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Only A Northern Song

In the ancient Kabbalist texts, such as The Zohar, The Bahir and Sefer Yetzirah, Tiphareth on the Tree of Life represents represents the East, Yesod is the West, Chesed is the South, and Gevurah is the North.
Which corresponds with the directions on the Masonic tracing boards. Which even contains the three pillars.
(I asked my Mason friend if this is the reason, but have not received a reply yet).
A rotation of 90 degrees is needed to put the directions in the more common placements.

The Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey rotates 90 degrees to become the Stargate.
(Which is comprised of the same dimensions as a movie screen).
The camera then rotates upward 90 degrees as Bowman approaches the Monolith and begins his Stargate journey.
Even the Stargate itself rotates 90 degrees.
The space capsule must sync with the rotation of the space station to enter the monolith-shaped entrance.
Even Moonwatcher rotates his head 90 degrees when he has his Monolith-inspired epiphany.

Each of the four letters of YHVH, the Holy name of G-d in Hebraic tradition, correspond to the four worlds of Existence, and when laid out in accordance to the Tree of Life are sequenced vertically.
Which when laid out in normal, horizontal fashion is again a 90 degree rotation.

It could be put forth that the four sections of 2001:ASO correspond with the Four Worlds.
The Dawn Of Man being Assiah
The Moon being Yetzirah
Discovery Mission to Jupiter being Briah
and Beyond the infinite being Atziluth

In his popular Youtube video series "Paul is dead - The Rotten Apple", iamaphoney claims to have solved Beatles' producer George Martin's "Love Code" by mirroring the Love album cover much like the Sgt. Pepper drum.
When the word Love is mirrored, you get the word Code.
When the image is rotated 90 degrees, not only do we have the walrus mustache & tusks at the top & bottom of the image, but also the famous mustache glyph.
Which of course reminds me of the imagery during the intro to 2001. Bringing to mind once again the monolith and it's 90 degree rotation.
If that wasn't enough, iamaphoney does use parts of the Stargate sequence, as well as scenes with Bowman's pod, in some of his videos.
See my post on the Kubrick/Beatles connections here.
One very applicable to this is in the film Magical Mystery Tour, when the tour guide says, "If you look out the window to your right, the view is not very inspiring. However if you look to your left..."
And as the passengers look out the left windows, the song Flying kicks in and we are treated to arial footage from Dr. Strangelove; as the bombers are flying near the North Pole.
Which, with it's colored filters, resembles the psychedelic footage from the Starrgate sequence on 2001:ASO.
Emphasizing this overlap is the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour double-EP sitting on the top shelf of the record shop visited by Alex in Kubrick's next film A Clockwork Orange.
iamaphoney also uses a Tree of Life in some of his videos. Turned 90 degrees of course.

When the name Ringo is transposed into Hebrew; Resh-Yod-Nun-Gimel-Ayin, the Gematrical value is 333, the same as Crowley's spelling of Choronzon, the Dweller at the Threshold.
Those last three letters Nun-Gimel-Ayin, spell out the Hebrew word Nega, which means "Plague", particularly that of leprosy.
Rotate those letters Nun-Gimel-Ayin one position and you get Oneg, which means "Delight".
Sefer Yetzirah
When Aleister Crowley contacted Choronzon, it was in the 10th Aethyr which is named ZAX. Ringo's first child is named Zak. The 10h Aeyther is the Great Abyss.
(This occured on Dec. 6th, 1909, the Altamont stabbing occured on Dec. 6th, 1969)

I'm not sure of the word Nogah relates to Nun-Gimel-Ayin, but this is interesting.
Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic

Also in the ancient Kabbalist texts, it is established that Evil comes from and dwells in the North.
Stemming from the three Sephiroth of the left pillar of the Tree, namely from Gevurah.
The Sefer Yetzirah and The Bahir
Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic by Thomas Karlsson

In April 1963, Paul McCartney & John Lennon formed a publishing company for their music, as well as Harrison's & Starr's, naming it Northern Songs.

George Harrison contributed a song to the Yellow Submarine soundtrack titled Only A Northern Song.
Interesting that this segment contains the sequence of the submarine becoming a cross which folds into a cube, from which multiple Beatles spring.
Which of course features the Yellow Sub as a Cross that needs to be rotated 90 degrees.

