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Sharon Tate

Sharon Tate:
A synchromystic look at the life and career of this model, actress, mother-to-be, and unfortunately in August of 1969, a victim of by Charles Manson's followers.

Her first film role was as Odile de Caray in Eye of the Devil, aka 13, filmed in 1966. In it, she plays a member of a Pagan cult, which requires a human sacrifice every generation to bring back the rains and ensure the health of the vineyard crops.
Early in the film, she offers a dove sacrifice during a ceremony held by her cult.

The cult leader is played by Donald Pleasence, who happens to appear in a mural used by The Beatles in the gatefold image of their 1964 album Beatles For Sale. Interesting that he is in the top-left corner; the same spot taken up by Aleister Crowley on the Sgt. Pepper cover. Who, when the album image is folded diagonally into itself is the cornerstone that becomes the capstone. In this mirroring we also see the vesica-shaped OTO lamen and the phallus shape in the flowers, Similar to the way Crowley commonly fashioned the A in his first name.
Donald Pleasence starrs as the shady record producer in the Bee Gees Sgt. Pepper's movie.

Next, Odile hypnotizes the land-owner's wife and attempts to coax her into plummeting off the top of the castle. The land-owner, Phillipe (David Niven), becomes enraged at the news of this and whips Odile mercilessly. The vicious whipping scene was used as the image on many of the posters for this film. (Oddly resembling a murderous stabbing scenario).

The title of this film carries with it many implications. For one, Eye is the meaning of the Hebrew letter Ayin, which The Devil card of the Tarot is attributed to.
Manson's follower Tex Watson said to Tate and her guests on the night of the murders, "I am the Devil."
And the alternate title, 13, ties in uncannily with Sharon's final film titled 12 + 1, aka The 13 Chairs. More on that further down, but it is significant to note that Eye of the Devil is all about "the 12 around the 1". Which brings to mind the Zodiac, Jesus & his disciples, etc.

The 12 blossoms around the 1 eye, on a cross.

13th card of the Tarot

Twice in the film Tate gets rained on. Once towards the beginning, and again as the last shot of the film. In all of her other films after this, she will be submerged in water.

Odile's brother Christiane is the archer of the coven. He shot the sacrificial dove which Odile offered up early in the film. The human sacrifice (Phillipe) is committed with the bow & arrow as well.
Interesting that Tate posed for Esquire Magazine with a bow & arrow; and a wet shirt (water theme).

While Eye of the Devil was being filmed, The Beatles promo films for Paperback Writer and Rain were being filmed. Notice how the trees in this scene, shortly after Tate first gets rained on, resemble the trees in the Beatle's promos.

The two Beatle promos were filmed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, the son of Orson Welles.
Rain was the first pop song to feature reversed audio tracks, which brings to mind the speaking heard in the mysterious lodge in Twin Peaks.
Both Orson Welles and Twin Peaks will come into play further down.

Also in 1966, Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate's future husband, used Donald Pleasence as the lead character in his film Cul-De-Sac. Pleasence plays a man named George, and his friend calls him a dark horse, which is the name of a George Harrison album (1974).
Mia Farrow starrs as the mother in the film Dark Horse (2011).

And still in 1966, in Roman Polanski's next film, The Fearless Vampire Killers, he enlists Sharon Tate to play Vampire victim Sarah Shagal. Polanski plays the role of Alfred, The Professor's assistant. The Professor is played by Jack MacGowran, who also starrs as The Professor in Wonderwall (1968), the soundtrack of which was written & recorded by George Harrison.
Interesting that Jessie Robbins plays Sarah's mother. The next year Robbins played 'Aunt Jessie' in Magical Mystery Tour.

At one point, the Vampire mentions that he had an Aunt that was a sleepwalker.
Early in the film, Sarah is viciously spanked by her father for using the bathtub.
Later in the film, it is eerie seeing Polanski's character mourning and wailing about the death of Tate's character.
The similarities between Sharon's role in this film and Jane Asher's (McCartney's girlfriend) role in The Masque of the Red Death (1964) are quite noteworthy. The red hair, the Alchemical bath, the midnight ball at the end of the film...

Polanski's character in The Fearless Vampire Killers is Alfred.
Jane Asher also starred along side Michael Caine in Alfie (1966), which was short for Alfred. Caine also went on to play Alfred in Nolan's Batman trilogy.

In her third film, Don't Make Waves, she plays a Sky-diving surf-bum named Malibu.  She starrs opposite Tony Curtis who is on the Sgt. Pepper cover. Tony's character is named Carlo Cofield. CC = 33. His girlfriend Laura is played by Claudia Cardinale.
The film's theme song was written & recorded by The Byrds, whose records were often produced by Terry Melcher, the son of Doris Day. It was Terry Melcher's former house on Cielo Drive that Polanski & Tate were leasing in 1969, where the murders took place. Cielo is Spanish for Sky. Malibu even stays up all night watching the Spanish channel, even though she doesn't understand it. Laura/Cardinale is from a Spanish-speaking country. (Lots of Vanilla Sky mojo in this film).
Very interesting that in one scene, Carlo buys a house that comes with a Rolls Royce. in 1969 Polanski bought Sharon a new Rolls Royce. The license plate of which begins with PGY, which can be taken as 'piggy' or, can be arranged to spell PYG. The song Piggies was a big influence on The Manson Family's beliefs, and they wrote the words "death to pigs" on the wall in blood the night of the murders.

The house Carlo buys also has this zig-zag floor pattern, just like the Lodge in Twin Peaks, a story about the murder of a young woman named Laura. A point is also made of Carlo's love interest, Laura, finding a place to put her zebra-skin rug.
A zebra-skin rug was on Sharon's living room floor during the crime, and is seen in the crime scene photos. As seen here from Life Magazine.
At the 42-minute mark, Laura steps out onto the porch, which also has the zig-zag pattern. Towards the end of the film, Malibu, in her red ceremonial robe, stands upon the floor and we can also see the zebra-print couch.

Carlo hires Malibu to skydive into his swimming pool as a promotional gimmick. Carlo, however, falls out of the plane, and ends up in the pool, as well, after Malibu saves him. The King & Queen in the Alchemical bath.
One of the skydiver stunt-men died during filming.

It rains the night Malibu & Carlo spend the night together, (and she watches the Spanish channel).

In one scene, for no apparent reason, while driving down a freeway, they swerve around this truck, which has 327 painted on the back. 237 scrambled?

