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American Synchro

Christian Bale as Patrick BATeMAN in American Psycho

Based on Brett Easton Ellis' novel of the same name, Bateman is a young investment banker in NYC immersed in the madness of Wall Street, consumerism culture and drugs. He states he is 27 years old.
(Chapter 27, Dakota House on 72nd street).
The film takes place circa '88, as does Donnie Darko and Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Willem (Oscorp) Dafoe investigates the death of Paul Allen played by Jared (Chapman) Leto.

in Dune, who is Paul Atreides' father? Leto
Kyle Maclachlan investigates the death of Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks. He also starred in The Doors with Val (Batman) Kilmer.

Bateman kills Paul over the fact that he had a superior business card.
Pierce the veil.
Notice the last four digits of the phone number: 6342
which could be taken as three sixes, and 42.
Bateman takes and ax to Paul's head, (Donnie Darko takes an ax to the statue of his school mascot), while listening to Huey Lewis & the News (Back to the Future, 88/mph). Hip to be Square, in fact.
(PID legend states McCartney was beheaded).
Bateman kills Paul while listening to the Huey Lewis album Fore!
Bringing to mind the number Four, as in Fab Four, and note the three band members on the cover.
Paul Allen is killed on December 20th. On that date in 1966, The Beatles are first interviewed donning their newly grown mustaches, outside the London Abbey Road studio.
The cover story Bateman started was that Paul Allen had gone to London.

Willem plays Detective Kimball. Which sounds like Campbell. PID lore states McCartney was replaced by a man named William Campbell.

Paul Allen's apartment overlooks Central Park. Lennon was killed outside his home next to Central Park by Mark David Chapman. His Imagine memorial is in Central Park.
Also, Paul had a toy red car on his dresser. Interesting since PID legend has it that Paul died in a car wreck. Not to mention the crushed red VW Beetle seen in The Shining, which also has many ties to Lennon's death. (see Lennon in the Rye post).
When asked where he got his luggage (which contains a dead body), Bateman replies, "Jean-Paul Gotye."

"Don't you think the Joker laughs at you?"
Jared Leto played Mark David Chapman in Chapter 27. Now he plays The Joker in Suicide Squad.
Lennon died on December 8th.
Pearl Harbor occurred on December 7th leading the U.S. to enter WWII on Dec. 8th.
When The Joker kills Batman's parents in Burton's film, we see his mother's pearls fall to the ground.
The events of Pearl Harbor brought America into WWII.
America helped end the War by dropping A bombs on Japan, one of which was the Fat Man, on Nagasaki on August 9th 1945. Which is the same date Sharon Tate was murdered and the Beatles took the photo for their Abbey Road album cover in 1969.

The first Atomic Bomb (Trinity) was tested on July 16th. A publishing date shared with Catcher in the Rye.
It is also the launch date of the Apollo 11 Moon Mission in 1969.
Apollo 11 landed on the moon on July 20th.
Which is the 2012 date of the "I am the Joker" Aurora theatre shooting in Colorado.
Which is also the date the CIA's MK Ultra documents were made public.
Batman's parents were killed outside the Monarch Theatre.
AllTheHappyCreatures points out that, also in the summer of '69, the Batman Detective Comic involves The Joker creating a room in which he  constructs a fake Lunar landscape, tricking Batman & Robin into thinking he's put them on the Moon.

The Joker & Harley Quinn as Dionysus & Demeter.
Gods of the vine and wheat harvests.
Which would make Batman Apollo.

If the Moon Landing was our Apollo event
then Woodstock would be our Dionysian counterpart.
The "Paul is dead" phenomenon was also from the Summer of '69.

You're going to Carrie that Waite.
Leto had to gain waite for Chapter 27, while Bale had to lose waite for The Machinist.
The Fat Man and the Thin Man.
The Thin Man was of course the failed A-Bomb experiment during the days of the Manhattan Project.

The letters Aleph and Lamed (AL) constitute the Thelemic formula and secret key to the Book of the Law.
The Hebrew letter attributed to the Fookcard is Aleph which means Ox.
Adjustment is attributed to the Hebrew letter Lamed which means Ox Goad.
The figure on this card, Adjustment, is said to be the female counterpart to The Fool. Yet it can be deduced that they are meant to be a single entity, but the Tree of Life itself is the split Adam. She is ultimately the Shekinah but is here substituted as the Lamed Lamed, or Lillith.
Samael & Lillith
Note the harlequin pattern on her pants and the curtain.