Ancient Kabbalist texts also describe The Tree of Knowledge as residing in the North side of the Garden of Eden.
Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic

The ancient texts also speak of the Revolving Flaming Sword which protects the Tree of Life.
(touching once again on the 90 degree rotation)
The Bahir

It is stated in The Zohar that when the sword revolves towards Chesed it is the staff of Moses and commands through Mercy.
If it revolves toward Gevurah it then commands through Guilt and becomes the serpent who seeks to spill blood.

In 1966, The Beatles released their album Revolver. Notice Paul is looking left towards where Gevurah would be if a Tree of Life were superimposed over it. This is also the year the "Paul is dead" myth states he died. It is also the year their friend Tara Browne died, starting a long string of deaths of Beatle friends & associates.

One of the working titles for Revolver was Abracadabra.
The word of the new Aeon.

Notice the word Abracadabra is inscribed along the canopy of the chariot in Crowley's Chariot card.
The Chariot and The Hanged Man are the Major Trumps of the Tarot that comprise the Left-Hand Path of the Tree of Life. When superimposed over each other, we essentially see a man blowing his mind out in a car.
Does, "he blew his mind out in a car" mean he took the Left-Hand Path of ascension?
The Hebrew letter attributed to The Hanged Man card is Mem, which translates to Water.
The Hebrew letter attributed to The Chariot card is Cheth, which means Fence, or Gate.
So, essentially, the Left-Hand Path is the Watergate.

Some literature on the Left Hand Path from Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic.
Twins, Diamonds

The word sinister is etymologically rooted in the term "the left side".
The Latin usage referred to unlucky omens occurring to one's left, which comes from the Greek practice of facing North when observing omens.
In heraldry it indicates illegitimacy.

Ezekiel's storm wind came from the North.
The North is the last direction on which ones meditates before riding the Storm. The forces of the evil Husks/Shells, the Qlippoth, must be breached before entering into the mysteries.

If you are wondering why one should bother looking into Kabbalah in a relation to pop culture, it is important to remember that it is just as much a major influence on the European occult as Egyptian mythology, Alchemy, Neo-Platonism, Eastern philosophy and the sciences.
Here we see in the book The Great Keys of Solomon by Golden Dawn co-founder Samuel Liddell Macgregor Mathers these same directional attributions.

This version of the Help! album was released in The Netherlands, which is located in Northern Europe.
Remember the word Qliphoth literally translates to Shell.
The Qliphoth are the representation of evil in Kabbalah, referred to as "The Outside Ones" and inhabit the reverse side of the Tree, as well as the dark depths of the Abyss - in other words the nether regions.
On June 17th, 1964, The Beatles performed their last concert in Melbourne, Australia (OZ). It was filmed and turned into a TV promotional program sponsored by Shell, titled "The Beatles Sing For Shell."

Interesting that Paul is holding the Netherlands flag in this painting by Alan Aldrige, used for the cover of The Beatles Ballads. Also notice the 111 on his cheeks.
The Zohar implies that the Qliphotic Tree is the reverse, or mirrored version of the Tree of Life.
Therefore the YHVH that constitutes the Tree of Life becomes HVHY on the Qliphotic side.
In other words, the Qliphotic side is a flipped version.
Which again, seems to be illustrated in 2001:ASO
as pointed out by the author of 2001: A False Flag Odyssey
and the always brilliant film analyst Juli Kearns.
Shot 1 uses the proper orentation, going by Frank Poole's hair part and the instances in which we see writing. Shot 1 has the singular hibernation chamber on Frank's right, and the double chambers on his left.
Shots 2, 3 & 4 were flipped. 
Also notice we are introduced to Frank Poole with a 90 degree tilted shot. The camera then rotates 90 degrees to an upright position.
The shot on the right was used flipped. Frank's hair part tells all.
Dave Bowman draws the hibernation chambers in their proper place while sketching. It is most interesting that this is the sketch he skips over when HAL asks to see his drawings.
There are more image flips in the film. Another noticeable one is when Bowman is floating towards the satellite. The flip is indicated by the air hose now being on the left side of the space suit and the box is in the left hand.
As Bowman exited the pod, the box is in his right hand and the air hose is on his right. This is the orientation seen in most other scenes.
Kubrick used the same cloud banks in these two shots, but the second one is flipped.
When the camera cuts to a closer shot, the clouds are now flipped back the other way.
These cloud banks were reused in three other shots!
By looking at the shoulder ropes and George's MBE badge, one will see the image on the back side of the Sgt. Pepper cover was used flipped.
What's even more interesting is that by looking at the fingers/hands they seem to be spelling something.
George is making an L shape, John a V, and Ringo an E.
Looking at it as printed it seems to be essentially spelling L-VE. (LIVE or LOVE)
However, knowing it's flipped, and seeing McCartney's body as an I, it's more like EVIL.
Also notice McCartney has his back to us, as does Frank when his jogging shot is flipped.
2001:ASO is all about flips, rotations and twins. A theme we see in Revolver and Sgt. Pepper's.