In Kubrick's film Eyes Wide Shut, Dr. Bill visits a prostitute that wears a white & black zig-zag coat. It is also reasonable to assume that she is one of the women he talked to at the ritual he attended. The attendees of said ritual all wear black hooded robes, just like in Eye of the Devil.
The woman who talks to Dr. Bill at the ritual ends up dead. And the next day, Domino, the prostitute seen here is diagnosed with Aids and "may never be back" according to her roommate.

And like The Shining would later do, Don't Make Waves begins with a VW Beetle driving up a long & winding road. However, this Beetle is orange.

It soon however rolls down the hill, towards Malibu's yellow Magical Mystery surfer bus/sub. Don't Make Waves was released at the same time The Beatles were filming Magical Mystery Tour.

The director of Don't Make Waves also directed Ladykillers, starring Peter Sellers.
The title character in the film Little Man Tate (1991) is played by Adam Hann-Byrd.

In her next film, Valley of the Dolls, she plays Jennifer North, a model trying to make it as an actress. In the film she becomes pregnant, but then mentions she is looking to get an abortion. Soon afterwards she commits suicide by overdosing on dolls. The scene where they roll her out in a body bag resonates eerily with what would happen two years later.

In one scene she sticks her feet into a swimming pool, and it's interesting that Patty Duke's character is strapped into a bathtub, and Barbara Perkins' character falls into the ocean when she gets hopped up on dolls.

Early in the film, during the first line that is not narration, there is a seemingly pointless mention of a pregnant cat.
Polanski twice call Jack Nicholson's character "Kitty-cat" before slashing his nose, in his film Chinatown.
Essentially, Sharon's character in Valley of the Dolls is a model, trying to become an actress, that gets pregnant and dies.

In 1968, Sharon starred with Dean Martin in The Wrecking Crew, (which also starrs Pepper Martin. The Beatles' records were produced by George Martin).
Sharon falls into a river in one scene

and in another, Sharon warns Dean that another character has got a knife in her hand.
There's also an abundance of black/white checkered floors and white VW Beetles in the film. On August 8th, 1969, The Beatles took the iconic photograph for their Abbey Road album cover, a white VW Beetle sits on the roadside. That same day, Manson declares, "Now is the time for Helter Skelter." Later that night, after midnight, therefore attributed to August 9th, is when Tate and her house guests were murdered.
The license plate on the Beetle is 28IF LMW.
The license on the car The Manson Family drove to kill Tate and the others reads 28IP.

1234567 all good children go to heaven, indeed.
7 murder victims.
(door found at Spahn Ranch)

A very interesting effect happens when the sound of Eye of the Devil is muted and Abby Road is played beginning at Shoran Tate's title:

Remember in Polanski's Rosemary's Baby, Terry jumps out her window and lands on a white VW Beetle, right near the spot Lennon would be shot 12 years later.

In her final film she plays Pat, an antique saleswoman.
Calling back to her first starring role in 13 and its themes of "the 12 around the 1", we now have 12 + 1, aka The 13 Chairs. In this film, she and the main character, Mario, run around England and Europe looking for 13 antique chairs, as one has a large sum of inheritance money hidden inside its cushion. When they find each chair, they stab the cushion with a knife and rip it apart. Notice the 13th chair on the poster is being stabbed. Susan Atkins lodged her knife into one of Tate's chair cushions as she left the house.

Starting from the begining; Mario, an Italian barber from New York, travels to London to collect the inheritance left by his Aunt Laura. He arrives to find that all he inherited was the remainder of her medical expenses, the empty house, a set of antique chairs and a self-portrait of his aunt. He then sells the chairs at an Antique store where Pat works, to get money to buy a ticket back to America.

The next day he discovers a note his Aunt had left on the back of her self-portrait. It explains that she left him 100,000 British pounds in the cushion of one of the antique chairs. Mario rushes to the antique shop only to find that all the chairs have been sold. He demands to know who bought them, and makes up a story to gain pity from the store owner.
He states that after selling the chairs, he found out about a clause his Aunt stipulated which prevents him from selling the chairs before 1980; he calls it "The 1980 Clause", and begins to violently harass the store owner and damage some of the merchandise. Two different times he shrieks that the 1980 clause is "a matter of life & death!"
Of course, we all know John Lennon was killed in 1980. See the Lennon post for more Lennon/Tate syncs.

It's also interesting that Pat Krenwinkel was the only Manson girl to participate in both the Tate and LaBianca murders. Pat is the one who wrote "Healter Skelter" on the LaBianca's fridge. (Linda Kasabian was present for both, but did not participate).

Pat, looking to marry a wealthy man, decides to help Mario find his potential inheritance and sneaks the sales slip from her boss, which has the name & address of the new owner of the chairs. They decide to team up to look for the chairs, with a 50/50 split agreement when the money is found.
In the car ride through town Pat says, "It must've given you quite a jolt when you found out about that 1980 clause."

They go to a hotel for the night, getting two separate rooms. Of course, Pat's room is #33. Which they make a point of showing, and mention several times.

In an attempt to get the sales slip from Pat, Mario assaults her in room 33, tearing off her clothes and almost begins to choke her when she swallows the sales slip. She did however memorize the address and the next day they visit the new owner, an antique salesman named Lionel, and his gay lover Jackie, who wears a snake-skin suit.
The Hebrew letter attributed to the Strenght/Lust card is Teth which means serpent. Notice the Kundalini serpent rising as the Lion's tail on Crowley's Lust card.
Later in the film, Pat will meet a delivery-man who is reading a book titled 'My Name Is Lust'.
The Lust card is attributed to Leo, which occurs in August. Tate was killed in August during the transit of Leo, after the filming of this movie.

Arriving at Lionel's shop, they see the chairs next to a harp. The harp was a prominent theme in Eye of the Devil throughout the entire film, and at the end when Niven is sacrificed, his son looks through it.

Which can't help but remind me of the shot in The Magic Christian of Ringo through a harp, as his adopted father (Sellers, a friend of Polanski & Tate) watches the tv, which at that moment displays someone holding sign that reads, "Vote Pig '68". (Polanski was also in The Magic Christian).

Sellers then changes the channel to a news story about a black panther named "Big Fang" eating his fellow entries at a dog show.
Manson had his followers stage the Hinman/Tate/LaBianca murders so as to appear that they were committed by members of the Black Panters, in hopes of inciting a race war, which he termed "Helter Skelter". To the right is the panther's owner.
Also in The Magic Christian is a story in the newspaper about a dead woman; the apology to which was written in Polish.

Pat & Mario find out where the chairs that Lionel sold have gone, and proceed to stab one of the chairs in the shop before being forced out.

