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Tate-ology: Sharon Tate tangents

Supplemental sync annex for the earlier Sharon Tate post.

Regarding the knife Atkins left in Tate's chair, and Tate's chair stabbing film 12 + 1
In 1929 there was a horror film titled The 13th Chair. Notice the knife in the chair.
In 1937 there was a remake. (MKUltrasound came across this).

Regarding the white VW Beetle in Rosemary's Baby and the Abbey Road cover
The Omen, which can be taken as a sequel to Rosemary's Baby contains this in the opening shot.
Damien, the Demon Child tries to kill his mom and unborn sibling by knocking her off the top-floor banister. The trucking shot used for this scene is very similar to the shot later used by Kubrick with Danny on his big-wheel.
Regarding the large white orbs and eggs, during the birth scene we see a large white knob in every shot

and minutes later we have this, for no apparent reason.
Mindblowingly, the man who instructs Gregory Peck on how to kill the Demon Child is the actor who played the leader of the human sacrifice cult in the Beatles film Help!
Leo McKern
in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, when Mike tells Laura that her dad is Bob, he speeds off and we see this yellow VW Beetle, with a blue one behind it.
Lil, from Fire Walk With Me has a blue rose pinned to her dress.
Lindsay Lohan played Dakota Moss, and her twin sister Aubrey, in I Know Who Killed Me (2007).

She recieves blue roses on two occasions in the film. She is also hacked up by a kidnapper

and found in a ditch, much like Elizabeth Short.

Her best friend in the film is played by an actress that bears a striking resemblance to Sharon Tate. Her name is Jessica Rose and she had virtually no acting experience in films before this.

When Dakota's body is found, this shot in the FBI office has the clock hands at 9-11.
That same year Lohan played Jude in Chapter 27, the film about Mark David Chapman.
See John Lennon post here.
L. Lohan drives a white VW Beetle in Herbie: Fully Loaded, her father is played by Batman Michael Keaton. Screenplay written by Thomas Lennon, who was born on August 9th.

She also starred in Freaky Friday, as did Jodie Foster who directed & starred in Little Man Tate. The boy was played by Adam Hann-Byrd. (The Byrds were produced by Terry Melcher & did the theme song to Sharon Tate's film Don't Make Waves).
Jodie Foster was also in The Accused, where her nickname was Sexy Sadie, her license plate is SXY SADI and her dog is named Sadie. Her lawyer was born on August 9th. The film takes place in Washington, where Manson was in prison (McNeil Island) during the '60s before being released in '66. Jodie's attacker was sent to this prison on an island. I'm not sure if it's McNeil Island, but it is on an island.

Jodie Foster also starred in Polanski's film Carnage.

Lohan was slated to play Sharon Tate in an upcoming film of her life, titled Eyes of A Dreamer, which is the name of a Charles Manson song, but the film has been put on hold.

Regarding the LL/Lust card/Leo/Lion
Also in The Lady From Shanghai, Welles and Hayworth sail on their yacht, and of all the commercials in the world, this is the one that plays.
This is Gilda

Peck's family in The Omen has this lion statue on their table.

Not only does the dwarf in Magical Mystery resonate with the dwarf in Twin Peaks, but he wears a Lion head

and sits with the kid wearing the zig-zag shirt.

Regarding the lion and Horus (and the Aeon of):
With the Egyptian attributions to the constellations, Horus is next to The Lion.

Regarding the Split Adam
Life in the Garden before The Fall
At the summit are the THREE SUPERNAL Sephiroth summed up into One - AIMA ELOHIM, the Mother Supernal - The Woman of the Apocalypse (Chap. 12) clothed with the Sun, the Moon under her feet, and on her head the Crown of Twelve Stars... From the Three Supernals follow the other Sephiroth of the Tree of Life.
Below the Tree, preceeding from Malkuth is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which is between the Tree of Life and the World of Assiah or Shells, represented by the Coiled Up Dragon with Seven Heads and Ten Horns - being the Seven infernal Palaces and the Ten Averse Sephiroth.
The Great Goddess... being tempted by the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, stooped down to the Qliphoth... the Columns were unsupported, and teh Sephirotic Scheme was shattered; and with it fell Adam the Microprospus.
Then arose the Great Dragon with seven heads and ten horns, cutting by his folds Malkuth from the Sephiroth, and linking it to the Kingdom of the Shells. The Seven Lower Sephiroth were cut off from the Three Supernals in Daath, at the feet of AIMA ELOHIM.