Interesting that Aleister Crowley urged his students to perform tasks, such as speaking, backwards.
Very interesting that the first line in I Am The Walrus is "I am he..."
"I am he" played backwards sounds a lot like "EMI" - the record label the Beatles belonged to since 1962.
In an interview, McCartney says it was William S. Burroughs who interested him in playing phonographs backwards. Burroughs happens to be positioned directly above McCartney on the Sgt. Pepper cover.

In 2001:ASO as the Pan-Am Orion rocket approaches Space Station 5, we see the space station revolving clockwise.
However, a few minutes and a handful of shots later, it is now revolving counter-clockwise. The circular shape of the space station brings to mind an LP record disc. The reverse spin brings to mind playing records backwards.
Rain, by The Beatles, was the first pop song to use reversed audio. Though it is not on the Revolver album, it was recorded during the Revolver/Abracadabra sessions and released as a single shortly before the album.
Crowley's "Night of Pan", or N.O.X, where the Adept undergoes ego-death, then must cross the Great Abyss and meet Choronzon.

The Beatles' single Hey Jude was the first single released by Apple and was the highest selling single of 1968 (same year as 2001:ASO), and held the #1 spot in the US charts for a total of 9 weeks, which tied the previous US record.
The length of the American release was 7:11, 7x11 = 77/OZ.
"Jude" is German for Jew, and is pronounced "Yood" or very  much like the Hebrew letter Yud.
The Name, YHVH, is often expressed as YH, Yud-Heh, which itself has many connotations.
The reverse of that is Heh-Yud.
The Name YHVH is permutated 12 different ways by Kabbalists in accordance with the six directions; for purposes of meditation and contemplation of the structure of the Universe.
The arrangements beginning with Heh and ending with Yud are associated with the North.
These are all excerpts from the Sefer Yetzirah.
Notice here the North arrangements in the Long Version at the bottom of this table.
Hey-Yud-Heh-Vav, Heh-Yud-Vav-Heh and Heh-Heh-Yud-Vav.
Notice the permutation HVHY is assigned to north upper in the short version.

1:13 of The Sefer Yetzirah describes the arrangements of the three letters of The Name, Yud, Heh and Vav.
North is attributed to Heh Vav Yud. With the Vav connecting the Heh-Yud.
See my Thoth post on how McCartney resonates with the letter Vav.
"If Yud and Heh are in direct order, then they define the positive direction on the axis. If they are in reverse order then they define the negative direction."

With all of the 90 degree rotations and horizontal flips in 2001:ASO, I tried it with the Revolver cover, and placed it over the image on the back side of Lennon's Imagine.
Speaking of Imagine. The actor who played Moonwatcher in 2001:ASO was a good friends with Lennon and was the director of photography for his Imagine promo-film.

We're seeing mirror-image like symmetry in these two shots. Not only in the composition, but also in the twinning aspects of the subjects.
The pilots of the Orion in particular look almost identical.
The shot zooming into the monolith after the ultimate epiphany also contains exact mirror symmetry.

The "Paul is dead" premise has it that McCartney was replaced by a man named Will Shepherd. Will being the central principle of Thelema and Magick.
Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic
Note McCartney's blue (sky) suit and the tilt of his almost phallus-like, wand-like Cor Anglais similar to that of Earth's axis.
Also note, if you place a T in the center of the name Baal, which the name Beelzebub derives it's root, you get a word similar to Beatle.
in Kubrick's film Lolita, it is the Beale kid that kills Lolita's mom by hitting her with his car.
The death & rebirth ceremony is always synonymous with Khepera, the Scarab-headed diety of Egyptian mythology.
The Fool card is attributed to the 11th path on the Tree of Life, the path between Kether and Chokmah.
The Fool on the Hill.
The Ratzon (Will) is used to achieve the Oneg (Divine delight).