The first place they visit is Rosey's boutique across the street, and after slashing that chair, the psychiatrist who was given two of the chairs by Lionel, takes Mario into his clinic to analyze him. Mario & Pat slash the two chairs there.
The psychiatrist says to his assistant, "Chairs are a classic womb symbol."
Notice the clinic has this Charlie Brown calendar. Nothing noteworthy, or a Charlie Manson wync?

There is also this Snoopy doll in the Brothel where Mario cuts up another chair.
He then visits an embassy in France which has another chair. This shot is interesting.

He tells Pat how was the final torch-bearer in the Rome(an?) Olympics. Light-bearer, Lucifer.

Pat later finds that an old boyfriend of hers now owns four of the chairs. His secretary is 8 months pregnant.
He and Pat fly to Rome where he is to give the chairs to a client of his.

Mario reads a note left by Pat which reads, "Don't forget about Markau's Theatre of the Macabre. -Pat." Mario then says, "Wait until I get my hands on that girl!" The film then cuts to Orson Welles strangling a young woman in his play, where he starrs as Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde; a story about a man who murders young women. Welles' character in the film is Maurice Markau. MM = 13:13.

Mr. Hyde has an assistant dwarf & giant (named Toto). The inhabitants of the mysterious Lodge in Twin Peaks are a dwarf & a giant. See the zig-zag floor of The Lodge, just like the floor with the zebra rug in Don't Make Waves. The gateway to The Lodge is found amidst a ring of 12 Sycamore trees.
The Giant from Twin Peaks was in the BeeGee's Sgt. Pepper film, as was Donald Pleasence.

Mr. Hyde proceeds by electrocuting the young lady. "It must've given you quite a jolt when you found out about that 1980 Clause."
Jackie, who is now following Mario & Pat after learning of the money, slashes one chair and the other is put on stage during the performance. Jackie walks on stage pretending to be a butler. Holding glasses of wine much like the Scarlet Woman on the Lust card, and still in his snake-skin onesie.
Mario, spontaneously cast as a cop, tries to slash the chair during the performance. Fighting over it with Jackie, he throws it over in front of the couch (Tate's body lays in front of her couch on night of murder), then runs behind the couch and shouts, "I'm Jack the Ripper!" while wielding his razor.

Jack the Ripper also killed young women. In fact, the first man to play Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde was Richard MANSfield, and was even one of the prime suspects in the Jack the Ripper case, as it was said by play reviewers, that his performance of a murderer of young women was "too convincing."
One of the very first shots in the film, during the opening montage, is of this barber sharpening his razor next to his name sign. We soon see him shaving Mario.

Mario then joins Pat in Rome where they slash into the remaining four chairs. Following her pattern, Tate jumps into the swimming pool, to grab the 11th chair, which she stabs while an unconscious Jackie lies nearby with a rose upon his body. Earlier in the film, Lionel told Jackie he doesn't like it when he talks in his "cross voice."

Near the end of the film, Mario throws the 13th chair out a window hoping Pat will obtain it, but instead it lands in the back of Santa Rosalia's charity wagon and the orphanage finds and keeps the 100,000 pounds.

Mario returns to America alone, only to find that, before he left, he had accidentally created an instant hair-growth formula. In the final scene he gets some on himself and we see him laughing maniacally and making these eerily Manson-like expression.

The film freezes on this frame which the credits are rolled over.
"I am the Devil."

So now the film is book-ended with Jack and Manson, with "I'm Jack the Ripper" occurring at the 1-hour mark. (And of course we have Jackie slashing the chairs at Markau's theatre).

Interestingly, the men who wrote the screenplay for 12 + 1, Marc Behm & Nicolas Gessner, next wrote the screenplay for a film called Someone Behind The Door; about a doctor who conditions one of his patients into believing he must murder his wife and her secret lover. The actor playing the murderer: CHARLES broNSON.
(the secret lover is named Paul, the name of Tate's father and unborn son).
Nicolas Gessner directed both films.
Marc Behm wrote the screenplay and novelization of The Beatles Help! film. Which is about a human sacrifice cult.

In the Tate/LaBianca murders there were a total of 7 victims and 5 criminal convictions. However, the unborn baby is never counted as one of the victims.
The 12 around the 1

On the night of August 9th, the victims at Cielo Drive consisted of 2 women and 3 men, one of the men being questionably gay. Just like the last night in 12 + 1.
We have Pat & Stefanella, plus Mario, Pasqualino and Stefanella's fiance Francois.
By this point Jackie had been kicked off the property, but earlier that day he attempted to make a pass at Francois, who replied, "You pig!" ("death to pigs")
The day after Tate's death, Manson's followers murderd Rosemary and Leno LaBianca. Leno's real first name is Pasqaulino.

Tate & Polanski's house on Cielo Drive was in Beverly Hills. Sharon got her start in showbiz by playing Janet Trego on The Beverly Hillbillies.

Back to Lion/Leo/August. In Don't Make Waves, when Laura first takes Carlo to her house, she shows him her mural of lions that she painted; she says, "I like lions!"
And when Malibu's boyfriend comes to pick her up from Carlo's house, we are prominently shown the Lion face door-knocker. She stands in directly in front of it for a few seconds before proceeding forward.

The local astrologist, Zack Rosencrantz/Madame Lavinia, has a lion statue on his desk. He wants a swimming pool in the shape of Ursa Major measuring 360 square feet. (square the circle). Ursa Major plays an important role in many occult traditions.

One of the main characters in Valley of the Dolls is Lyon Burke (played by Paul Burke). We also have Helen the Scarlett Woman and Neely O'Hara. (Scarlett O'Hara)

The Zemeckis/Peter Jackson film The Frighteners features a murderer, Johnny Charles Bartlett, and his female accomplice, Patricia, who go on a shooting spree, which totals 12 victims. The mass murder is referred to as Manson-style.
They carve upon their victim's heads the number of which they are in their murder count. Much like Manson carved a Swastika on his forehead.
(Zemeckis' first major film was I Want To Hold Your Hand, about NY teenagers trying to attend the Beatles performance on the Ed Sullivan show).

One question is why was Orson Welles in this B-movie that had very little distribution and obviously a very low budget.
It's quite curious that he plays an actor playing Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, for a number of reasons.
For one, it is a drug concoction that turns Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde.
Charles Manson and his followers were on a type of LSD nicknamed Orange Sunshine in the weeks leading up to the Tate/LaBianca murders.

In this shot from the opening montage of 12 + 1, Mario pauses under this awning. 10/66 is when LSD was declared illegal in America.

