in which the female protagonist sings Beethoven's 9th Symphony to pacify a tiger intent on attacking Ringo.

At the bottom of the Crowley Thoth Moon card, we see a scarab beetle holding the sun.

in '66 Ringo sings Yellow Submarine, and Beatles friend Tara Browne dies in his Lotus automobile.
On 7/7/77, Ringo's birthday, Barbara Bach, Ringo's wife, starrs in a 007 movie riding in a Lotus Submarine. Her character's code name is Agent XXX.
X is the 24th letter
2 + 4 = 6. X also = 6 in Pythagorian numerology.
McCartney also wrote "Live and Let Die" for the 007 film of the same name.

In the film A Hard Day's Night, Ringo tells a reporter, when asked if he's a mod or a rocker, that he's a mocker.
In 1985, Ringo plays the role of the Mock Turtle in Alice in Wonderland.
On the Sgt. Pepper album cover, the wax Beatle statues are wearing white undershirts with ties, except Ringo, who is wearing a mock turtle neck.

Ringo's 1974 album Goodnight Vienna, with an homage to The Day the Earth Stood Still. Ringo's head is placed over the character named Klaatu, which was also the name of a '70s Canadian band rumored to be The Beatles.
He made a video for "Only You" which features him landing a flying saucer on top of the Capitol Records building in LA. Harry Nilsson is also in the video.

Ringo also starred in a tv-movie simply titled Ringo. In it, he plays the part of a man named Ignor Rrats, who switches places with Ringo, played by himself.
During the "She's Sixteen" segment, we see two Ringos dancing on a b/w tiled floor.
Even more interesting is that the film also features actress Angie Dickinson who portrayed a female cop named Sgt. 'Pepper' Anderson on the '70s tv show Police Woman.

The red rose together with the white roses seen at the bottom coincide with the red & white roses of Alchemy, which represent the solar and lunar tincture.

After the small golden-cross of the Hermetic Rosy Cross unfolds and reveals the five-petalled rose, it then gives birth to the larger rose. The first inner row consists of three petals. These three petals represent the 3 primary colors, the 3 mother letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and the elements of fire, water and air.
the element of Earth is not included. This resonates remarkably with the fact that Ringo was the outsider that joined the Beatles after their name change and signing to EMI Records.

The four arms on the Rosy Cross represent the four elements. Red is fire, yellow is air, blue is water, and earth is the four colored arm at the bottom. Each contains a pentagram representing the ace and four court cards of each Tarot suit.
Here is an excerpt from Understanding Crowley's Thoth Tarot:
"But what about the pentagram of earth? You will notice, as we continue to study the Tarot, that in almost every case, the element of earth is treated differently than the other elements. It is as though earth is the stepchild of the elemental family."
Sound like Ringo?

^Also notice the tLVX on the four left-most barbs emanating from behind the Cross. As seen on the Help! cover.

The skeleton on the Thoth Death card is black, representing Saturn, and his legs form the Hebrew letter Tav, which is attributed to The Universe card, as is Saturn.
In Help! Ringo shoots Paul execution style, and when Paul is shrunk, the others believe Ringo has stepped on him.
In A Hard Day's Night, Ringo reads the book Anatomy of A Murder.

Ringo as The Pope in Lisztomania

The ringed star pentagram, with the Baphomet head inside. The Baphomet is often depicted in the "As Above, So Below" pose, as well.

Emblem 45, from Atlanta Fugiens, by Michael Meier, 1617. An Alchemy/Rosecrucian book. Again, notice the ring o' stars. It is even spelled starr, with the double-r, in the book. Perhaps that was the spelling at the time.
Here is the previous emblem in Atlanta Fugiens. Notice the unmistakable similarities between the image and the depictions on The Beatles album Yesterday and Today. The first pressing features the Beatles holding chopped up meat and doll parts. It caused an uproar, so further pressings featured Paul in a chest, with the other three standing outside the box.
Typhon kills Osiris by deceit, and disperses his limbs. But the famous Isis gathered them together.

Illustration 1 from The Crowning of Nature

The series opens with the figure named Chaos, which shows the seven planetary archetypal forces, which, together with the four elements depicted in the centre, are the primal substances and forces out of which the work of the alchemical process proceeds. Thus this illustration indicates the foundation of the Great Work.

more Alchemy charts

The ringed stargate from Contact. Another film about man's first contact with extra-terrestrial life.
The film also focuses on rings, 
and stars
and more rings of stars.
And then there's the instructions on how to build the inter-dimensional transport carrier.

The Starr-Child

Isaac Asimov has a book titled Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn.
The last of a series of six books involving a conflict with Sirius. He originally published the series under the penname Paul French.
In it, are characters David "Lucky" Starr, his sidekick John Bigman, Jack Dorrance, Yonge.
Lucky Starr uses the alias Bill Williams.
In the 2nd book we have a character by the name of Dingo, who has a lip scar, and whom Starr has to fight in a duel.
And in the 3rd book, the new characters introduced are Mel Morriss & Lou Evans and much of the story is spent in a submarine. The main themes in the 3rd book are mustaches, a briefcase and mind-control.

Ringo stars in Frank Zappa's film 200 Motels, which was filmed in the same studio that 2001: A Space Odyssey was filmed. There are even two shots of the Monolith in Zappa's film.

After a day of shooting The Shining, Shelley Duvall, Jack Nicholson, James Coburn, Lynsey De Paul and Ringo have some drinks.

With Roman Polanski at the 1968 Cannes Film Festival.

Hitting the dance floor with Mia

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