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Sync Summit Synopsis To

Alchemical Marriage
"We all shine on, like the Moon and the Stars and the Sun."
-John Lennon

More syncs surrounding current events connecting back to the Sync Summit.

For those that have not yet read my original synopsis on the Olympia Sync Summit here, I'll give a brief rundown:
The Olympia Sync Summit took place August 8-10, 2014. The 45th anniversary of the Tate/LaBianca killings committed by The Manson Family.
On August 9th, 2014, Michael Brown was shot by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, inciting violent racial tension akin to that of Manson's Helter Skelter.
The day after the Summit, Robin Williams was found dead from suicide. Sync Summit organizer Alan Green had debuted his video series Suicide Kings at the Summit, which included a scene of Williams from The Fisher King.

What has happened since then?

The jury decided not to indict officer Darren Wilson. Protests and rioting ensued.
Notably, two Black Panther members were arrested on charges of planning to bomb the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.
Remember, Charles Manson staged the Hinman/Tate/LaBianca murders so as to frame the Black Panters in the crimes.
Loren Coleman and Alan Green pointed out that two different comics were recently created depicting the Gateway Arch with it's peak, or summit, missing, which is where the Black Panthers were planning on placing the explosives.
The Matson comic on the left was created in August. The New Yorker with the missing summit depiction was published today, December 8th, the anniversary of Lennon's shooting.
Remind you of anything?
As pointed out by Alan Green at Sync Quick News.

Also today, December 8th, a fire broke out at the DaVinci apartments in LA.
Rosemary gazes upon this painting moments before she sees her baby for the first time.
Remember, Lennon was killed outside The Dakota where he lived and where Rosemary's Baby was filmed.
Mia Farrow's film Full Circle (aka The Haunting of Julia) was released in the US on 9/11/81. Nine months after Lennon's shooting. In it her child dies, and she's married to a man played by Kier Dullea, who played David Bowman in 2001: A Space Odyssey. See post on Full Circle here.
What else is in the news lately? Actor Andrew Keegan starts a new religion based on Synchronicity, called Full Circle.

Just days before the announcement of the Michael Brown jury decision, SOLange Knowles married her fiancé Alan Ferguson.
See Sibyl's post Ferguson Garner: A Sync Photo Essay here.
The image accompanying most articles on their marriage feature this shot. Notice Solange's zebra-esque top.
Thus tying back in to all of the ubiquitous zebra themes that followed us at the Sync Summit.
What else happened that week?
Charles Manson was given a license to marry his fiancé Star.
Solange is the sister of Beyoncé Knowles, starr of the "dat ass tho" meme.

What other famous ass took over the internet recently?
Though Kim Kardashian's moon didn't break the internet, it did remind me of the breaking of the 10 Commandments in Oklahoma, recently.
This issue of Paper Magazine featuring KK was published on 11/11.

But that wasn't the only KK to unveil herself recently. Just days before 11/11, Kiera Knightly released an interview regarding her topless images published in Glamour Magazine... from August.
All this amidst the hoopla of Jennifer Lawrence's nude pics hacking.
All this amidst the ISIS terrorist news.

Fire & ISIS
The ISIS members responsible for the beheadings are nicknamed "The Beatles".
The famous beheading of James Foley was done by "John".

Ringo Starr was asked how he felt about the nickname, and he said it was "Bullshit", and that ISIS goes against everything the Beatles stood for -
(except for putting motifs in their work that Paul was beheaded, of course).

On December 6th, in a very Twin Peaks-esque story, a young woman was found burnt to death. Laura Palmer's identical cousin in Twin Peaks is named Maddy Ferguson.
The girl bears a striking resemblance to Dakota Fanning.
and her time of death...

And notice the similar hair stylings of Alan Ferguson, Trayvon Martin's father and Michael Brown's father. (According to some researchers, Martin's father is a Masonic Grand Master).

The mayor of Ferguson, Missouri happens to be named James Knowles.
The Governor of Missouri happens to be named Jeremiah Nixon.
On November 17th he declared a State of Emergency for MO.

Remember, Richard Nixon was president from 1969-1974.
In fact, one of the most famous moments during the Manson trial in 1970 was when President Nixon declared in an interview that "Manson is guilty".
The news was supposed to have been kept secret from Manson, but a newspaper was slipped onto his courtroom table and he held it up to the jury, almost inciting a mistrial.

The tragic shootings at Kent State also took place during Nixon's presidency.

Also, in late October 2014, a decision was made to preserve Manson's jail cell.

 In my first Sync Summit post, I mentioned that Williams lays on a pillow prominently displaying a zebra when he receives his Grail in The Fisher King.

A few days before leaving for the Summit, I reserved Hook at the library. I was finally able to watch it in October, and what do we have?
When Peter Pan sees Wendy's granddaughter sleeping in her bedroom, which is adorned with Beatles posters, he instantly falls in love with her and decides at that moment to leave Neverland and become a normal person.
Quite interesting that as he leans in to kiss her, which enacts his decision, he pushes the thimble, a token for a kiss in Neverland, directly into Paul's mouth on her pillow case.

As pointed out in the first Summit post, The Beatles took their iconic photo for their Abbey Road album cover on August 8th, right around that same time in America, Manson told his followers "Now is the time for Helter Skelter". It was actually later that day that Sharon Tate was killed, though it is attributed to August 9th, since it was shortly after midnight.

Synchead Johann Lenski suggested a Sync Movie Night just a few days ago. The movie decided upon was La Jetée by Chris Marker.
I noticed two things right away.
First, the shot of the people from the future looks strikingly similar to the cover of the Beatles 2nd album With The Beatles.

Which was released in the UK on the day JFK was shot, 11/22/63.
77 days later they invaded America via JFK Int'l Airport.
The date was February 7th - 2/7 - two sevens - 77.
(see Alan Green's work concerning all of the 77s surrounding the JFK kill, as well as my Manchurian Candidate post).
Just days before watching La Jetée, Sync Summit presenter Joe Alexander released his video on Back To The Future's JFK motifs.

Second, in David Bowie's 1993 video for Jump They Say, he dons the time traveling equipment from La Jetée.

1993 was the year of the WTC bombing. Jump They Say also features these 2001:ASO-esque stewardesses.
And of course, several shots of this zebra-stripe crosswalk. The black spaces inbetween the white stripes make an 11:11.

[Spoiler] La Jetée ends with the main character getting shot by a prison guard/police officer, a la Mike Brown.

Also see Joe's Back To The Future video on 9/11, which he debuted at the Summit.

SOLange and Ferguson are also famous for their all-white clothing, much like Lennon on the Abbey Road cover.
Abbey Road features the Lennon song Sun King. (Isis being the Moon Queen).
As well as Harrison's Here Comes The Sun, which he later answered with Here Comes The Moon.

I discussed the Jump They Say video in my Vanilla Sky post, a very Lennon-heavy film.

And in the midst of all this, Sync Summit attendee Misty Greer posted M.C. Escher's Sun and Moon piece, plate 42.
Which seemed to sum the events of November up quite neatly.

Oh, and the Sync baby! It was born a girl, on October 29th, not a boy as the Radio8Ball crowd had guessed.
Then again, the song was titled I Need A Manager. Not I Am A Manager.

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