Thanks to the brilliant work at the MaskOfGod blog, we see that there are a number of uncanny connections between Orson Welles and the mysterious, unsolved Black Dahlia murder case from 1947.
The entire thread is a Must-Read, but here are some of the most important highlights pertaining to Welles and the Black Dahlia woven into discoveries of mine.
A full reading of his post is recommended not only because of the information, but also to get the full scope of how it dovetails into this one.

"The Black Dahlia" was a nickname given to Elizabeth Short (July 29, 1924 - January 15, 1947), an American woman who was the victim of a gruesome and much-publicized murder. Short was found mutilated on January 15, 1947, in Leimert Park, Los Angleles, California. Her body was sliced in half at the waist and completely drained of blood, and her face had been slashed from the corners of her mouth toward her ears, creating an effect called the Glasgow Smile.
The body had been "posed" with her hands over her head, and her elbows bent at right angles.
Born in Hyde Park, MA.

On the day of Short's murder, production on The Lady From Shanghai was shut down due to a strike caused by Welles, contrary to union rules, working on construction of the carnival funhouse a set. The coincidence of that hardly needs commenting on, but the macabre parallels between aspects of the set and The Dahlia murder are, to say the least, unsettling.
In a sequence, cut from the film at Columbia President Harry Cohn's insistence, Rita Hayworth is shown standing in a chamber of horrors surrounded by grotesquely dismembered mannequins. The walls are daubed with disturbing, violent images and anatomical drawings, one of them a partially flayed cow with a woman, cut clean in half, lying on top of it.
Elsewhere there are several clowns' faces, one imprisoned in a metal birdcage One of the images painted on the Wallis of a bisected skeleton, its arms and legs posed in positions eerily similar to The Dahlia's corpse. In a production still, Welles and make-up artist Bob Schiffer are shown applying make-up to the face of a mannequin, giving the impression that its cheeks have been slashed into a wide, gory smile. Elizabeth Short's face was mutilated in the same way, her cheeks lacerated from the corners of her mouth to form a ghastly, rictus grin. (Empire)

And what night do the murders take place in The Lady From Shanghai?

George Grisby. GG = 77. OZ = 77 and means Strength. Tarot Strength/Lust/Leo

Before 12 + 1, director Nicolas Gessner made
The Blonde From Peking.
The Lady From Shanghai
was Hayworth's only blonde role.

Gessner's The Blonde From Peking and Someone Behind The Door, the two films that sandwiched 12 + 1, are both about amnesiacs.

Orson Welles fakes amnesia in his film Mr. Arkadin.
(His daughter is named Raina, and he's Polish (as is Polanski))
In it, he kills off his former fellow-gang members; plus Mily, the girlfriend of the man (Guy) he hired to investigate his past.
Guy receives a packet showing Mily's dead body. The film then cuts to Welles holding a knife. Guy then sees the poster for Mily's Strip-Tease Atomique, as Welles throws a knife towards him & glares.
(notice shadow forming arrow to Mily's midsection)

Mily bears a resemblance to Elizabeth Short.

The Able bomb was called Gilda and decorated with the likeness of Rita Hayworth, star of the 1946 movie Gilda. The Baker bomb was Helen of Bikini.  This femme-fatale theme for nuclear weapons, combining seduction and destruction, is epitomized by the use in all languages, starting in 1946, of bikini as the name of a woman's two-piece bathing suit.
(Operation Crossroads)

Splitting the Atom

(The bikini is named after the islands where the A-bomb was tested)

Marlene Dietrich replaced Rita Hayworth for the lead role in The Blue Angel. Mario's chairs get sold to Lionel at Angel Antiques, the blue building.

Lolita figure from American Beauty, Lena Suvari, plays the Black Dahlia in American Horror Story.

Jackie after fighting for 2 chairs with Mario under a tree.
Lionel says to Jackie, "I hate it when you use that cross voice."

Laura Palmer & Ronette Pulaski during the murder scene in Fire Walk With Me
(The film prequel to the Twin Peaks series)
The Ronettes' hit records were produced by murderer and fellow Manson jailbird Phil Spector, who also married the lead singer.

Tim Burton's Batman takes place in 1947

Sitting on a sofa with a sister or two
Burton's Batman, Michael Keaton

The 12 Sycamore trees around the 1 white circle:
The gateway to the mysterious lodge in Twin Peaks.

The murder victim that started it all for Twin Peaks, Teresa Banks.
Sheryl Lee (Laura/Twin Peaks) as Beatle friend Astrid Kirchherr in Backbeat.

The world began in 1947
and ended in 1969.
The 22-year cycle.
Everything since has been a recursive loop.
1999 is 1962
2001 is 1963

Splitting the Adam

Notice Lolita's Chinese-style top. Rita dies in Chinatown in The Lady From Shanghai.
Tate's character in Valley of the Dolls resorts to acting in 'art films'.

In The Black Dahlia (2006), Elizabeth Short is killed after acting in an 'art film'.
Aaron Two-Face Eckhart starrs as the investigator. half of the Fire & Ice team.

That 'art film' took place on the former set of The Man Who Laughs (1928).

All of the monsters in Yellow Submarine share a similar grin

Elizabeth Short is murdered by George & Ramona because she bears a striking resemblance to their illegitimate daughter Madeleine.

Says Teresa Banks' & Laura's murderer in Twin Peaks

Stu Sutcliffe dies as Astrid Kirchherr puts on her red Chinese dress.
Sutcliffe and Elizabeth Short died at age 22.

The lower world of Assiah
Sharon fighting the Chinese thug-ette in Wrecking Crew.
The one that had the knife in her hand.

Polanski and Nicholson making Chinatown

Nicholson's character investigates the death of the LA water commissioner.
Polanski's character slashed his nose (gnosis)
he is credited as "man with knife"
Jack Nicholson was good friends with Polanski & Tate long before the murders, and was there to support Roman in the weeks following.

Polanski's first feature film (1962)

Don't make waves

Elizabeth Short was seeing a man called George (Welles' first name, used by certain of his intimates) and ate in a restaurant that Welles frequented, Brittingham's near the Columbia studios; that the body was left, carefully arranged, on the former site of The Mercury Wonder Show on Caheuenga Boulevard -- where, of course, Welles had so famously sawn a woman in half; and a collage message from the murderer sent to the police with the girl's address book and birth certificate, which heavily features the letters O and W. (Simon Callow)

Welles & Hayworth were married, and Rita often performed in Orson's magic act. She was sawed in half in his act in 1943.