Qliphotic structures are an imitation of the divine order, according to Kabbalists.
When probing the divine mysteries, a solution may or may not be reached, but progress is made and wisdom is attained with each step.
Therefore, as Qliphotic structures being mere imitations, by their nature, a Qliphotic mystery will lead nowhere, and only become more of a mindfuck the deeper one goes. Qliphotic mysteries cannot be solved.
I believe this is reflected in the unsolvable maze seen in the inner gatefold of The Rolling Stones' album Their Satanic Majesties Request - their answer to Sgt. Pepper's, which was released the same day the Magical Mystery Tour double EP was released; December 8th, 1967, 13 years before Lennon's death.
Qliphotic mysteries cannot be solved, they can only be broken down and transcended.
Which is the most accurate way of describing the "Paul is dead" mystery.

The Asher Tribe of Israel is one of the three tribes of the North.
Paul McCartney's girlfriend from 1963 to 1968 was actress Jane Asher.

Sharon Tate starred in her most famous role as Jennifer North in Valley of the Dolls in 1967.

In Rosemary's Baby, during Rosemary's drug-induced hallucination before being raped by Satan, a sea captain turns around and points north.
She then sees her friend Hutch warning of a typhoon storm.

From The Bahir

The Hebrew word for 'Evil' or more literally 'bad' or 'dysfunctional' is spelled Resh-Ayin. It's pronounced RA, but is spelled RO. (remember NGO "Plague")
Rosemary's husband calls her Ro.

In the 1988 film Mr. North, Anthony Edwards' character heals Mary Stuart Masterson's character with his electric touch. Mary was born on 6/28/66, the same day that Rosemary's baby is born.
The lightning flash of the Tree of Life exits through the North and restores the Moonchild.

Mary's first film was Stepford Wives, which, like Rosemary's Baby, was written by Ira Levin.

During the second half of The Shining, Danny moves his Gevurah finger when communicating with Tony, the boy in his throat. (First half he uses his right-hand index finger).
Sefer Yetzirah

Interesting that The Bahir and The Zohar essentially translate to The Shining, or Brilliant Light.

In Michelangelo Antonioni's 1970 film Zabriskie Point, the main character steals an airplane from the Northrop airport and flees to Death Valley amidst the violent racial tension going on in the LA area. (Manson much?)
When he returns he is shot and killed by the police.

Zohar commentary fittingly attributes Gevurah to Wealth.
The female lead in Zabriskie Point is named Daria, which means wealth.
See my post on Zabriskie Point here.

Lindsay Anderson's 1973 film O Lucky Man relates to the concepts discussed here to an alarming degree.
One of the recurring themes is Justice, which the film begins with.

The Bahir explaining that Gabriel is the angel attributed to Gevurah, and is the overseer of Justice.

We then soon learn that a coffee salesman named Oswald (OZ) has disappeared from his post in the North of England, and a replacement is needed.

"North" - "Left"

The supervisor asks the sales trainer to select a replacement for OZwald, and she selects Malcom McDowell's character Mick Travis.
Mick's trainer's name is Gloria (in brown vest).
The English translation for the Sephirah of Hod is Glory.
Hod is directly below Gevurah on the Kabbalah Tree of Life and is thusly attributed as a source of nourishment for Evil.

Of course, before Mick heads North, he is given an Apple.

While on his Northbound excursion, he witnesses a fatal car accident, is taken to a strip club, and while lost, stumbles onto a military base.

While at the military base, he looks through his binoculars in hopes of getting his bearings, and we see these three spheres.

"enlightenment" - "illumination"
Can't help but notice the man on Mick's car radio says that right as he sees the three spheres.

His presence not being welcome, Mick is taken in for interrogation and beaten. The base is soon attacked and Mick's car is destroyed.
In Magical Mystery Tour, The Beatles go to a military base and a strip club.

Mick eventually finds a church in the country side and is nursed back to health by the church mother.
Her advice for him...

Notice his golden suit. Gold is also attributed to Gevurah. It was given to him by a tailor at his first residence in the North.
Later, back in London, the same actor who played the tailor, plays his boss, who frames him for the illegal transaction of gold bullion.
Gold is also, of course, attributed to Gevurah.
And like the opening sequence of the film, Mick is found guilty. This time for the illegal exportation of Gold.
See my entire post on O Lucky Man here. It's quite a doozy for "Paul is dead" fans.

