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Sync Summit Synopsis part 3: Fallen Starr-men

Quick overview of the syncstorm that swirled around the 2014 Sync Summit in Olympia, and continues to this day:
The 2014 Olympia Sync Summit was held on August 9th-11th, which was the anniversary of the Tate/LaBiance murders carried out by Charles Manson.
This was also the weekend in which Michael Brown was shot in Ferguson, MO, which incited violent racial tension akin to that forseen in Manson's Helter Skelter.
Sync Summit Synopsis part 1 here. Part 2 here.

In October, Charles Manson was granted permission to marry his fiance, Star.
I started a new job in early-February, and what was the headline news story on the internet when I signed on to take my online job-related tests?
Manson calls off wedding after learning Star wanted his dead body to display after his death.
Also interesting: the facility I work in is called Fab 4. My trainer was named Mack McLendon. One of the machines I work on is called Beetle. Also, the poster for the company Easter Egg hunt has the Abbey Road album cover on it, for no reason.

One of the major pop/rock musician deaths so far this year is that of Michael Brown of The Left Banke.

And things still haven't settled down in Ferguson. In mid-March, two Ferguson police officers were shot during a protest by unknown assailants.

Continuing with the shooting and Manson themes, the big story so far this year has been the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris, France, and the ensuing Je Suis Charlie sentiment.

Which reminds me of the ending of Jodorowski's Dune where he talks about how fans rallied together with the "Je Suis Paul" statement.

The other major sync associated with August 9th, 1969 is that it is the day The Beatles took their iconic street-crossing photo which is featured as the image on the Abbey Road album cover.
Which is notorious for it's "Paul is dead" clues.

All this while Blue Sky Studios & 20th Century Fox announce the production of a new Charlie Brown movie produced by Paul Feig, creator & director of Freaks & Geeks, the show that gave James Franco & Seth Rogan (The Interview) their starts.
The film was announced on October 9th, 2014. John Lennon's birthday.
And while NASA claimed to have found the Beagle 2 Lander on Mars, which was believed missing snce Christmas day, 2003.

All of this while Ringo Starr released a new album, titled Postcards From Paradise, which is ironic being that he no longer replies to fans' postcards.
This is also while a tabloid news internet site claimed that Ringo came out and admitted that the theory claiming Paul McCartney was replaced was actually true. Complete with phoney follow-up rebuttal by McCartney.

It was just recently announced that McCartney will be inducting Ringo Starr into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year.
Starr was subsequently featured in this month's issue of Rolling Stone.
Notice, of course, the articles on American teenagers joining ISIS, and another on Mad Men.
Next month I'll be posting a blog about the Beatles syncs in Mad Men.

All of this while Ringo stated in an interview that he is disgusted that the ISIS terrorist group has been given the nickname "The Beatles". The members of ISIS responsible for the beheadings are known as Jihadi John, Ringo, Paul and George.
Starr stated that ISIS goes against everything The Beatles stood for.
Yeah, except for all of the clues in their work alluding to Paul being beheaded.
Isis of course, famous for her veils. But what color are they?

This all happening at the same time the "What color is the dress?" thing broke the internet. My theory on the "Paul is dead" mythos is that it is designed to be interpreted differently for everyone, much like the colors of the veil of Isis, I mean "The Dress". The disagreements of the dress's color also brought about intense rifts.
Which shows me how passionate people can become about the way they see things.

Tying further into Lennon, 50 Shades of Grey (more varying color themes) starr Dakota Johnson was in an SNL skit where she becomes a member of ISIS.
Her mother, Melanie Griffith was born on August 9th.
Griffith starred in Working Girl with Harrison Ford and Sigourney Weaver.
An emphasis of the film was that it took place on, and in the days following, Griffith's character's birthday. Her name in the film is Tess McGill.
Tess is the name of one of Polanski's most beloved films, which is dedicated to Sharon Tate, btw.
In 50 Shades of Grey, the main character is given a copy of Tess of the d'Urbervilles, the book Polanski's film Tess is based on, a copy of which was given to him by Tate.
Mr. Grey's helicopter is named Charlie Tango. The main character interviews Mr. Grey by Trading Places with her best friend.
Magill is the name of the heroine in McCartney's song Rocky Raccoon, from Manson's favorite album, The White Album.
The first line in Working Girl is "Happy Birthday!" delivered to Griffith by Joan Cusack. Her brother John was born on 6/28/66, the day Rosemary's baby is born.
Of course, Birthday is the first track on side 3 of The White Album, and is the track that comes in immediately after Rosemary is impregnated by Satan in Rosemary's Baby if you play it with The White Album.
Harrison Ford pilots the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars. He is also imprisoned in a frozen Carbonite block resembling the Monolith. The Millenium Hilton Hotel, which was built to resemble the Monolith, stands directly across from the WTC.
Another emphasis of Working Girl is the competition between Griffith and Weaver, both in their career and in their romantic pursuit of Ford.
Griffith & Weaver both sabotage the endeavors of the other, ultimately taking each other down.

Harrison Ford, as we all know, crashed his private plane last month.
Right around the same time Leonard Nimoy died. Both men now connected with J.J. Abrams.
In June, Harrison Ford broke his leg on the set of the new Star Wars film. In Working Girl, Sigourney Weaver breaks her leg. Broken legs of course tying in with Sync Summit coordinator Alan Green's film Suicide Kings.
Carrie Fisher, who is also reprising her role in the new Star Wars film co-starred with Ringo in the 1978 tv movie Ringo.
She also authored & published her book Postcards From The Edge in 1987. A book about overcoming drug addictions.
Ringo overcame his drug addictions in 1988, at the Betty Ford Clinic.
Interestingly, the day before Harrison Ford crashed his plane, I had a dream where someone was emphatically suggesting that I watch Air Force One. I reserved it at the library almost immediately after I woke up. A little while later I saw the story in the news.

ISIS militants have taken up occupancy in the small town in Tunisia where the Cantina scenes from Star Wars were shot.

News to me: I recently realized the license plate on the car the Manson Family drove to commit the Tate/LaBianca murders is 28IP.
Closer look at plates here.

The license plate on the white VW Beetle on the Abbey Road cover is LMW 28IF.
All good children go to heaven, indeed.
A door found at Spahn Ranch. (7 murder victims).

Harrison Ford was released from the hospital, hours after I posted this on March 31st.

April 1st.
Cynthia Lennon, first wife of John Lennon, has passed away.

April 19th.
Freddie Gray, a young African-American man, died in Baltimore hospital from injuries sustained from the police. Echoing the Michael Brown incident, riots have ensued in the streets of Baltimore.
black + white = 50 shades of Freddie Gray

NBC announced that in May they will premiere a new series titled Aquarius/ Taking place in 1967, David Duchovny plays a cop on the trail of Charles Manson. Duchovny's buddy is played by Grey Damon.
Charles Manson is played by Anthony Gethin, who was born on October 9th, John Lennon's birthday.

Charlie Brown's shirt brings to mind the Aquarius symbol.
As well as the floor of the Black Lodge in Twin Peaks, which is coming back next year.
David Duchovny starred in the original series. And the identical cousin of murder victim Laura Palmer (think Sharon Tate) is named Maddy Furgeson.

May 2nd
Ben E. King has died and B. B. King  has been put into hospice care, bringing to mind Alan's King Kill series.
Not to mention Prince Charles & Kate have given birth to their second child.
The King dies and the new one is born.
Their first child was born on 7/23 (in Australia/Oz time) and was named George.

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