Thursday, February 26, 2015

"In the beginnings"

Roman Polanski outdid himself with his 2010 film Ghost Writer.

It's so loaded, I'm not sure where to start. So, how about...

in the beginnings.

The film opens with an un-named British ghost writer played by Ewan McGregor and his agent Rick (Richard/Ringo) being interviewed by a publisher (named John) to take over the writing of the memoirs of retired British Prime Minister Adam Lang.

The previous ghost writer, Mike McAra, was found dead on the beach near where the Lang's are staying in America. His death was ruled an accident. (Paul McCartney's brother is named Mike).
The publisher decides to go with McGregor as the replacement and flies him out to the U.S. to be with Lang.

McGregor reads McAra's draft and dislikes it. One of the very few brief glimpses of the book we see mentions that Lang's grandfather was named George, and that they were from Scotland.
(Also note that Lang is German for tall).
'Paul is Dead' enthusiasts will recognize the key Scotland and tall themes here.

McGregor soon discovers evidence left behind by McAra that Lang and his career are not all what they seem, and begins to suspect McAra may have been bumped off. He talks to some natives of the island where Lang is staying, which strengthens his suspicions.

Eventually, McGregor uses the guest car, which we learn from the groundskeeper that McAra loved using. McGregor plans to return to his hotel room, but instead the voice navigation system leads him to the ferry, which goes back to the mainland, and then on to the house of a Paul Emmett - a man that plays a mysterious role Lang's life according to the evidence left behind by McAra.

Interestingly enough, after his maze-like journey to Paul Emmett's house, we see a "Cyclops Security" sign on the fence.

Without giving too much away for those that have not seen it, McGregor discovers CIA connections through Paul Emmett, Adam Lang & his wife Ruth, and more - all with the help of Lang's associate Richard Rycart.
(*McCartney's step-sister is named Ruth).

In fact, while Rycart begins explaining Lang's past to McGregor he says, "Yes, [Lang] got by with a little help from his friends."

Which brings up the other deep Beatles nodes entwined in this film, which are the norm for a Polanski film...

in Roman Polanski's 1999 film The Ninth Gate, Johnny Depp's character has 111 written on his forehead in blood.
In Hebrew legend, one brings a Golem to life by writing the word for 'Truth' on it's forehead. The word in Hebrew is AMT, Aleph Mem, Tav, (pronounced Emet).
When one is done with the Golem, it's life is ended by erasing the Aleph. AMT without the Aleph is MET, which is the Hebrew word for 'Death'. In other words, you have literally removed the life force from the Golem, and now have death. (The Beatles' most famous American concert was at Shea Stadium, home of the NY Mets).
Remember, the value of Aleph is 111.
the Hebrew word ADM, or ADAM, means Aleph In Blood. 111 in blood.
The Golem is created in the pattern of the Adam.
in Rosemary's Baby, Ro writes the word "blood" on 11/1.
And of course, when the Sgt. Pepper drum is mirrored, we have 1one1X HE ^ DIE, with arrow pointing to McCartney.
See my entire post here on how McCartney and even 9/11 are inextricably linked to the number 111.
Rosemary then circles 4 and 5 of October.
45 is the value of the Hebrew word ADM (Adam).
McCartney is featured in a new Rihanna song titled FourFive Seconds.
4 + 5 equals 9. Lennon was born on October 9th. Rosemary's husband points at the 4 & 5 and says, "It's a great time to make a baby!"
in Heath Ledger's last film, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, (where he is replaced by Johnny Depp), he is found hanging with 3 symbols written on his forehead. The one in the middle is the glyph for the Risen Sun-God Horus.
Which is essentially a mirrored K. This symbol is also the letter Z (Zhe) in Russian/Cyrillic alphabets, and is referred to as "the beetle".
in Terry Gilliam's 1998 film Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, Del Toro says he wants to carve a Z in Depp's forehead. He doesn't, but he does write one with ketchup.
Also in the film, Debbie Reynolds sings Sgt. Pepper's and Christina Ricci's character is introduced to Depp as "Lucy in the sky with diamonds".
Johnny Depp is in three McCartney videos, Queenie Eye, My Valentine and Early Days.
He's in My Valentine with Natalie Portman, who plays Carrie Fisher's mother in the Star Wars films. Debbie Reynolds is Carrie Fisher's mother.
Incidentally, Terry Gilliam dons a red triangle on his forehead in The Life Of Brian.
So, in Polanski's film Ghost Writer, we have the bad guy named Paul Emmett. He is a CIA agent and a close associate of the British Prime Minister-who is named Adam Lang.

Ewan McGregor plays Obi-Wan, the first person not in-the-know to discover the Clone army in the Star Wars saga.
McGregor also plays his own clone in The Island (2005). The bulk of Ghost Writer takes place on an island.

Johnny Depp starrs as Will Caster in Transcendence, in which he creates a superhuman named Paul.
Will Caster's best friend is played by Paul Bettany, and his wife is named Evelyn, and their big thing is their garden, tying in more Adam themes. Also, their song is Genesis by Jorma Kaukonen.
Of course, notice the "Yesterday" written on his forehead.
I can't think of a more overt film on Thelema, Transcendence is all about manipulating nature in accordance with the Will.

in Dead Man, Depp's character is named William Blake. He of course writes 111 on his forehead in deer blood.
William is dying, (or is dead) and his Native friend Nobody must take him to "The bridge made of waters, The Mirror, where the sea meets the sky."
As Will floats to sea, Nobody holds his palm up to him.
His horse even bears the palm print painted on it's rear.
The mirror and palm themes echo those seen on the Sgt. Pepper cover.

And to further tie this in with Hebrew lore and creation of man, McGregor finds that McAra has encoded the hidden mystery of Lang's carrer "in the beginning" of the book - bringing to mind Genesis.
McGregor believes this to mean within the first chapter, but after Lang's assistant emphasizes that McAra had stated "in the beginnings" -with an s- he then discovers the deeper truth (that I have not spoiled here).

But, because of the deep synchronicities, I do have to spoil that Lang gets assassinated in New York City by a crazed gunman. Sound familiar?

Makes me wonder if there is a message in the beginnings of the chapters in the film. I'll have to watch it again soon.

Other interesting notes:
McGregor's cell phone rings in 3 bursts of 6 tones.
...... ...... ...... = 666.

Paul Emmett is played by Tom Wilkinson, who also plays Dr. Mierzwiak in Eternal Sunshine.
Paul Emmett's wife is named Nancy, the name of Paul McCartney's current wife.

One of Lang's assistants is named Lucy.

Adam Lang, played by Pierce "007" Brosnon, strikes this Osirian pose when McGregor confronts him about his shady past. 

McGregor as the writer of Moulin Rouge.

The Ghost.


JasonTryp said...

Nice piece, This is a great film, I've seen it twice. The way they discover how Lang's wife is of importance made me think if there are actual works out there that reveal things the same way.

woslo w said...

Thanks. Yes, great film.
I added some interesting elements of the Johnny Depp film Transcendence to the post that tie it all together.