Dean Martin's first shot in The Wrecking Crew begins with this shot of a woman wearing a costume with 7 flowers emerging forth. Seven-Headed Dragon much?

Regarding bikinis
At the 42-minute mark in Rosemary's Baby, we are given a brief glimpse of Rosemary's breasts, then it quickly cuts to her in a bikini.
And combining the bikini motif with the Lower World of Assiah theme; in Eyes Wide Shut, Leelee Sobieski's character is caught in her undies fooling around with two Asian men.

Clockwork Chinatown (Assiah)
Nicholson is in an orange grove in this scene.

in Don't Make Waves, while Laura & Carlo are on the zig-zag floor, a mover with an orange tree keeps getting in their way.
in Polanski's The Ninth Gate, the secretary spills her bag of oranges down the stairs when the old lady dies.

Paul bathes in an ashtray of orange soda in Help!

and Ringo blasts his would-be-sacrificers with a barrage of oranges.

Regarding the recurring themes of 22
The infamous gun used by Manson, and subsequently by his followers, was a .22 caliber Longhorn Revolver.
There's of course the 22 major Arcana of the Tarot.
Heath Ledger as The Joker drives this get-away bus in The Dark Knight.
Ledger's last film, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, begins outside this bar.
There is also a Bang-Bang bar in Twin Peaks.
"Fire walk with me"

I mentioned the two investigators in the film Black Dahlia (2006) were nicknamed Fire & Ice.
in Don't Make Waves, after Tony Curtis' VW Beetle catches on fire, he has water poured on him.
Fire walk with me
The Alchemical symbols for Fire & Water forming the hexagram, or Star of David. The Hebrew word DVD means "to boil".

Regarding murder as art
Johnny Charles Bartlett says this to Patricia in The Frighteners as she kills Michael J. Fox's character.

Bartlett and Patricia carve into their victims' foreheads the number on their kill count that they are.
Much like Manson and his girls carved Xs into their foreheads during their court trials. Manson later modified his into a Swastika. Incidentally, Manson carved his X on 7/23.

In January 1937, Pamela Werner, daughter of the British Ambassador to China, was found dead in a ditch, terribly mutilated, in Peking, China. The grisly murder remains mostly unsolved to this day.

Werner had died from being bludgeoned on the head, and her organs were removed. Essentially, Black Dahlia without the bisection. And exactly ten years before.

Jack Parsons' Babalon Working took place from Jan-March 1946. With L. Ron Hubbard and Marjorie Cameron, the intent of the endeavor was to create a "Moonchild". 9 months after March 1946 is January 1947, the month of the Black Dahlia murder.
1947 was also the year of Area 51 and Roswell.

by Scott Onstott

While on the topic of the Moon/Child. In Polanski's 1992 film Bitter Moon, Hugh Grant plays the victim of a mindfuck, and Polanski's wife in real life, plays one of the main characters who gets murdered by her husband.
Hugh Grant was arrested in 1995 for public sex acts with prostitute Divine Brown, who was born on August 9th, 1969!
The arrest took place two weeks before the release of Grant's film Nine Months. The arrest was on 6/27/95; Rosemary's Baby is born on 6/28/66, which is John Cusack's birthday. His sister Joan starrs in Nine Months.

in 1962 Marilyn Monroe died under mysterious circumstances.
Orson Welles' character in 12 + 1, Maurice Markau, shares the MM initials.
Markau's employee who picks up the chairs says "You don't know him, he'll kill me" when one of the chairs gets damaged.
In many ways, Monroe's death gave birth to the 'conspiracy theory'.

The Lady From Shanghai not only has Black Dahlia and Sharon Tate resonances, but Marilyn syncs as well.
This was Rita's only blonde roll, and she had a definite Marylin vibe going in the film.

And here she talks of committing suicide with pain pills.
Notice the brunette as she says this. (Norma Jean?)

When Welles realizes he'll be found guilty of the murder, he takes the pain pills at Rita's suggestion.

Michelle Williams, Marilyn Monroe in My Week With Marilyn with the Sasson Pixie cut.

Lindsay Lohan and photographer Bert Stern recreated Marilyn's last photos shoot.

And she was Marilyn in an Underground Comedy 2010 sketch.

Marilyn as the middle pillar

Marilyn and husband Arthur Miller. Miller wrote the script for what would be her last film The Misfits, which was directed by John Huston (more on him lower down).