One year after the Black Dahlia case, Welles released his film adaptation of Macbeth. Roman Polanski released his film adaptation in 1971.
Interesting that in the story, Macbeth receives a prophesy of his becoming king from three witches.
"All of them witches"
Lady Macduff and her young son are slain under Macbeth's orders.
Macduff is the only man who can defeat Macbeth, since he from his mother's womb was "untimely ripped."

In Polanski's Macbeth
the Royal Chamber has this zig-zag design painted on the wall.

Orson Welles starrs with Daliah Lavi in Casino Royale (1967), along with David Niven, Peter Sellers and Woody Allen.
Daliah is imprisoned with a two-piece.

and steals Woody's Atomic pills.

James Bond creator states that Le Chiffre, the character Orson Welles plays, is based on Aleister Crowley. Fleming & Crowely met during WWII.

In identifying signature surrealist art motifs with the hideously mutilated and bisected corpse of Elizabeth Short, we are led to associate an entire art movement and its most famous exponents as occult observers of an unspeakable riddle within a shocking crime. In analysing these same motifs, particularly Man Ray's minotaur motif, we are consequently given a key in connecting the Black Dahlia murder to a distinct Saturnian mythological element - the grandson of Zeus, great-grandson of Kronos/Saturn, the half-man, half-bull son of Minos, the Minotaur, destroyer of maidens... By leaving Elizabeth Short's mutilated corpse in a state of redressed pose, that most grisley of crime masterpieces... [the murderer] may have been the first killer whose recognised modus operandi was art, albiet a murderous art. As a true destroyer of maidens... [he] had become surrealism's Minotaur Incarnate! (Saturn Death Cult)

The book Exquisite Corpse presents the theory that Elizabeth Short's murder may have been informed by surrealist art, and that the killer was familiar with surrealist art and ideas. It also proposes that art created after the murder may have made veiled references to it...
Foremost, our book asserts that this gruesome but precisely executed murder may have been a deranged attempt to imitate motifs in surrealist art.

"Don't forget about Markau's Theatre of the Macabre. -Pat"
"Wait 'till I get my hands on that girl."
"So, you thought you could pry into me secrets?"

Jack Nicholson directed & starred in the 1979 film Goin' South, in which he plays Henry Lloyd Moon. He marries a woman in the film named Julia Tate, thus making her Julia Moon. More on Goin' South and the significance of the name Julia Tate-Moon later.
Carl Jung often spoke of man's split psyche, which stems from the modern-era over-emphasis of rational intellectualism in tandem with the suppression of such things as spirituality, numinous archetypal figures & symbolisms, mysticism, and even the non-acknowledgement of the 'shadow self'. The suppression of these naturally occurring aspects of humanity only leads to them resurfacing dangerously, through other means and forms.

Also noteworthy in 12 + 1; Markau tells Mario that his line in the play is, "I swear I saw the monster over there, in the hydrangeas." The line is used many times.
In The Manchurian Candidate (1963), the captured, brainwashed soldiers have been trained to be controlled assassins. Their captors present them to an audience of other mind-control experts, during what the soldiers hear as a speech about hydrangeas.
Also in that very speech, the speaker mentions the 1941 paper on mind-control by a man named Wells. Orson Welles' first film Citizen Kane was released in 1941 - hailed by many as the greatest film of all time.

The relationship between the mother & son in The Manchurian Candidate is very similar to that of the mother & son in Psycho.
Anthony Perkins, who starred as Norman Bates in Psycho, starrs as the mind-manipulating doctor in Someone At The Door.
Also in 10/66, a young woman named Cheri Jo Bates was found dead, stabbed multiple times.

MaskOfGod also put together a post on Orson Welles and the recent, mysterious Elisa Lam case.

The night Rosemary is drugged and impregnated, she wears this red onesie. On the second day, when Pat decides to help Mario, she also wears a red onesie. As does Mr. Alexander's wife in A Clockwork Orange when she attacked - notice she was sitting in her egg chair.
Jackie holds this porcelain egg in his first scene, and we have the large, white, round light in Rosemary's kitchen. Also notice Rosemary's upturned chair, which is strikingly similar in design to the antique chairs in 12 + 1

Sharon also wears this red skydiving one-piece in Don't Make Waves. Her helmet is somewhat egg-like. And it comes to play later in the film during the Curtis/Tate love scene.

And speaking of love scenes; of course, our other notorious figure in a red onesie, catching the Orphic Egg in the Rye: The Hermit of Crowley's Thoth Tarot deck. Below the egg is the spermatozoa.

MKUltrasound points out that Megan Draper from Mad Men wears this red onesie in her role as Colette in a soap opera in the Mad Men world, complete with Tannis Root earrings. Her daughter read the book Rosemary's Baby. And shortly afterward, Pierce mentions the silent-era film The Golem.

Megan Draper wearing the same shirt from Tate's bow & arrow shoot.

Sharon Tate's boyfriend in Don't Make Waves is played by David Draper.

'Saint Rosalia was proposed as the patron saint of evolutionary studies in a paper by G.E. Hutchinson. This was due to a visit he paid to a pool of water downstream from the cave where St. Rosalia's remains were found.
Rosalia is from the Latin term for the Greek Anthesteria. The Anthesteria is a Festival of Flowers (Anthe) for Dionysos, focused primarily on opening the new wine and on placating the spirits of the dead. In Roman times, Rosalia was celebrated in the means of honoring the dead. Standards in every legion were gathered around the altar at the center of a military camp and crowned with wreaths of roses. Since similar rites were held at family tombs, this military rite may have been intended to honor fallen comrades.
Some suggest the Christian festival of Pentecost derives from the Rosalia.'
13 Chairs culminates during this festival in the film 12+1, which they go to great lengths to emphasize:

The classic poster for A Clockwork Orange, with Alex's knife near Lucy's womb.
The recursive loop.

When Mario returns to NY at the end of the film, this is the establishing shot. Interesting that Mario took a boat from London to NY, just like the voyage in The Magic Christian, which Lennon & Yoko were aboard.

Lionel died and Jackie sold all of his antiques at an auction. Notice it is held from 9-11.
After Mario & Pat buy what they think were the chairs, the auctioneer says, "We now begin the bidding for lot #111, this lovely clock." There are 111 days left in the year after Sept. 11th.
See post on 111

They, however, inadvertently buy this bust. The camera then cuts to this delivery truck, which reads J. Frost & Sons, (Jack Frost?). This is the van Pat rides in and learns of the book 'My Name Is Lust'.

