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Catcher in the Rye with Diamonds

Synchronicities with J.D. Salinger's book Catcher in the Rye and The Beatles

We're all know Mark David Chapman was reading Catcher in the Rye in the days leading up to the shooting of John Lennon; here's some syncs I've found between the book and the lads.

Lennon - "Jesus was alright, but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It's them twisting it that ruins it for me."

Main character in book, Holden Caulfied - "I like Jesus and all, but I don't care too much for most of the other stuff in the Bible. Take the Disciples for instance. They annoy the hell out of me, if you want to know the truth. THey were all right after Jesus was dead and all, but while he was alive, they were about as much use to Him as a hole in the head. All they did was keep letting Him down. I like almost anybody in the Bible better than the Disciples..."

The book takes place in New York City, near, and at some points in, Central Park. Lennon lived at The Dakota on 72nd street next to Central Park. His Imagine memorial is located in Central Park.
The book also takes place in December. He mentions that some schools are starting Christmas vacation while others have not yet begun to. This seems to indicate an early to mid-December range. Lennon was shot on December 8th.

On December 8th, 1941, the day after the Pearl Harbor, Hawaii attack, America declared war on Japan. Chapman was from Hawaii, Yoko from Japan.
America dropped an A-bomb on Nagasaki on August 9th, 1945. Remember Sharon Tate was murdered on August 9th, 1969.
Interestingly, the tests for the bombings later used on Japan, named the Trinity Test, were conducted on July 16th, 1945. Catcher in the Rye was published on July 16th, 1951.

One of the final moments in Catcher in the Rye involves the main character Holden conversing with his sister on a merry-go-round in Central Park, NY.
One of Lennon's hit songs from Double Fantasy (1980), Watchin' the Wheels, includes the line, "No longer riding on the merry-go-round."
The 1967 film Valley of the Dolls, starring Sharon Tate, features a theme song by Dionne Warwick which just happen to have the lyrics "Gotta Get Off this Merry-Go-Round".
Lindsay Lohan, who played Jude in Chapter 27, the story of Mark David Chapman, is rumored to play the role of Sharon Tate in an upcoming film titled Eyes of a Dreamer. "You may say I'm a dreamer."

Interesting that Holden mentions that he's glad the atomic bomb was invented, since the book was published on July 16th, 1951, and the testing of the first atomic bomb was on July 16th, 1945.
The Trinity Test
He also says he would ride on top of an atomic bomb if there ever was another war - bringing to mind the final scene of Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove.

Towards the beginning of the book, Holden mentions a friend of his named Paul Campbell, which is interesting since one of the names of a supposed replacement for McCartney is William Campbell.

It's also interesting how fixated Holden is on referring to people as phonies; considering the name of the well-known "Paul is Dead" Youtube video maker, Iamaphoney.

John Lennon- I'm Moving On from Double Fantasy (1980)
"I want the truth and nothing more
I'm moving on, moving on
You're getting phony"

Also interesting that Ergot fungus grows on rye. Ergot is synthesized to create Lysergic Acid (an analog and precursor for synthesis of LSD). The Beatles being the first celebrities to publicly announce their use of LSD. Plus, there's the Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds wink.

There also seems to be some correlation with the Thoth Hermit card and Catcher in the Rye.
The Hermit card represents the Hebrew letter Yod, which means hand. One catches things with their hand. The Hermit is also encirlced by stalks of wheat. He is essentially holding, or, catching the lamp in the rye - which contains the sun/Tiphareth.
The Hermit's cloak is also the same color as the cover. Plum, Virgo in Atziluth.

Also interesting that ergot, a synthesized ingredient of LSD, is a fungus that grows on wheat. Many attribute the effects of acid as transversing into the "land of the dead". Cerberus is featured on the card, and he is the guardian of the "land of the dead".

The Hermit card is also attributed to the virtue of prudence in most decks. It is also ruled by the Zodiac of Virgo.
Dear Prudence was written for Prudence Farrow, who, while in India with the Beatles and her sister Mia, would not come out of her tent... much like a hermit.
Coaxing one's prudence and chastity to come out and play.
Also notice the card is #9

Wendy from The Shining reading Catcher in the Rye. The Empress in her field of rye.
Thanks Subliminal Synchrosphere

Knight of Disks, also associated with prudence, and stands amidst a field of rye.

Osiris is the Egyptian god of the dead and of crops. He is sometimes depicted with wheat growing out of his body. Both Osiris and wheat are commonly referred to symbols of death and rebirth.

One of McCartney's first public events after his death/rebirth experience was his controversial admittance to using LSD.

notice the brickwork behind McCartney

From Wonderwall, soundtrack by George Harrison.
"We'll all be Magick Supermen."

Carl Jung's The Red Book, seen in The Shining before it was published. It sits atop Ullman's desk.

David Bowie as Nikolas Tesla. A Monolith on his book?

He also starred in...

"And though she feels as if she's in a play... she is anyway."

Sarah is the walrus

Princess of Disks is impregnated and her stone alter contains engravings of wheat stalks. The Hermit represents the Yod of YHVH, the Father. Together they represent the completion of the Great Work.

Rosemary in her red nightie, just before being impregnated by Satan. Red nightie also worn by The Hermit, who catches the Orphic Egg in the Rye. He is accompanied by the fertilizing sperm and Cerberus, the Hound of Hades.

another red onesie & rape.

thanks again to the Sync Book Press crew.

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