The following year, JFK dies in November.
It was JFK who promised America they would reach the moon before the end of the '60s.

It was Jack Parsons who founded Jet Propulsion Labs, which NASA has used for all of it's space flights.

Alan at AllTheHappyCreatures pointed out this Batman comic from June 1969, weeks before the moon landing.
In it, The Joker constructs an artificial moonscape which he uses to trick Batman & Robin into believing they're on the moon.

Sharon Tate's Kung-Fu fight scene in The Wrecking Crew was choreographed by Bruce Lee.
In Michelangelo Antonioni's 1970 film Zabriskie Point, we see an image of Bruce Lee on a wall just before a black student is shot by a white cop, inciting a 'Helter Skelter' type of racial tension.
Read my post on Zabriskie Point here.
Also see Juli Kearns' rundown of the film and her ideas as to why Bruce Lee was inserted into this scene, here.

In 12 + 1, when Mario first enters the brothel, this pillow is on the chair for no apparent reason.

At the exact halfway point, Mario slashes a chair in a brothel which is shot in this 3-piece mirror, forming a triptych.

Which brings to mind photographer Robert Whitaker's original idea for the Beatles' US release, Yesterday And Today (1966).
The first image is meant to convey the disemboweling of a woman, the second is the infamous "butcher" scene, which ended up being the entire cover, and the third image depicts George nailing the three nails of the Hanged Man into John's head.

and The Beatles are no strangers to disembowelling.

Note, the 14 pieces of meat. Osiris was cut into 14 pieces by Set.

One of the first shots in Polanski's short film Lamp.

Incidentally, Sharon Tate was pregnant during the filming of 12 + 1.
In Polanski's film Chinatown (1974), he slashes Jack Nicholson's nose (gnosis).
The Polish word for Knife is Noz, and is pronounced much like the English word nose.

Polanski calls him "kitty cat" twice. Remember the first line in Valley of the Dolls is about a pregnant cat.

in Don't Make Waves, Tony Curtis' boss says, "What do you think this is, a cat house?" as he holds up a photo of Sharon.
In Polanski's most well-known short film, Two Men and a Wardrobe, Polanski plays a member in a gang that kills a cat and uses it to taunt a woman on the street.

Nicholson's secretary in Chinatown bears a striking resemblance to Elizabeth Short.

Another Eye of Horus

In this scene, with a rose placed in front of Faye Dunaway/Evelyn, as she reveals that her maiden name is Cross.

Another red cumberbund. It could easily be interpreted that Noah Cross, Evelyn's father, had her set up and sacrificed. Which resonates with Horus as she is shot in the back of the head, and the bullet exits through her right eye.

Noah Cross is played by John Huston, who later directed Nicholson in Prizzi's Honor, in which Nicholson plays a hitman named Charley who kills his (Polish) wife with a knife.
Noah Cross belongs to the Albacore Club. AC
Aleister Crowley?

There is also a scene that takes place at a restaurant called The Pig & Whistle.
Polanski is credited as "man with knife"

On the water themes
Polanski's first feature film (1963)

His first student film, Murder, is about a man being stabbed to death.

1965 Polanski film.
Mario's chair-ripping razor.

in Fearless Vampire Killers, Sharon's mother (Jessie Robbins from Magical Mystery Tour) says this to her vampirized father.

The Professor asks Albert to recite the 12 signs of the Zodiac, and he throws in the White Boar.

Polanski's Tess, which was dedicated to Sharon, ends with Tess being symbolically sacrificed at Stonehenge. Wearing all red, no less.
Her mother is played by Rosemary Martin.

Regarding Polanski's Macbeth
The Royal chamber features this zig-zag pattern painted on the walls.

Lady Macbeth looks a bit like Sharon Tate. She & Macbeth murder the King in the middle of the night.

When she commits suicide, she is laying in a similar position to that of Sharon when she died. They also cover her head with this cloth, much like Sharon & Jay were.
It's also creepy how Banquo is stabbed multiple times.
Remember, this is the 2nd film Polanski made after Sharon's death.