The Red & Blue pillars.
The Left & Right hemispheres of the brain. Order & Chaos. Batman & The Joker
Daddy's Little Monster.
My Two Dads.
Which is released just a week after the long-awaited animated film adaptation of Alan Moore's The Killing Joke.

Jared Leto also starrs as the murderer in Lonely Hearts.
And starrs as Paul Gardener in Urban Legend.
He also starrs as Nemo in Mr. Nobody. In one of his lives, his wife asks him to scatter her ashes on Mars when she dies. Nemo is Latin for 'no man' and can also mean 'no one'.  Nowhere Man.
Mark David Chapman was nicknamed Nemo by the kids he mentored at YMCA summer camp.

Leto's character in Fight Club is also very Joker-y.
He is the one laughing as we see the smiley face themed attack on tv.
Plus, there's the whole penguin thing.
Leto/Paul Allen has his face altered.
And of course, the Fight Club member who dies is named PAULson.

I found it interesting that Leto plays his own identical doppelganger in his video for the song 'The Kill (Bury Me)' which was filmed as an homage to The Shining.
The other members of the band also play their own doppelgangers, and towards the end, they perform at a ball in which all the attendees are twins.
Leto described the meaning of the 'The Kill (Bury Me)', "it's really about a relationship with yourself. It's about confronting your fear and confronting the truth about who you are."" He has also said it is about "confrontation as a crossroads" - coming face-to-face with who you really are.

Interesting that Lindsay Lohan plays Jude in Chapter 27, and was also cast to play Sharon Tate in an now-cancelled film, Eyes of a Dreamer. "You may say I'm a dreamer."
Lohan also played Dakota Moss in the film I Know Who Killed Me, her boyfriend in the film was named Jarrod. It came out the same year as Chapter 27. That same year, she also starred in Georgia Rule - Chapman was from Decatur, GA (sounds like Dakota).

When you play Chapter 27 and I Know Who Killed Me side-by-side simultaneously, Dakota figures out who the murderer is and says, "I know who killed me" the very moment Chapman meets Lennon!
(the two films are appx. 24 minutes different, I started Ch. 27 at the 24:11 minute mark of IKWKM)

Lindsay Lohan plays her own identical twin in Parent Trap and I Know Who Killed me.
Christian Bale plays his own identical twin in The Prestige.
Double Fantasy is the Lennon LP that had just come out in the fall of 1980. Jude had convinced Chapman to buy a copy for Lennon to autograph.

Paul Allen landed the Fisher account. The Death Tarot card is associated with the Hebrew letter Nun, which means fish. Notice the blue figure being symbolically beheaded, and his spirit emerges from his body for reincarnation.
In Inception, Fisher is played by Cilliam Murphy who plays The Scarecrow in Batman Begins. The Scarecrow also alters people's perceptions. And he wears the bag over his head, much like when kidnapped in Inception.
In a post-Inception world, The Wizard of Oz feels like an Inception prequel to me now. "You were there, and you were there..."

Interesting to note that Bale and Dafoe both played Jesus at one time. Dafoe also with an Anti-Christ under his belt.
Mia Pernilla Hertzman-Ericson (aka Pernilla August) played Mary in Mary, Mother of Jesus. She also played Shmi Skywalker in The Phantom Menace. Both came out in '99.
Immaculate conceptions everywhere.
David Bowie starrs with Dafoe in The Last Temptation of Christ. Ziggy Stardust is payed homage to in Velvet Goldmine, starring Bale. Bowie also has a song in American Psycho, Something In the Air.