In Jack Nicholson's 1978 film Goin' South, there is only one instance of goin' south; at the very beginning. Nicholson's character Henry Lloyd Moon is being chased by the law for horse theft. He manages to cross the border into Mexico, assuming he is now a free man.
However, Christopher Lloyd as the deputy and his men cross the border and arrest him anyway. So, they head back North where he is sentenced to hang.
However, due to a recent ordinance instated after the loss of thousands of men in the Civil War, any single woman can save a man sentenced to death if she marries him. Which Mary Steenburgen's character has Mercy(Chesed/South) and does. Her name then becoming Julia Tate-Moon. She does so in hopes that he will help her fulfill her father's dream of finding Gold in the mines on their property.

The three space suits in The Discovery in 2001:ASO are red, yellow and light blue. Interesting that the blue suit never gets used, it hangs there unembodied throughout the whole film. Ringo's & George's Sgt. Pepper suits are both in the red family, and can be taken as one red suit - Bowman's. George & Ringo could theoretically be taken as the only two Beatles to live through 2001 (or, most of it).
Very interesting that it is Frank in the yellow suit who dies, by the satellite with the cross-like structure on it. The shadow on the satellite appears as a bow & arrow, which I believe alludes to Frank being an extension of Bowman, perhaps of an egoic nature.
See my Thoth post on how George HarriSon resonates as Horus the Son, poster child of the current Aeon.
Bowman does wear a green helmet after being sabotaged by HAL, which he wears during the shutting down of HAL. This is reflected in the green feather in George's cap. Though a green suit is never seen during the film.
Also notice the 1111 illuminated memory banks shining on Bowman's face, which bring to mind the cross walk on Abbey Road.

HAL deceives Frank into resigning from a chess game by flipping the orientation and convincing him he is in a forced move, when in actuality, he is not.
The floor in the Renaissance Room is comprised of 64 squares, just like a chess board.
Sgt. Pepper's contains the song When I'm 64.
Ringo's famous quote regarding the recording of the Sgt. Pepper's album is, "I played a lot of chess."

Incidentally, Ringo is in the Frank Zappa film 200 Motels, which has two scenes featuring Kubrick's Monolith. As it was filmed in the same studio.

A brass vessel, in a lake, 4 leaders...

The bone thrown into the air before fading into the satellite in 2001:ASO rotates counter-clockwise as it rises. It then cuts to a bone rotating clockwise as it continues to rise, then falls and fades into the space station.
(Note, this is not the bone Moonwatcher is holding when he throws his into the air)

Rabbi Isaac ben Jacon ha-Kohen wrote in "A Treatise on the Left Emanation" that Lillith, the evil "twin" of Eve, is called the Northern One. "...Samael and Lillith are emanated from below the Throne of Glory, and this was caused by the Sin." -  Chapter 6
He then explains that when Adam & Eve sinned in the Garden, it caused two sexual awakenings among the two pairs of "twins". This was the awakening in which the snake, either called Nahasiel of Gamilel, took part - the event that caused evil to become it's own entity capable of expression.

The White Album poster bears a noticeable resemblance to the Masonic tracing board.

The poster for the film Sideways depicts a wine bottle on it's side. Notice the figures inside aren't corresponding with gravity in this case and the image needs to be rotated 90 degrees.

MK Ultrasound points out that at the exact 42:00 minute mark of the film, they show a wine bottle which reads "Whitcraft 2001" on the label, as somebody says, "What does this remind you of?" And at the same time somebody else says, "Redrum! Redrum!" while moving their index finger like Danny in The Shining.
A bottle of red rum with what could be taken as Witchcraft. 2001 on the label. And the Shining finger with "Redrum!" And a wine bottle on the cover which needs to be rotated 90 degrees like the monolith, which stands next to the WTC as The Millenium Hilton. The Hilton in 2001:ASO w/two aircrafts in the office. Danny wearing a 42 shirt. It's all too much! (the name of Harrison's other song on the Yellow Submarine soundtrack).

Further excerpts from The Bahir on the concept of Gevurah/North/Evil.

an excerpt from The Sefer Yetzirah on how Yud-Heh-Vav correspond with the Three Elements of Water, FIre and Air; and likewise the letters Mem, Shin and Alef.

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