Manson's followers wrote "Healter Skelter" on Tate's refrigerator. Jack freezes in the Minotaur's maze.

In 1983, Orson Welles, Donald Pleasence and Tony Curtis starr in Where Is Parsifal. The movie was filmed 13 years after Tate's death.

Crowley equates the legend of Parsifal with The Fool of the Tarot in his Book of Thoth.

The letters Aleph Lamed (AL) constitute the Thelemic formula and the secret key of the Book of the Law.
The Hebrew letter attributed to The Fool card is Aleph, which means Ox.
Adjustment is attributed to the Hebrew letter Lamed, which means Ox Goad.
The figure on this card, Adjustment, is said to be the female counterpart to The Fool. Yet it can be deduced that they are meant to be a single entity, but the Tree of Life itself is the split Adam. She is ultimately the Shekinah but is here substituted by the Lamed Lamed, or Lillith.
Samael & Lillith

The Joker & Harley Quinn
(note the harlequin pattern on Adjustment's suit & curtain)

Jack, the easy writer, upon the Harley

in Fearless Vampire Killers, The Professor calls Polanski's character a fool a number of times.

The word fool comes from the Latin word for bellows, the air compression tool used to blow air onto fires.
in Valley of the Dolls, the main character Anne works for the Bellamy & Bellows Agency.
During Sharon's first scene in Valley of the Dolls, she wears this large blue feathery head-dress, strikingly similar to that of Adjustment's blue feather of Ma'at. Also, she has her arms out to balance herself, resembling weight scales. 

Which the feather of Ma'at was placed on to weigh the heart of the dead as they traversed the Underworld in the afterlife.
In 12 + 1, her agreement with Mario is to split the money 50/50. It becomes an inside joke with them and the phrase is used in almost every scene of the film.

During the first few minutes of Fire Walk With Me, Lynch introduces Sam and Lil. &

Fire Walk With Me (Tony Curtis in Don't Make Waves, after Laura sets his Beetle on fire)

Woodstock began less than a week after Tate's murder.
O.T.O. Lamen
Three weeks prior was the moon landing. Rosemary's Baby is about creating a moonchild and was based on Crowley's novel Moonchild.

Matthew 3:16 "As soon as Jesus was baptized, he went up out of the water. At that moment Heaven was opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on him."
Jesus' baptism and death ushered in the Aeon of Osiris.
Tate: the Aeon of Horus? The Aeon of the child.
Eye wonder...

The Alchemical bath and the descending Dove of the Spirit. From the Rosarium Philosophorum.

in Eye of the Devil, Odile also turns a frog into a dove.
Crowley, the prophet of the Aeon of Horus, and his The Cross of A Frog:

The Aeon of Hours coinciding with the Age of Aquarius.

Kubrick's film The Killing features actor Tim Carey shooting a racehorse. A cardboard cutout of Carey from that scene is part of the crowd on the Sgt. Pepper cover, but ended up being hidden behind George. Stu Sutcliffe's cutout is at the far left of the crowd.

The graphic novel, The Killing Joke was written by professed O.T.O. member Alan Moore. Interesting then that it should turn out that the member of the crew for Dark Knight Rises, in charge of set design and therefor responsible for both Sandy Hook and Aurora showing up in said film, is a blood relative of false flag perpetuator Aleister Crowley (see Secret Agent 666). His name is Nathan Crowley, here is a quote from him concerning it:
“Yes, [infamous UK occultist] Aleister Crowley is a direct relative, he’s my grandfather’s cousin, but we were never allowed to even mention his name because we were a very Quaker family.”
The cover photo used on the Beatles' second LP, With The Beatles, was inspired by the photographic style of their German photographer friend Astrid Kirchherr.
With The Beatles was released in the UK on 11/22/63, the same day JFK was shot. 3 months later they would 'invade' America via JFK int'l airport. Track no.1, It Won't Be Long.

There is a constant recurring theme of time and clocks in Fire Walk With Me. The 12 around the 1.
There's also an odd, cumberbund-like blood stain on Leland's shirt after he murders Laura, which plays a big part in a mysterious ceremony within the Lodge. Laura's first scene in Don't Make Waves has her wearing this large red belt.

the members of the human sacrifice cult in Help! wear these white robes w/red belts as they carry the young woman to the sacrifice altar. Notice she is adorned in red.

Twin Peaks/FWWM director David Lynch with McCartney & Starr.

From Lynch's Mullholland Drive. When the amnesiac character is asked her name, she glances at this picture and answers, "Rita".

Interestingly, on August 16th, a story of the police raid on the Spahn Ranch in connection with their theft of Volkswagon Beetles was printed right next to a story on the Tate/LaBianca murders.

Excerpts from the Lennon post. (read full post here)
On (appx) November 9th, 1966, Lennon & Yoko met for the first time at her art show in London. Filmmaker Roman Polanski was also in attendance.
After filming Rosemary's Baby, Mia Farrow joins the Beatles in India.

Ringo with Polanksi at the 1968 Cannes Film Festival, promoting Rosemary's Baby. They both were also in The Magic Christian. Which was written by Terry Southern, who also appears on the Sgt. Pepper cover.

November 22nd, 1968, The White Album hits the record stores. (the 5-year anniversary of the release of With the Beatles and JFK & Huxley's death. Huxley is also on the Sgt. Pepper cover).

The Manson Family, of course, forged many of their beliefs around their interpretations of certain songs on The White Album. Mainly, Helter Skelter, Piggies, and Revolution #9. 
It's also interesting to note that Susan Atkins was given the nickname Sexy Sadie Mae Glutz long before Lennon wrote or recorded Sexy Sadie. Most sources say she received the nickname in 1967.

If Sharon Tate was 8.5 months pregnant on August 9th, 1969, then her baby was conceived right around the time The White Album was released. 

During the conception scene, Rosemary sees visions of both JFK and Jackie Kennedy. Jackie seems to be somewhat older. Much like Agent Cooper in his dream of being in the Lodge 25 years after Laura's death.

Charles Manson was arrested in connection with the Tate/LaBianca murders on October 12th, 1969. Which was Aleister Crowley's 94th birthday.
La Bianca means white.
On December 1st, 1969, LAPD announced in a press conference that the Tate case had been "solved" and that they had issued warrents for Watson, Atkins, Van Houten, Krenwinkel and Kasabian. Later that day, Susan Atkins' confession was recorded on tape.
On December 2nd, 1969, all 5 suspects were now in custody.
Aleister Crowley died on either Dec. 1st or Dec. 2nd of 1947. There is debate on those two days.
On December 8th, 1969, the LA County Grand Jury indicted the 5 suspects on murder. 11 years to teh day before Lennon's shooting.