Some seemingly unnecessary piggy shots. There is also a dogs vs. bear fight - (Ursa Major)

The 1967 film Casino Royale starrs David Niven as 007, Peter Sellers as his impersonator, Woody Allen as his nephew,  and Orson Welles as a gambling baron. It also starrs an actress named Daliah Lavi. Directed by John Huston.
Daliah Lavi also starred with Dean Martin in The Silencers, Matt Helm film that takes places before The Wrecking Crew, which Tate starred in.
Orson dons his red cumberbund in Casino Royale,

and Woody plays a white piano (Lennon) with a white orb atop it, and egg-shaped windows.

Interesting that Jim Backus (Bacchus) had a cameo in Dont' Make Waves, and Tina Louise was in The Wrecking Crew.

Both went on to starr in Gilligan's Island, which also has The Professor. Jack MacGowran starred as The Professor in both Polanski's Fearless Vampire Killers and Wonderwall.
The Scarlett Woman

Regarding The Fool and Adjustment/Justice being the Aleph and the Lamed, the Ox and the Ox Goad.
in A Few Good Men, we have Justice goading The Fool, Jack Nicholson, into a confession.

(Both played leading men in Kubrick films)
'Maybe I'm missing something here. You call it code, honor... Do you mind telling me what kind of fucking Code Red ends up with somebody turning up dead?!'

The antique shop Tate's character works at is Greenwood's. Bringing to mind Lennon's character Gripweed in How I Won The War (1966). A bit of a stretch, but this is where Mario keeps screaming about the '1980 Clause'.

G and W = 7 and 23

Magical Mystery Tour began filming on 9/11/67, that same day Charles Manson began recording his first album. Manson finished recording it on 8/9/68 - exactly one year before Tate's death.
The Magical Myster Tour double-EP was released on 12/8/67 - exactly 13 (chairs) years to the day before Lennon's shooting. That same day the Rolling Stones release Their Satanic Majesties Request.
On 9/11/68 The Beach Boys recorded a cover of Manson's song Cease To Exist, which they renamed Never Learn Not To Love. Wikipedia says it was released as the B-side to Bluebirds over the Mountain, on 12/2/68; other sources say 12/8/68 - 12 years before Lennon's shooting.

Phil Kaufman, Manson's prison cell-mate in the mid-60s, and the man who recorded & released Manson's album LIE in 1970, was the guy who stole Gram Parson's body from LAX and burned it at Joshua Tree. He was also Mick Jagger & Marianne Faithful's driver when they were in LA in 1968.
He was also in Spartacus!

Manson was arrested on October 12th, 1969 (for grand theft auto).
December 1st, 1969, the LAPD announced during a press conference that they have "solved" the Tate & LaBianca investigations, and have issued warrants for the arrest of the suspects. Later that day Susan Atkins is interviewed on tape and she explains the events of the Tate killings.
December 2nd, 1969, newspapers contained headlines about the details of the murderers, and all 5 suspects were custody.
October 12th, 1971, Tex Watson is found guilty on 7 counts of murder (he was tried separately).
October 12th - Aleister Crowley's birthday.
December 1st and 2nd - Crowley's death day (there is debate over the two dates).

On December 8th, 1969, all 5 of the Family suspects were indicted on charges of murder.
On December 9th, Charles Manson was formally charged with the murders; and the public first became aware of him as he made his first appearance on the news.
John Lennon was shot by Mark David Chapman on December 8th, 1980.
Manson's lawyer was a Mr. Daye Shinn. The Hebrew letter Shin is attributed to the Tarot card Judgement/Aeon. Manson saw Helter Skelter as the coming Judgement.

In Rosemary's Baby, she goes to the Time/Life building to call Hutch, the address is 111.
She reads the Time Magazine "Is God dead?" issue, which was published on April 8th, 1966 - the anniversary of Aiwass dictating The Book of the Law to Crowley.
Also the day Stu Sutcliffe died, Julian Lennon's birthday, the day the Beatles were officially broken up, and the day Neil Aspinall retired from Apple.
The cover of Manson's first album features his photo from the Life Magazine he was adorned; and LIFE was changed to LIE.
There are 111 days left in the year after September 11th.
Mia Farrow's film Full Circle/The Haunting of Julia was first released on Sept. 11th, 1977 in Spain. And was finally released in America on Sept. 11th, 1981 - Full Circle. 9/11/81 is almost exactly 9 months after the death of Lennon - which is the Catholic Feast of the Immaculate Conception. And Lennon's mother is named Julia.

The Sgt. Pepper drum has LONELY HEARTS written horizontally across it. the L & H equal 12/8 alphanumerically, the day Lennon died. When the words are mirrored they read 1ONE1X HE^DIE.
The 111X is often transposed into 11/9, or 9/11.

