Saturday, May 30, 2015

Rabbi Borukh Goldberg on Kabbala & The Manifestation of Divine Energy

Hey folks.
It's been an extremely busy year.
What with my new 40+ hour-a-week job that I started in January, of which some of the crazy syncs I've mentioned previously, as well as moving in April.
But most of all, I've had the privilege and honor of spending most of my free time creating videos for a 7-part series of talks on Kabbala by the wise Rabbi Borukh Goldberg.

So far, Parts 1-6 have been completed.
Treat yourself to a millennia of wisdom compressed into a series of 10-minute videos.

Part 1
Ain Sof & Keter
In the first installment, by examining the Natures of Ain Sof and Keter, Rabbi Goldberg explores the impassible gulf between The All and a specific thing, which is the Mystery of Creation.
Here he also tackles the 'Why' of Creation.

Part 2
Mediation & Wholeness
Here we learn of the Emergent Order and Sustaining Order of the Ten S'firot,
and how these Orders operate in a living mode of action & harmony, rather than in a static state of being.

The Left Side
In this third talk, we learn of the nature & intent of the Left Side of the Tree of Life
and how the Tree corresponds with our body, as he examines two misconceptions regarding the Left Side.

Part 4
Here he discusses the nature & operation of Evil, while exploring "The Other Side", the Klippot, and the impersonation of Sh'Khina, the Divine Presence.
The installment I refer to as the "Empire Strikes Back"of the series.

Part 5
The Two Mothers
Here he expounds on the nurturing attributes & creative functions of Bina, the Supernal Mother,
while also addressing Olam haBa, the Perfect World that is to come.

Part 6
The Mother of Us All
Here he examines how Sh'Khina, Malkhut, the Lower Mother, Bears & Nurtures our world.
He also explains the Unification of Sh'Khina and her mate, Tiferet, and how this is brought about.

The final installment examines the proposition that we are the means of redemption for Sh'Khina, the Life-Giving Mother of us all.

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