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Carrey That Weight

The Moonchild and the Starrchild, pounding out the rhythms of the British Invasion.
Moon died at age 32 in an apartment which belonged to Harry Nilsson.
Mama Cass Elliot also died at age 32 in that same apartment.

Interesting that Keith Moon lost his front-left tooth in 1967, the same tooth that Paul McCartney chipped in December 1965 in a moped accident.
Keith Moon had dinner with Paul & Linda McCartney the night before he died.
Interesting that it was Mama Cass who mentioned that Paul looked ill on tv, in 1966, in regards to his chipped tooth and overall physical appearance.

What is interesting is that McCartney claims he crashed on his moped while gazing at the full moon, thus taking his eye off the road, that night of December 26th, 1965.
Though, the moon was in the new moon phase on the 26th thus being barely visible!
Dr. Tomoculus masterfully lays out this hole-filled story, here.
as does Beacon, here.
The full moon for December 1965 took place on the 8th.
Lennon died on December 8th, 1980.

Lennon has the same tooth blackened out in the Beatles' 1964 Shakespeare TV comedy sketch.
George plays Moonshine, and has a crescent moon on his chest. In this skit Paul as Pyramus dies.
"Now am I dead!"
Lennon as Thisbe discovers him and joins him in death.

Moon was present in 1974, when Lennon & McCartney were together for the last time, which occurred on April Fool's Day.
Which was at Harry Nilsson's house!

The Starrchild's child, Zak, was friends with the Moonchild.
And has been drumming with The Who since 1994.

Ringo Starr & Keith Moon both starr in Frank Zappa's film 200 Motels, which was filmed at Pinewood Studios in London, on the same set that 2001: A Space Odyssey was filmed on.
There are two scenes in which you can see the monolith.
Rosemary's Baby was inspired by Crowley's book Moonchild.

Ringo & Keith starr in That'll Be The Day (1973). Moon plays the drummer for Stormy Tempest's group, a deliberate nod to Rory Storm & the Hurricanes - especially when added to the very Rolling Stones-y band near the end of the film, with their mention of a new band they just saw with a member who plays mouth-organ.
So essentially, Moon plays Starr in the film.
David Essex, the cute, big-eyed pop star plays the main character Jim MacLaine; he marries a girl named Jean Sutcliffe (Rosalind Ayres).
To top it all off, the matriarch is played by Rosemary Leach.
And her name is Mary, (McCartney's mother's name).
Mia Farrow & Keir Dullea(2001:ASO) starr together as parents of a girl who dies choking on an apple in the film Full Circle aka The Haunting of Julia.
See Full Circle post here.

Child of the Moon - The Rolling Stones
filmed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, who also filmed the Beatles Paperback Writer & Rain promos, as well as Hey Jude and the Let It Be documentary.

Jim Carrey has the same chip on the same tooth. And used it in Dumb & Dumber.

The Hebrew letter attributed to the Judgment/Aeon card of the Tarot is Shin, which means Tooth, or Canine Tooth.
Crowley's deck features a new card #20 for a new Aeon, that of Horus.
Hoor-pa-kraat, The Crowned and Conquering Child;
cutting it's teeth.

McCartney claims he chipped his tooth during his moped accident the day after Christmas.
Carrey's name in Dumb in Dumber is Lloyd Christmas.
The name Lloyd means 'Christ Bearer'.

JC is the Walrus
Or, is he the Carpenter?
The Latin name for walrus is Odobenus Rosmarus Divergens. Odobenus means "walks on teeth".
Woody Woodpecker's Wally Walrus has the same chipped tooth.
"I am the Rosmarus"
Speaking of Dumb & Dumber, it is Tweedledee & Tweedledum who tell Alice the story of The Walrus & The Carpenter. Two distinct persons, but essentially one entity.
"I told you about the walrus and me, man. You know that we're as close as can be, man."
Incidentally, if you begin the Magical Mystery Tour album the moment Disney's Alice in Wonderland begins, I Am The Walrus plays during the Walrus & The Carpenter scene. (plus many other phenomenal syncs. Follow MMT with Sgt. Pepper's).

Mr. Pepper's Penguins
"I've got blisters on my fingers!"
Truman notices something is not right with his world when he sees a yellow VW Beetle in his mirror, passing by in a noticeable pattern. (The Truman Show)
It's also in a yellow VW Beetle, at the theatre, when Joel realizes the world he's in, (his dream world) is not what it seems. This is when Dr. Mierzwiak first tracks Joel down in his memories as he's trying to hide Clementine in a safe spot in his mind. (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
I see the mirror in Truman as a movie screen.

James Carrey taking the spot of James Paul McCartney
and Harry in place of Harrison.

Harry Nilsson with Vampiric canine teeth in Son Of Dracula, which also starrs the Starrchild and the Moonchild.

Jim wearing his The Who 'Tommy' shirt.
"Love is the law"
Jim is, of course, no stranger to the Moon.
Bruce Almighty
The control studio in The Truman Show is inside the Moon.
"We've landed on the moon!"
"Ride the snake to the ancient lake"
Carrey starred alongside Val 'Jim Morrison' Kilmer in Batman Forever.

"Remember the tooth!"
Kyle 'Ray Manzarek' MacLachlan's father Leto, in Dune.

Tim Carey starred in Kubrick's 1957 film The Killing, his character shoots a racehorse.
The Rosmarus in the Latin name for walrus means "horse of the sea" (Norse).
Rosemary means "dew of the sea". Mia Farrow as the Last Unicorn saves the rest of her kind from being trapped as the dew of the sea by a magician.
Carey appears in the Sgt. Pepper crowd in cardboard cut-out form. On the album cover, he however is hidden behind George, making a clandestine kill shot.
Tim Carey also starred as Billy Cat in the 1967 film A Time For Killing.
Tim Carey also plays the gun-wielding gatekeeper in The Monkees film Head.
Co-written by Jack Nicholson, who plays a masochist that gets some teeth pulled for the enjoyment of the pain in Little Shop of Horrors (1960). His name in the film is Wilbur Force.
Nicholson directed & starred in the 1979 film Goin' South  in which he plays
Henry Lloyd Moon, and he marries a woman named Julia Tate.
Jack hanging with the Lennon's in 1971 while they were recording their Imagine album.
The director of photography for their Imagine video was none other than Daniel Richter, who played Moonwatcher in 2001:A Space Odyssey.
Jim Carrey played Andy Kaufman in Man on the Moon. Kaufman starred in Taxi with Danny DeVito, who played The Penguin in Batman Returns. DeVito also starred with Jack 'The Joker' Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Which also starred Christopher Lloyd, who was also in Goin' South with Mary Steemburgen; the two starred in Back To The Future III, which was also a Western.
Quite a riddle, there.

Sharon Tate's first film role was as Odile De Caray, the young member of a Pagan cult.

If that weren't enough, in Polanski's 1976 film The Tenant, he finds the left-front tooth of the previous tenant lodged in a hole in the wall. Days later, he wakes up to find his left-front tooth has been pulled, which he finds in the same hole in the wall.
It looks like he's really missing his left-front tooth. It does not look blackened out. You can see the bottom teeth behind it, and the sides of the teeth surrounding it.
Here he's sticking his tongue through the hole.

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