The first Beatles recording to be released, the Love Me Do 45, was recorded on 9/11/62.
The first recording session at EMI was on 6/6/62.


Anonymous said...

October 12, 1969, Detroit disc jockey Russ Gibb of WKNR-FM received a bizarre late-night phone call from a listener. This Deep Throat told him that, if he played several tracks off of the Beatles' The White Album backwards, he'd hear some rather interesting things. Curious, Gibb decided "to hell" with his stylus and turntable, and spent the next several hours shredding his copy of The White Album. What Gibb heard was amazing. When played backwards, he discovered a formerly indecipherable mumbling from John Lennon at the end of "I'm So Tired" could now clearly be made out as the literary Beatle moaning "Paul is a dead man, miss him, miss him, miss him." Also, the oft-intoned words "number nine, number nine" from Lennon's music concrete opus, "Revolution #9," miraculously transformed into the eerie phrase "turn me on dead man" when spun counterclockwise.

Red Dirt Report said...

Yet another remarkable post. The gif that keeps on giving in this post is the "Bruce Almighty" one. In the early 2000's, while working as a reporter in central Louisiana, I did a story about a boy and his grandmother seeing a UFO while at their rural home. The boy distinctly described the UFO as coming towards the house the way Bruce pulls the moon towards himself.

woslo w said...

Anon: Interesting that Aleister Crowley's birthday is October 12th.
In the two examples you noted, it seems as though John is telling the public how to feel via subliminal messages; and having necromantic tendencies.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if anyone has EVER EVER EVER mirrored the other half of 'Lonely Hearts'. That is, turn the Sgt Pepper sleeve upside down first.

dano said...

he died

Anonymous said...

Actress Joanna Pettet who was at the Cielo home the day of the murders brought her son DAMIEN who was about 15 months old to learn how to swim in Sharon's pool. Sharon had invited her and Barbara Lewis to lunch at the pool. Abigail and Voteck and Jay were also there. Joanna left a little after 5PM-Joanna was in the FIRST CASINO ROYALE as Matahari's daughter, no less. On August 28, 1963, Joanna Pettet was visiting her friend Janice Wylie in her NYC apartment AND LEFT A LITTLE AFTER 5PM. A bit after MIDNIGHT (same as the Tate case) someone broke into Janice's apartment and STABBED Janice and her roommate over 60 TIMES with knives belonging to Janice. JACK NICHOLSON is the one who volunteered to clean up the Cielo house after the murders too, BTW. "LADIES OF THE CANYON" was allegedly playing on the record player when the Manson Family killed Sharon and the others. The Manson Family lived on Santa Susanna Pass in the CANYON. One of the lyrics of this song: "Annie (SHARON) sits you down to eat
She always makes you welcome in .
CATS AND BABIES 'round her feet". Patricia Crenwinkle stated "“we were LITTLE KITTY CATS who were mentally gone." Sharon had been caring for a LITTLE BLACK KITTEN at the Cielo house, hand feeding it milk with a dropper. BLACK CATS are supposed to be BAD LUCK. The black kitten was found the next day by the police walking around in Sharon's blood. "BABIES": Sharon was 8.5 months pregnant WITH HER FIRST BABY, DAMIEN was a BABY there learning to swim that day. Wasn't it MIA FARROW that Roman Polanski allegedly had sex with in NYC in between planes on his way to wife Sharon's funeral? Woody Allen has also been accused of being a pedaphile by his daughter DYLAN FARROW who claims he molested her, same as ROMAN POLANSKI was accused of raping a 13 yo in 1977. Polanski also had an affair with then 15 YO Nastassja Kinski, the lead actress in the movie TESS which he dedicated to SHARON. Sharon who was reading a book in bed when Jay Sebring came in to tell her goodnight right when The Manson girl(s) barged into her room, not sure which book this was she was reading but Sharon HAD read or been reading the book TESS of the d'Urbervilles and told Roman it would make a great movie. And didn't the Manson try to tie everyone up in the Tate house, same as Janice Wylie and her roommate was found tied up?? And wasn't the press trying to slander the Tate victims with involvement in SATANISM, mentioning Tate starred in a movie called EYE OF THE DEVIL as proof? It is also very IRONIC how "TEX" Watson is from TEXAS same as SHARON was from TEXAS.