Jared Leto claimed David Bowie was his inspiration while portraying The Joker.
Heath Ledger's inspiration came from Tom Waits.
Who plays the Devil in The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.
The film Ledger died during the filming of.
Mount Parnassus is sacred to Apollo.
Danny wears his Apollo shirt and talks to Tony, the boy in his throat.
Ledger, as Tony Sheppard in Dr. Parnassus, survives his hanging by placing a pipe in his throat.
Apollo as the sun god Phoebus translates to Bright or Shining.
Mary-Kate, one of the Olson twins, was the last person Ledger talked to before his death.
In Greek Mythology, Leto is the mother of Apollo.
Leto and Apollo are both identified with the wolf.
Michelle Pfeiffer was the Catwoman in Batman Returns.

"Did you ever dance with the Devil in the pale moon light?"
The Joker and Vicki, nearing the climactic end of Burton's Batman.
Valentina and The Devil, nearing the climactic end in Dr. Parnassus.

Not only are bats synonymous with hanging, but both The Joker and a live effigy of Batman find themselves being hung in The Dark Knight.
In another earlier scene from American Psycho, Bale assumes this very Hanged Man-like pose.
Heath Ledger also represents the Hanged Man in The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, not just because he is found hanging, but also because it is over water (Mem).
Anton's shadow self.
In The Machinist, Trevor Reznik (Bale) plays a 'hangman' game with himself throughout the film.
Cross on tiles and Hanged Man imagery in Yellow Submarine. Notice tiles in background of Hanged Man card.
In The Prestige, Bale's character is hung. His last words...
Aleister Crowley declared "Abracadabra" the word of the New Aeon.
It was one of the working titles for Revolver.
The canopy above the chariot on the Thoth Chariot card is emblazoned with the word.
Also notice the crab which represents the Zodiac of Cancer, which can also be represented by a Scarab.

Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.
H = 8
A = 1
9 divided by 11 = .8181

In the opening scene of American Psycho, Bale gazes into his framed Les Miserables poster. Anne (Catwoman) Hathaway later starred in the 2012 Les Miserables film. Also, Liam (Ra's al Ghul, Qui-Gon) Neeson played the lead role in the 1998 version.

Bateman and his masks. "My mask of sanity is slipping."
Empire of the Son

What does Bateman do when he confronts the Abyss? Drops a chainsaw down it and kills the Dweller.
It was actually a prostitute which he named Christine. Could she be the Shekinah descending to Malkuth?

All of the mixed identities in American Psycho brings to mind the Beatles lyrics such as Lennon singing, "I am the walrus" - "The walrus was Paul", "I am he as you are me..." and "The walrus and me, man. We're as close as can be man."
Now consider Alice was told the story of The Walrus and the Carpenter by Tweedledee and Tweedledum, two distinct people, but essentially one entity in many ways.
Lennon and McCartney both resonating as the death figures of the Beatles.

There just happens to be two villains in the Batman Arkham Asylum video game named Tweedledee and Tweedledum. And in a 1943 issue of Batman Comics.

The mixed identities also makes me think of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. A spin-off of Shakespeare's Hamlet, which debuted as a play in August '66.
Gary Oldman, the actor who plays Commissioner Gordon alongside Bale in the Batman movies, plays Rosencrantz/Guildenstern in the 1990 film adaptation of Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead.

In the 2000 film Hamlet, Kyle MacLachlan plays Claudius.
And Guildenstern is played by Dechen Thurman, who played Patrick Bateman in This Is Not An Exit: The Fictional World of Bret Easton Ellis.

in The Magic Christian, when Peter Sellers' character adopts Ringo's character, the first thing they do is go see Hamlet. They arrive during the scene concerning Rosencrantz & Guildenstern. Laurence Harvey, the Manchurian Candidate, plays Hamlet.

The astrologer in Sharon Tate's film, Don't Make Waves is named Zack Rosencrantz, and writes as Madame Lavinia. (mixed genders).

Sean Lennon composed the soundtrack to the film Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead.

Paul McCartney's 2013 album.

glyphs used by Jared Leto's band 30 Seconds to Mars

Bat Girl
Patrick Bateman is what would've happened to Bruce Wayne if he hadn't had his Batman outlet.


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Great piece, as usual. Worth the whole year wait :-D

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i noticed that chapter 27 syncs up very well with lennon's double fantasy, it feels the mystery and the atmosphere of the character of chapman, i´m losing you is when mark is in his room and whatching tv, and when he calls with his wife there is "woman", but the best is "beautiful boy" starts in the morning scene.