MKUltrasound has discovered that Rosemary's Baby syncs up with The White Album, the same way that Pink Floyd's album Dark Side of the Moon syncs up with The Wizard of Oz!
Follow up The White Album by playing Charles Manson's The Family Sings.

Lennon, Yoko and Roman Polanski, in what appears to be mid-69.
From what I understand, Lennon & Polanski met up some time after Tate's death and John threw a chair at Polanski, blaming him for Sharon's death.
Charles Manson's 1969 hideout was located in Death Valley. One of Sharon Tate's last films was Valley of the Dolls. The Beatles studied with the Maharishi in Valley of the Saints.

Jack Nicholson directed & starred in the 1979 film Goin' South, in which he plays Henry Lloyd Moon. He marries a woman in the film named Julia Tate, thus making her name Julia Moon.
John Lennon's mother was named Julia.
Rosemary's Baby is about creating a Moonchild and is inspired by Crowley's book Moonchild.
Mia Farrow plays Julia in the Lennon-heavy film Full Circle/The Haunting of Julia, see post on that here.
Julia is played by Mary Steemburgen. Christopher Lloyd plays the deputy who loved Julia. Steemburgen & Lloyd starr together in Back To The Future III, which is also a Western. And remember Jack's son in The Shining is played by Danny Lloyd, and the bartender is named Lloyd.

Here he is hanging with John & Yoko in 1971. Seen in the film Gimme Some Truth.

Lennon & Yoko began living at The Dakota in the mid-70s
Sharon Tate was murdered in the house that was previously leased by Doris Day's son, Terry Melcher. The Beatles mention Doris Day in their song Dig It. Doris starred in her last film in '68, titled With Six You Get Eggroll. She plays the role of a woman named Abby. It is released on August 7th, 1968. Remember on August 8th, 1969 the Beatles took their Abbey Road album cover photo, and the next day, August 9th, was when Tate was murdered, along with her friend Abigail Folger.
I noticed a wooden ram in Barbara Hershey's character's house. They make a point of keeping it in the lower center of this shot, the first scene in her house. Then later at her record party.
That same wooden ram is on the piano played by McCartney in the film A Hard Day's Night.
Very interesting that Lennon states he had his second LSD trip while at "Doris Day's house, or wherever it was we used to stay." This is when Peter Fonda would tell him he knew what it was like to be dead, which inspired the song I'm Only Sleeping. Could Lennon have meant Terry Melcher's house?

Sharon Tate's mother is also named Doris. Sharon's housekeeper, the one who discovered the dead bodies, is named Winifred Chapman.
Manson's followers also murdered Leno & Rosemary LaBianca, the day after Tate. (Leno - Leto?)

Terry Melcher produced the Byrds' Turn, Turn, Turn. Bringing to mind "Gotta get off this merry-go-round", Lennons' "Watching the wheels go round and round" and Full Circle, a film starring Mia Farrow and Keir Dullea (Dave Bowman from 2001:A Space Odyssey), which was released in America nine months after Lennon's shooting, 9/11/81.
December 8th happens to be the Catholic Feast of the Immaculate Conception. It is also the day Jim Morrison was born.
Full Circle is based on the Novel titled The Haunting of Julia, and in some countries the film goes by that name, or just Julia, which is the character Mia plays. Lennon's mother was named Julia, and his son is Julian. Remember, Rosemary means "dew of the sea" - In Lennon's song Julia, he says, "seashell eyes" and "ocean child", which is what Yoko means. When The White Album is played over Rosemary's Baby, Juila is played while Rosemary is being impregnated.
In Full Cirlce, Mia and Bowman's daughter chokes on an Apple and dies. There is a scene where she walks by a merry-go-round and in the other direction walks a woman with a baby carriage just like the one seen on the Rosemary's Baby poster. At one point Mia says, "I feel like I just jumped from the ledge of a window." In Rosemary's Baby, her friend jumps from a window of The Dakota and lands on the white VW Beetle, near the spot Lennon was killed.
Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas recorded a Lennon/McCartney song in 1964 titled 'From A Window'.
Here's a post detailing the film Full Circle and it's Lennon syncs.

Further connecting Lennon and Tate.
Excerpts from the Beatles/Crowley's Thoth post. (read full post here)

In The Ballad of John & Yoko he says, “They’re gonna crucify me.” Not only associating himself with the Christ figure, but also The Hanged Man card, which is linked with the Hebrew letter Mem, meaning water.
Not only does Lennon sing about rain, floating upnstream, floating downstream, boats on a river, being a walrus, ocean child (which is what the name Yoko means), pools of sorrow and waves of joy;
In the Real Love video, his famous white piano emerges from the sea.
Here Lennon has his arms stretched out like The Hanged Man, but is also forming the Typhon Triumphant sign, and the V in the tLVX Golden Dawn formation.
The Hanged Man card is attributed to the Hebrew letter Mem which means water. Notice the green disks at the man’s hands and feet, and the other green & yellow motifs. From 1966-1968, Lennon sang much about water and the colors yellow & green.
This card represents the concept of the sacrificial “Dying God” of the Aeon of Osiris. However, the Aeon of Horus has overthrown the need for such.

The Hanged Man of the Thoth Tarot still symbolizes the descent of the light into darkness in order to redeem it, but the word “redeem” no longer implies an existing debt that needs to be paid. Instead, redemption in the Aeon of Horus is the noble duty of the enlightened to bring the enlightenment to the unenlightened.”
Which seems to correlate with The Beatles in many ways.
You could say the New Aeon is “more popular than Jesus.”

The water motifs of this card also harken back to the first Aeon, that of Isis, which is attributed to the element of Water, which explains the attribution of the card to Water and the M sound (Mem) the return to silence, as in the word AUM. “Jai guru deva, aum.”
The figure is in the ritual posture of the Practice called “The Sleep of Shiloam”. “I’m only sleeping” - “I’m so tired”
Lennon and the three nails of the Hanged Man.

And Lennon with a rope attached to his neck.
Sharon Tate was found with a white rope tied around her neck.

The Adjustment card is connected with Libra, which is the sign Lennon was born under, he’s also well-known for his fight for justice in the ‘70s.
The Hebrew letter associated with Adjustment is Lamed, which means ‘Ox Goad’. The Fool card is associated with the Hebrew letter Aleph, which means ‘Ox’.
In the song Glass Onion, Lennon tells us it was him that told us about The Fool on the Hill. Here we see lyrics to the song written in Lennon's hand-writing. Could he have written the song? Whether or not he did, the significance is in the fact that we’re seeing the ox being led by the goad.

Notice the central figure is also holding and balancing on the Sword, which reads “Thelema” on the blade. The Sword of the Will. Thelema is Greek for the Will. Bringing up the fabled name of McCartney's replacement; Will, again. "Love is the Law, Love under Will." "All you need is love."
She holds the Universe in balance. "Across the universe."
She is also crowned with the blue feather of the Egyptian goddess Ma’at, which can be translated to mean both “justice” and “truth.” Gimme Truth.
Crowley states that she is the equivalent of Karma of Eastern Philosophy. Instant Karma.

Her curtain is adorned with diamonds and forms a diamond shape around her. Bringing to mind Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. As well as a diamond, the curtain is also to be taken as a vesica piscis, or yoni, in union with the phallic sword.
The Diamonds link her even further with The Fool, as he holds one in his right hand.
Essentially, this card displays the union of  the Daughter and the Son (the Fool), wherein the Daughter becomes the mother. This is represented in the tetragrammaton, YHVH. The first Hé is the Mother/Queen, the Vav is the Son/Prince, and the final Hé is the daughter/Princess. The Revolving Formula whereby the Daughter, seated upon the Throne of the Mother, “Awakens the Eld of the All-Father.” The Yod/King.

Coming full circle; we have Lennon & Tate resonating as Adjustment and The Hanged Man.
in Backbeat we have Tate-resonating Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer) interacting with Lennon.
After fighting with Astrid, Stu throws red paint around the bathroom in a fit.
Resembling this scene from True Confessions, another film based on the Black Dahlia murder
blue lips
and a pixie cut

MKUltrasound adds:
It was the book called The Passover Plot that inspired Lennon's statements concerning Christianity:
In the film adaptation, Donald Pleasence plays Pontius Pilate.

Interestingly, Sharon Tate is inserted into Barabbas (1961).
In the film Give Us Barabbas (also 1961), Keir Dullea (David Bowman) plays Elisha.
David Bowie (Space Oddity) played Pontius Pilate in The Last Temptation of Christ.
Can't overlook this Labyrinth.
Not wanting to interrupt the flow too much with tangents, as important as they were, I created a separate post for them here.


tokugawa7 said...

not all the way through, but figure I'd mention that your work and dedication to these posts is surely appreciated. what a keen attention to detail.. you could reopen the tate/labianca murders as a prosecutor! lol get Orson welles on the stand and dig up Dennis Wilson and things would surely get interesting... anywho. this is somewhat off topic? as I read this I happen to think of sacred heart. so I ran it into an anagram generator and got "death racers" which brought me to a film starring icp and "raven" the plot needs read to be believed.. but there is a Charles Manson reference in the wikipedia section that describes icp in the film.

tokugawa7 said...
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foof said...

Leno retires after 22 years, and Mia Farrow is back in the news.

Leno LaBianca's real first name is Pasqualino, the name of one of the characters in 12 + 1.
L. LaBianca's wife, who was killed with him by Manson's followers, was named Rosemary.

22 major arcana of the Tarot, which correspond with the 22 paths on the Tree of Life.
Elizabeth Short & Stu Sutcliffe both die at 22.
1969 - 1947 = 22.

The Joker drives school bus #22 in his bank heist getaway in The Dark Knight.

I'm repeating the blog, but interesting how it coincided with these two news stories.

Dr.Tomoculus said...

Definitely one of your best blogs. Awhile back when you were first going into Sharon Tate/Eye of the Devil and mentioning its original title, I thought to mention to you that Orson Welles was in a film called 12 + 1, as in a "hey, did you know Orson Welles was ..." This was a while back, maybe around the time I mentioned that Terry Southern was linked to Eye of the Devil. So months ago. You went into 12 + 1 in incredible detail.

Reminds me to tell you about the movie I watched last year with Louis Jordan in the title role, about a cult human murder and an Alsatian sacrifice, and a very Charlie Manson type "patsy." It's in parts on YouTube, it's called "Ritual of Evil"

Was also watching The Big Lebowski today, and many things were standing out -- including his dream sequence checkerboard floor and instruction of the Valkyrie (Julianne Moore, surprisingly she doesn't cry in this movie) in the art of bowling. the blue VW beetle that's tailing him wherever he goes, and numerous other things. Especially his blackout/drug experience in Malibu leaving him running on the road half in nightmare/half in reality.

Andrew said...

In your comments on "Full Circle" and Jim Morrison, I immediately thought of The Doors' final, post-Morrison album out in Summer '72 titled "Full Circle." The album jacket artwork is alone worth the price of the LP.

David Herrle said...

I stumbled upon this site yesterday evening, and I'm still going through your excellent analysis. Good to see that much of the contextuality I've explored pops up in it - and that there's so much more that I couldn't have imagined. Bravo!

My latest book, SHARON TATE AND THE DAUGHTERS OF JOY was published earlier this year. It addresses beauty, mortality, sex, atrocity and war in thematic relation to three key historical women: Sharon Tate, Marie Antoinette and Mary Jane Kelly (Jack the Ripper's alleged final victim) - with a "cameo" by the Black Dahlia.

If you want, let's spiel about this stuff.

Again: bravo.

David Herrle said...

Also, you should check out a painter David Van Gough's work. He did a series called MAN/SON AND THE HAUNTING OF THE AMERICAN MADONNA a couple years ago. It was exhibited at L.A.'s Hyaena Gallery. He also did a companion book about the paintings and the whole Tate/LaBiance madness. I'll turn him on to this site.

foof said...

Hey, thanks for contacting me. I love both of your guys' stuff.
I would love to talk Tate sometime.

David Herrle said...


Cool. Sounds great. I'll finish up reading what you have here, of course. Quite a lot to absorb, needless to say.

I edit the *SubtleTea* art site, so maybe we can do an interview or highlight or something some day.

(I'll give you other contact info and pertinent links in private.)

George Vreeland Hill said...

Very interesting stuff here.
Really makes you think.

George Vreeland Hill

Zillah Noir said...

so i have a theory that jj abrams is sharon tate and roman polanski's son. there are some interesting connections i'm finding...

Rosemary's Baby is born on 6/28/66
JJ ABRAMS is born on 6/27/66

Unknown said...

Sharon's social security number listed on her death certificate is still active and she is not in the social security death index. There is no mention of her pregnancy in the autopsy report. Maybe all these symbols occurring in these movies and things are someones way of telling some people that her death is a hoax.